2013: The Top Post Edition


As part of 2013- The Closing Ceremony, I’ve been looking at the year that was.

The numbers are astounding- nearly 200,000 of you- all real people, not spambots- viewed stuff over 300,000 times. That’s a humbling number.

And what posts did you look at the most?

In short, anything to do with Scorpio. You also flocked to the posts that discussed signs on house cusps…I really must finish that series off! What surprised me was that it was the older versions of some of these that ranked more highly. Maybe I should save myself the bother of refreshing them in future.

Aside from the home page, heaps of you ducked over to the Pluto and Saturn pages- not surprising.

Anyways, here’s the top table:

1. Was it Worth it?

Venus retrograde…yep, I figured as much.

2. Bad Romance- Venus in Scorpio

It’s an intensity thing.

3. It’s Getting Hot in Here- Mars in Aries

Seriously…who could resist?

4. Pisces through the houses- the complete set

As I said…

5. If I Could- Mars in Pisces

Now I have the song on my brain…

6. Sense and Sensibility- Cancer through the Houses Part 2

I really must do more of these…

7. Road to Nowhere- Venus in Sagittarius

I could do with a road trip about now. Byron sounds good.

8. Power and the Passion

Scorpio again.

9. I Should be so Lucky

You know, I’ve forgotten what this one is about, but it must be to do with Jupiter

10. Timebomb- Saturn 8th house transits

Of course.

To everyone who has shared 2013 with me through this page…thank you!

What posts do you want to see more of in 2014? 

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