something about thinking vs doing

I found myself strangely drawn to a “to do” list today. Writing one, that is. And then prioritising it. Which then took me to into looking at what should be on the list and isn’t, and then what I should have been doing over the last couple of days while I have been occupied with a head cold so bad that it qualifies as man flu.

Yes, the Moon is in Virgo. And when the Moon is in Virgo you may find your mind straying to tick lists, accounts, bills, invoicing, cleaning, de-cluttering, worrying about what you haven’t done, complaining about why this kitchen bench is always so messy and seriously am I the only one who ever cleans it up? That all came out loud, didn’t it?

Or maybe it is that you have just spent the day thinking that you should be doing all these things. Thinking about tidying, thinking about training, thinking about starting healthier habits, thinking about getting your accounts in order, thinking about tackling that word count. Surely just thinking about Virgo things counts? Doesn’t it?

With the Moon about to conjunct Mars, whether you are thinking about Virgo things or doing Virgo things you will be thinking about it or doing it with more oomph.

Elsewhere, Mercury has moved into Leo, so the roaring may have drowned out the Virgo intentions. Anyways, if you want to know more about that one check out Darling You Were Fabulous.

More importantly, Venus is at a standstill at 7ish Gemini and will be direct in the next couple of days. If you’ve been reading any of the stuff I posted at the start of this retrograde period you would know that I warned about starting any relationships during the retrograde period. I think I also said that this doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun during the retrograde- just don’t change your relationship status until Venus goes direct. Pleasure is pleasure and fun is fun and the station gives you a chance to re-think…if indeed you really want to draw breath long enough to re-think.

Anyways, if you have planets at or around 7 degrees of the mutable signs (that is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) Venus type issues may begin to resolve themselves. The Moon will be in Libra, so Venus type issues will be magnified over the next couple of days. If ever there was time to listen to your heart, it has plenty to say at the moment.


Darling you were Fabulous…

I posted this last year, but seriously just wanted another excuse to use this photo! So, Mercury in Leo and one I prepared earlier.

Thou goatish rump-fed strumpet!

I was having some fun on Facebook the other day with Shakespearian insults. Lines like the above or this one:

Thy lips rot off!

Or even:

[Thine] face is not worth sunburning.

I could amuse myself with these for ages, but would be avoiding the point of this post which is (insert fanfare and drumroll) Mercury in Leo. But, if you want to duck out of this post now and have some fun with Shakey’s insults, check out this link. Or to make up your own, this link can bring hours of entertainment on a long boring Sunday afternoon. Simply choose one word from each column and add an obligatory “thou art” and you have the perfect, supremely dignified, insult. Thou be-slubbering clapper-clawed fustilarian!

Anyways, Mercury is now in Leo and if you have this placement, communication is not just about getting a message across, it is about “projection” and “self-expression”.  In Leo, Mercury is playful, generous of spirit, flamboyant and dignified. In Leo, Mercury can have a little more fun with words, a little romance with words, even.

Ruled by the Sun, Mercury in Leo is a creative thinker, an ambitious planner and yes, quite possibly even a little boastful. But even when you are in full show off mode, your audience can’t help but be carried away by your warmth and charisma. Think of someone like Bill Clinton (who has Mercury in Leo) in full voice- that absolute and unwavering (dogmatic) confidence was eminently believable- even when you suspected that what he was saying was perhaps not, shall we say, strictly true. With Leo, often the show masks an insecurity or fear of being found out.

A big picture thinker, Mercury in Leo has the eloquent ability to persuade others to follow the same path. When under the spell of the Suns’ rays, it is hard to see anything else or consider any other outcome.

Mercury in Leo can do hearts and flowers, pen a romantic message to the flowers his secretary has ordered and rarely indulges in cheap and tawdry gossip. It isn’t that she thinks that she is above it (even though she probably is), but rather that she is way to generous to enjoy it.

And that isn’t to say that she doesn’t have a temper- she does…of diva proportions. She does, however, prefer to always express herself with dignity. For this reason, even though she does remember past slights and hurts (Mercury in Leo has an excellent memory), she does rate low on the bitch scale and will generally waste no further words or thoughts on the peasant who had the temerity to upset her.

This dignity extends to her vocabulary- Mercury in Leo is rarely heard using the type of language that others may descend to…she is so much more creative than that

Darling, you were wonderful, you really were quite good

I enjoyed it, though, of course, no one understood

A word of what was going on, they didn’t have a clue

They couldn’t understand your sense of humour like I do


You have a certain quality, which really is unique

Expressionless, such irony, although your voice is weak

It doesn’t really matter ’cause the music is so loud

Of course it’s all on tape, but no one will find out…


…And someone said: “It’s fabulous you’re still around today,

You’ve both made such a little go a very long way”

Lyrics from Yesterday When I was Mad by the Pet Shop Boys

Feel like you can identify with this post, but don’t have Mercury in Leo? Perhaps you have Mercury in the 5th house, or conjunct (or even trine) the Sun….

