2015: The Year in Review

Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach

So anyways, December 31…that means there’s a shiny new year just around the corner. Tomorrow, in fact.

I happen to love anything new. It’s the potential that makes it so so so tempting to forget the old and chase the new. Because I’m a much better starter than I am a finisher, before I start this new year, I needed to do a bit of a closing ceremony on the old. If you want the full version of this, it’s over on and anyways– photos, highlights, links to posts and all…

2015 was difficult in many respects. It might not have appeared so from my posts, but there were things happening behind the scenes that made this year possibly, no probably, the most stressful one in recent memory. Unfortunately, some of that will be joining us as the new year starts.

Despite that, there was so much to like about 2015- my jar is full of little pieces of paper with great things written on them. It’s those that I’m choosing to dwell on- trust me, you’d be bored with the other dramas…

2015 Resolutions

Operation Excess Baggage

I didn’t set any actual weight loss targets in 2015, but my goal was to lighten up and cut down on bread and wine. I’ll be starting 2016 a whole, wait for it, 3kgs lighter than I started 2015. Round of applause as I take a bow. I suspect that without the walking in London, it could have been 3kgs heavier!

From a health viewpoint, according to my blood tests, apparently on the inside I’m healthier than I have been in over 10 years, although my blood pressure is up (see previous comment about stress levels) and my back is out. My doctor is slightly concerned about the former and knows nothing about the latter. Either way, she has suggested I lose at least 15kgs. Heavy sighs. Preferably 20kgs. Heavier sighs.

Having said that, man I enjoyed some good things in life this year- and this result is a reflection of that!

Financial Goals

I worked and saved bloody hard in 2015. The 3 month corporate contract I undertook in March 2014, is still ongoing, so I’ve been juggling a full-time job with blogging, getting two books to publication and writing a third. In the early part of the year I also took on a heavy freelance load and contributed to these astro diaries. (If you never want to miss a daily forecast for your star sign, there’s still time to grab yourself one). It all paid off when we were able to do the trip of a lifetime with Miss 17 in November/December. I’m placing a great big tick beside financial goals.

Writing Goals

A great big tick here too, with both Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry published. Number 3 is well underway. Yay me! (If you want a copy, the links to the Amazon store are on this page, and ibooks here).


There were around 335,000 visits to this site during 2015- mostly from the US. Man! That’s seriously humbling.

Over 2015 I wrote 180 new posts for this site, and 176 for and anyways- I have no idea where I found the time- yet it’s the old stuff that you mostly came to see. Mostly you wanted to read about Scorpio and Pisces. You especially wanted to read about Venus and Mars in Scorpio and Pisces.

Looking ahead…

Realistically, I can’t keep going at the same pace I have this year- I didn’t realise just how close I was to burn out until I hopped on that long haul flight back in November and exhaled.

2016 looks set to be just as busy- if not more so. There’ll need to be some efficiencies and priorities changed. I haven’t yet set my intentions for the new year, but health will be my number 1 priority- as will making this site and my fiction start to pay for themselves.

The fact is, I wouldn’t be able to afford to continue to support this site and provide content here, or publish my fiction if it weren’t for my corporate gig. Given that I want to continue to do both, but need some more balance in my personal life, I suspect some changes will be required.I have no idea what that looks like yet.

Setting your intentions…

By now you should have read all about how to use astrology to set your goals for the year. If not, check in on the last 2 editions of Tuesday Toolbox. I’ll be spending the day today doing just that.

If you want to know what some of my colleagues have written about what 2016 has in store for your sign, you can check out offerings by Sally Kirkman and Yasmin Boland. I have both and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Also, it’s still not too late to grab yourself a 2016 astro diary– which I contributed to. Never miss a daily forecast again.


Thank you to each and every one of you who tuned in, signed in, signed up, joined in…whatever. I’m lucky to have you here doing what you do. Don’t change a thing. Whether you see the new year in or not (I’ll probably be tucked up in bed), whether you set goals, intentions, resolutions- remember that.