Mars Retrograde

10 ways to survive (and thrive) when Mars is retrograde…

10 ways to survive and thrive

Mars is our inner warrior. His placement in our chart tells us how we strap on our armour and go into battle for whatever it is that we think is worth strapping on armour and going into battle for.

He also represents our energy levels, so while he is retrograde- from 17th April through until the end of June- it can feel as though our get up and go has got up and gone, as if we’ve lost our mojo, as if we’re treading water, as if our forward motion has been somehow halted. As if you’ve lost your potency.

This will especially be the case if your Mars is in the first house, or in Aries or Scorpio, or rules your Ascendant, Sun or Moon ie if your Ascendant, Sun or Moon is in Aries or Scorpio.

It mightn’t impact you as much if your Mars is natally retrograde…in fact, if, like me, you have Mars retrograde natally, you could actually feel more in sync than you usually do.

What can we expect?

As with all retrogrades, the energy is at its’ highest during the station period, ie when Mars is stationed retrograde or direct- that means now.  It is at these points, in particular, where other planets aspecting that same point can trigger actions that you may not be yet ready to take.

In frustration, we might find ourselves lashing out, acting impulsively or rashly- just so it feels as if we’re doing something. If this is you, take normal health and safety or common sense stuff into consideration in order to avoid pointless accidents or mistakes.

Physically Mars retrogrades can bring out underlying sinus and tension issues resulting in headaches and other health issues. If you are affected, maybe it’s the Universe telling you that you need to employ one of those re words. If Saturn is active in your chart, teeth might be an issue.  If Uranus is aspected during this transit, you may also experience sudden rashes- especially if you are Aries or Aries Rising.

Mars retrograde isn’t all bad news. As Mars energy is brought inward before it is directed outward, there is the opportunity for sound decision making, problem solving and a steady release of energy- as long as you allow that energy to be released in a controlled fashion.

So, how to get through the next couple of months with your goals and temper still intact? How do you prevent your courage turning to fear? How do you stop yourself from attacking and blaming others for your lack of progress? How do you stop yourself from whirling around in a million directions and achieving nothing but adrenal burnout?

Following the steps below will help:

  1. As with all retrograde periods, the “re” words apply. Words like review, rest, relax, revise, re Given that this is Mars, energy levels may be lower than usual and those of you who are used to running on full, may feel a little more like they are running on empty.  This is the Universe’s signal to you to step back and slow down.
  2. If you expect delays and factor them in to your planning, the frustration you feel when you encounter them may be mitigated somewhat. Build in contingency and buffers into your timetable.
  3. If possible, find somewhere quiet for 5-10 minutes each day.
  4. Switch off from outside stimulus. If possible, schedule in technology downtime- perhaps a weekend, or a few hours. At the very least, establish routines around responses to emails, and social media updates.
  5. Keep to a set routine- especially around meals- it will help ground your anxiety
  6. Avoid too much clashing, jangling noise.
  7. Look after your adrenals. This means minimizing stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, whatever.
  8. Make sure you get enough sleep. Exhaustion will only heighten frustration.
  9. Rather than multi-tasking and multi-screening, try and concentrate on one thing at a time. This is where building in sufficient contingency to your schedule is important.
  10. Exercise will help with frustration levels, but if anxiety is heightened, you’d be wise to choose yoga over aerobics. Running and other aerobic activities are perfect for stress busting, but if the fire in your system is at exploding point, gentle movement, walking or meditation will slow it down and soothe your mood.

Where will you be feeling this?

This retrograde begins at 8 Sagittarius (or thereabouts) and will track back to 23 Scorpio. This could mean that the retrograde will start in one house and move back into the next, or spend the whole retro period in one house.

If you’ve been reading along, you should know how to find where 8 Sagittarius is in your chart. If you’re new to this site (welcome), duck across and read this post about casting your own chart.

If you don’t have any idea about your birth time, or can’t be faffed working it out, you can follow the solar guide- you’ll need to read both houses e.g., if you’re an Aries Rising, this will start in the 9th house and track back to the 8th. If you’re Pisces Rising it will start in the 10th and track back to the 9th.

  • Aries (or Aries Rising): 9th house- study, travel, philosophy, beliefs. Being a Mars ruled sign, your energy will be impacted…a lot- take extra care not to lose your head in the process.
  • Taurus (or Taurus Rising): 8th house- taxes, other peoples money, money of the partnership, debts, sex
  • Gemini (or Gemini Rising):  7th house- relationships, back stabbing bitches that are open about it (ie open enemies), partnerships, connections.
  • Cancer (or Cancer Rising): 6th house- health and wellness habits, nutrition, business as usual tasks, daily routines, employees.
  • Leo (or Leo Rising): 5th house- kids, fun, play, romance, love, creativity- the stuff we take risks on & give birth to.
  • Virgo (or Virgo Rising): 4th house- home, family, real estate, where you live and who you live with, history
  • Libra (or Libra Rising): 3rd house- what you say, how you say it and who you say it to, siblings, short or routine trips.
  • Scorpio (or Scorpio Rising): 2nd house- money, possessions, the dollars that are coming in, what you do with them, how you earn them, what you value and how you look after that which you value. As Mars rules your sign take extra care and use tolerance when the inevitable happens. You can’t control everything.
  • Sagittarius (or Sadge Rising): 1st house- all about you, your identity, your attitude, your appearance, your vitality, your behavior, your motivations.
  • Capricorn (or Capricorn Rising): 12th house- things that are hidden, back-stabbing bitches who pretend they’re nice to your face ie secret enemies, where you run to and what you run from, self sabotage, institutions, the behavior that brings you undone.
  • Aquarius (or Aquarius Rising): 11th house- friends, groups, causes, networks., your hopes and dreams.
  • Pisces (or Pisces Rising): 10th house- waiting for that promotion? Expect delays. Career, work, professional life, public life.

Mars is retrograde from 17/4/16- 28/6/16 and will track back from 8 Sagittarius 54′- 23 Scorpio 5′