Jar of Hearts



There is such a thing as Moon memory.

You know, when you “just” know something. It’s also when you smell something and are immediately taken back to that time- not just the events of that time, but the emotions that come with the memory.

Music does it for me. In the days before I was married I recall a rather drunken evening playing vinyl (for the kiddies out there, in the days before ipods we used to place vinyl records on a turntable and intricately hover the needle over the song that we wanted to play) with a male friend of mine. When Moving Pictures Busting Loose came on he was silent.

And every guys a clumsy poet, and every girls a beauty queen. And they’re fogging up the windows of their friends parked cars on the way to their land of dreams…

The song reminded him of the girl who was the big love of his life- the one that got away. Yep, guys have their own equivalent of a Mr Big.

Another friend had a milk crate full of cheesey 80’s love songs- singles (yep vinyl)- that he would play one by one for my flatmate (his girlfriend). Whenever I hear Michael Bolton I am taken back to those evenings in that townhouse with the cheap futons and the tumblers of cheap cask wine.

I will never hear Eternal Flame, It Had to be You or I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You (not Elvis’ version) without thinking of my husband. New York New York takes me to a pub in Lucerne, Switzerland, a lot of beer and some very bad high kicking. Augie March’s One Crowded Hour has me at 3am the week before Xmas at the Casino in Melbourne. Don’t ask. Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer finds me thinking of my BFF- even though she is on the other side of the country.

Back in the day I would agonise over the selection of a mixed tape- making sure each song said something, and making sure the play order was just right. These days itunes playlists make it all just a little too easy.

Photos are the same. When we look at shots we have taken, we don’t just look at the picture, we are taken to how we felt when that photo was taken. How we felt about where we were, the people we were with, what we were doing. Were we laughing? What at?

Yesterdays #photoaday topic was “the best photo you have ever taken”. I could never decide, but the photos I put up all had emotions attached to them. (If you want to see them, they are at and anyways…). As an amateur photographer, that is my primary aim- to capture how I felt at the moment, not a technically perfect scene.

Even if your Mum was not a great cook, food will always bring up memories. That night in Vienna with a bottle of beer and a plate of Austrian sausage and sourdough, elderflower wine beside a river somewhere in Hereford, a perfect Hainanese chicken in Singapore. I can’t look at trout without remembering how Poppa used to tell me that the one we were having for Sunday lunch had been caught in the Tumbarumba River- he hit it over the head with a piece of 4b2 when it came up for air…

This stuff is all Moon memory. As the Moon rules Cancer, it is this sign that is the receptacle for these memories. Sure Cancer is about nutrition- one of the reasons that Cancer is always associated with food is because of the concept of nourishment.

More than that, it is nourishment of the soul, a jar, acontainer within which memories can be taken out and flipped through- much like a photo album or slide show. Memories stimulated by a smell, a taste, music, birdsong… you get the idea. So, who else misses the mixed tape?


it takes two, baby…


Each month my writers group meets. Over coffee we share stories of pitching success, frustration over black hole syndrome, compare notes about editors who respond quickly, editors who respond slowly and editors who quite simply don’t respond. We share ideas, tips and support.

Today we covered everything from writing for magazines to novels to copywriting to historical saga and erotic fiction and schooling. Yes folks, the Moon is in Gemini.

I then came home and dealt with more detail as I prepared outer planet ingress tables (that’s just a technical term for the dates that Saturn through to Pluto changed signs in the years between 1940 and now) for my manuscript. All the while with The Gruen Transfer playing as distraction noise in the background and sourcing recipes for chicken teriyaki tonight. How very Moon in Gemini.

Anyways, that was one detailed job I was glad to see the back of.

Speaking of seeing the back of things, we are in the balsamic, dark phase of the Moon- the time that I tell you every month to finish off stuff that needs to be finished off.

New Moons always start a new cycle, but this New Moon (at 28 Gemini 43’) is important for a few other reasons:

  • It is the 2nd New Moon in Gemini this year- and anytime the Universe repeats something there is a message in it
  • It falls just a day before the Winter/Summer Solstice point and solstices are the ultimate turning points
  • Saturn is about to end his 5 month retrograde (go back and think again) period, so its now time to get serious and take steps towards your goal. Mercury in Cancer is holding onto something that needs to be let go of in order to move forward.

So, the usual deal. Check out planets and chart points at or around 26-29 Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces… and Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

And todays photo? A montage of the #photoaday from the last few days. For more of these and the words behind them, check out and anyways…

Until next time…

The technical details? The New Moon is exact at:

June 20

1.02am Sydney

3.02am NZ

June 19

8.02am LA etc

11.02am New York etc

3.02pm London

11.02pm WA, KL etc

something you don’t know about me


Here’s something I bet you don’t know about me. I was a rugby league referee- back in the 80s when there was no space for women in rugby league except for…well, some things haven’t changed a lot!

