Astro Weather: January 9, 2018


Moon in Libra

Sun conjunct Venus

Venus conjunct Pluto

Sun conjunct Pluto

Here we go again…same same as yesterday but different. You see, today Pluto is involved – so that will ramp up the intensity a tad. There could be insecurities, there could be infatuation (with someone or something), there could be fascination, but remember kiddies, we’re playing in the Capricorn sandpit, so let’s keep it real and play nicely together.


Something about being on top of the world…


There’s this line in Imagine Dragon’s On Top of the World that I’ve been singing all day:

“Been waiting on this for a while now

Paying my dues to the dirt

I’ve been waiting to smile, ay

Been holding it in for a while, ay

Take you with me if I can

Been dreaming of this since a child

I’m on top of the world.”

Today I pre-recorded what will be a regular stint on a new lifestyle radio show. I can’t tell you much more than that…yet…but, this song is exactly how I feel- as if things are coming together. Sure, there’s still a way to go, but little victories like this are enough to push the doubts away- at least for now.

That’s why this song, to me, today, is the Venus-Pluto conjunction.

Sure Venus-Pluto is also about intensity in relationships. But then, if you have Venus in Scorpio or Venus aspecting Pluto natally, you will know all about this. I’ve written about this before, so won’t go there again.

And, with this conjunction happening in Capricorn, reality and honesty is very necessary to effect lasting change in relationships. Playing it by the rules and within approved structures, so to speak. To take it one step further, you could use this conjunction in your business relationships to fuel power and ambition…just a thought.

Don’t just look at your own chart here. Think about that of those you are in relationships with.

A Venus/Pluto contact can happen through synastry. It can occur if you are involved with someone who has a Venus/Pluto signature.

There may be someone who you allow to control you, or manipulate you or possess you. If you look at the charts of these people, it’s likely that you will find a Scorpio or Venus/Pluto aspect there…or even an 8th house contact by synastry

There may be someone in your life who forces you to see something about yourself that you wanted to keep hidden. There may be someone in your life that transforms you, brings you to life. There could be someone who helps you destroy something that is no longer good for you. There could be someone who, through relationship, changes you, provides opportunities to achieve the things you always dreamed of.

Which brings to mind another song that’s been on my head all day- Love Supreme, by Robbie Williams.

The technical details: Venus/Pluto conjunction is exact tomorrow morning (Sydney time), but the influence will continue to be felt through the weekend. If you have planets or chart points (look mainly at the personal planets ie Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant, Midheaven) at or around 9 degrees Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Cancer you will feel this intensity. Planets at 9 degrees Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo will also be influenced.

If you are a Venus/Pluto type natally, this universal aspect is likely to feed into your own story- just as it has done for me today…

I’m not ready to make nice…


Over the last few weeks I’ve been accessorising a little more. Dare I say it, a little softer, a little more girlie. I’ve even been wearing pink and coral colours on my nails. My earrings have been lighter and more discreet, and my bracelets in the singular. It hasn’t felt like me.

Last night I sat down and painted my nails a dark purple. This morning my earrings are chunky, and my bracelets are multiple again. This is more like it.

I know Venus is in rulership in Libra, but for me it doesn’t feel quite right. It’s a little too nice, and that makes me uncomfortable.

In a few hours Venus will be in Scorpio, a sign where she is in her detriment. Detriment- how bad does that sound? If Venus is the significator in a horary chart, it’s not at all good, but otherwise? Essentially it just means that she’s being asked to operate in a way that is different to how she likes to perform.

Venus, in the signs that she’s at her strongest, doesn’t have to do a lot other than look good, appreciate stuff, and bring people together. It’s all a little easy.

In Scorpio, though, she’s edgier, darker, and way more intense.

Scorpio’s natural secrecy, paranoia and reluctance to trust makes it difficult for love to be given and received freely.

In Scorpio she goes as deeply as it’s possible to go to really connect with another. In Scorpio we’re talking both physical and emotional penetration. Sure it’s confrontational, but it’s also more than a little hot…did that come out loud?

Those of us with Venus in Scorpio natally, or even one of the other combos such as Pluto in the 7th, or Venus conjunct, square, opposition or inconjunct Pluto, or even Venus in the 8th, will get this. Indeed, you may actively seek this in your own relationships.

Others will feel uncomfortable- this is not a pretty girl feminine energy. It’s so much more than that. It’s primal.

It’s how you feel when you’re crushing on someone, when you feel like you could disappear into the other. It’s how you feel when you’re so deeply into it that you could inhale the other.

It’s Heathcliff and Cathy stuff- raw, wild, honest, devouring and all consuming.

Venus in Scorpio has been to the Underworld, she knows what’s down there, what’s in all of us…and she’s not afraid of the dark, nor is she ready to make nice just to keep the peace.

Pleasure & Pain (re-visited)

Heart In Chains

I don’t normally do guest posts- even though I know it is absolutely the way to grow profile, readership etc. Very early in my blogging life (in fact before I started this site) I had a nasty experience where one persistent commenter was, well, snarky. And I don’t do snarky well. I should simply have not read them and I would never have known, but…whatever…it was almost enough to stop me before I started.

In truth, in true Piscean style, I am a little scared to face the public. My exalted 5th house Jupiter in Cancer wants to create and publish, but he also wants to hide under his shell and protect himself from hurts… That is before we talk about all the Pluto influence and it’s need for control- and when you guest post, you abdicate all control.

Anyway, have reprinted (with my permission of course) my post There’s a Fine Line Between Pleasure & Pain- the one that talks about Venus & Pluto in all of their wondrous power and might. I am thrilled to have it there. Check out the link here. And check out Sasstrology itself- it’s a fun and sassy site that talks all about astrology in sex and relationships. What am I saying checking it out? If you are into astrology, you would already know all about Sasstrology! And they made the post look much better than it looked here. Oh, and if there are any nasty comments? Please don’t tell me- I don’t want to know.