Anyways, I wrote about it here.

The point is, this happened when Uranus- the planet of rebellion, break-aways and break-throughs- transited the Midheaven. I very publicly made a stand. And it was hard work- which I would expect given that Uranus was also squaring my Ascendant, then the Sun, then the Moon. By the time the transit was done, so was I. My point had been made, I was moving on.

A couple of years later, when Uranus was sextiling each of these points, I was promoted to the position of a Bank Manager. My own branch. I was 27, so not only the youngest the region had appointed, but also the first woman. As in the nature of a sextile, an opportunity presented itself and I went for it. By the time the transit was done, so was I.

But it got me thinking- what have you done while under the influence of a Uranus transit? Anything ground breaking? Break though-ing? Break away-ing?

I’ve asked the question over on the Facebook page as well, so drop in on the discussion.


Symbalon cards...
Symbalon cards...

The Moon is in Taurus- great for relaxing, letting go and feeling at one with your body and the earth. The Moon in Taurus is also great for consolidating something that needs to be, well, consolidated.

What it’s not great for is digging in your heels over things that actually don’t require your heels to be dug in quite so firmly.

The Taurus Moon is also notorious for comfort eating- especially if you have something to say that can’t be said or something to do that you haven’t quite got around to doing. In the former case you swallow your feelings…in the latter? Procrastineating. With luck (and good management) those impulses may be tempered somewhat now that Jupiter has moved onto chattier pastures in Gemini.

Other than this, there’s not a huge amount happening in the sky today. Sure the Moon will meet up with Pluto later, but its more of a handshake, how’s business and check the bank balance type of catch up than a boardroom power struggle.

Windmills of Your Mind


The other day I posted a quick comment about Jupiter’s impending ingress into Gemini on the Facebook page for this blog.

(Ingress is just a fancy pantsy technical name us astrologers use when we want to impress people- that essentially means a planet is changing signs).

Jupiter spends around 12 months or so (depending on retrograde- another fancy pantsy technical word- periods) in each sign, so travels around the entire zodiac every 12 years. For some reason this past 12 months or so in Taurus has seemed longer than the previous 12 months or so in Aries.

For all those people who have taken the more is more and abundance is wonderful attitude of Jupiter in Taurus, and translated that literally into weight gain (yep, my hand is in the air), Jupiter in Gemini is generally a “skinnier” transit. And yes, if you are heavily influenced by Jupiter, this does make a difference (although given that is a chapter in the book I am writing, I won’t give the ending away here…).

Anyways, the other day in the comment I posted on the FB page, I mentioned that Jupiter in Gemini is traditionally in the sign of its detriment. Immediately readers who have Jupiter in Gemini were quick to jump on and say that they disagreed with the whole “detriment” thing.

Personally I don’t like the word “detriment” (when a planet is in the sign opposite to that it rules) or “fall” (when a planet is in a sign opposite to where it is exalted). Both words imply something bad or weak. In a horary chart it is an extremely important distinction, but in a natal chart?

To me, the term “detriment” when used in a natal chart, indicates that the planet is operating in a different mode to that it specialises in, or is comfortable in.  Not bad, but different.

Having said that, when a planet in a horary chart is in detriment of fall and it signifies what you are asking about, it usually is absolutely not good… It also makes a heap of difference in regards to financial astrology, but we’re not going there right now.

In the case of Jupiter, the planet of faith, expansion and opportunity is moving into a sign that is all about thinking, curiosity, and communication. Too much thinking, too much curiosity and too much exchange of ideas messes with optimism and faith…but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

When you have Jupiter in Gemini you seek to expand your own horizons through learning…about everything, by talking…to everyone, and by thinking…about all possibilities.

With Jupiter in Gemini, optimism is not blind, it is proven by detail, the meaning of life is coloured by your wide ranging interests, and your faith is in rationality and logic.

In his book Exploring Jupiter, Stephen Arroyo illustrates the point against the detriment argument by using the examples of Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. In the case of each, details were seamlessly melded together to create a larger work. Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces(the signs he rules) can’t be faffed with details- it’s the big picture or the horizon that counts.

Another side of Jupiter in Gemini is how people with this placement can usually find a reason not to believe in something- that is until it has been proven with supporting discussions. Jupiter in Virgo (also in its detriment) is the same…In contrast, in the signs that Jupiter rules, Sagittarius and Pisces, belief and hope is usually unquestioning- and that isn’t necessarily a good thing either.

With Jupiter in Gemini, you will most likely have the gift of the gab, a completely open mind and a bottomless well of curiosity. Why accept something purporting itself to be a fact when you can ask “why”…or a series of “whys”?

Jupiter in Sagittarius can be so caught up in a belief system that they close their minds to other possibilities. Jupiter in Gemini is exactly the opposite- willing to not only listen to, but actively consider different viewpoints. This is the key to their self expansion/ self improvement.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can preach. Jupiter in Gemini listens and chats. Get the idea?