More thoughts on Saturn Transits

Last week I posted something about what I knew about Saturn transits. As it turns out, I knew a bit more than what I wrote in that post. When revamping my website over the weekend, I found another post – written back in 2010 – about Saturn transits.

My first thought was “Oh My God, I’ve been writing about this stuff for that long?” and my second was, “I’d better re-post this…” so re-posting it I am – with very few amendments…

Saturn transits are about getting real. That’s pretty much the whole deal. Oh, and mountain climbing – Saturn transits are also about climbing mountains.

Where he is travelling in your chart will tell you where you need to get real. The sign through which he is travelling will give you a flavour of that transit, and the planets and chart points he touches will be key pressure points.  The more planets being aspected, the more important the lesson you need to learn. As an example, with Saturn currently in Libra, wherever he transits in your chart will currently raise issues about trust and relating- whether that is in relation to primary relationships, family, home, children or possessions. Get the idea?

On top of all of that, the nature of your natal Saturn will determine how easily (or otherwise) you deal with Saturn transits. If you have a strong or prominent Saturn, commitment, responsibility and boundaries will not be unfamiliar concepts to you, but if like me, your Saturn is weak, you will struggle with the message – especially since the message often involves asking you to limit something, build something, put structure around something, commit to something or get rid of something. Ouch.

So what do I mean by a strong Saturn?

If you have Saturn natally in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra he is what astrologers call “dignified”. In these signs, he feels at home. If you have Saturn in the 1st, 7th, 4th or 10th house he will also have the ability to act in your chart.

If you really want to know how strong (or otherwise) your Saturn is, check out this article by Donna Cunningham. Essentially, if:

  • Saturn aspects the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven (conjunction, square, trine or opposition)
  • Saturn forms tight aspects to other planets
  • Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Capricorn
  • If Saturn is in Capricorn or in the 10thhouse
  • If you have other planets in the 10thhouse

…you will score highly. There are other criteria, so for a full score-sheet check out the article. Given that my Saturn is in the first degree of Aries (where he is in the sign of his fall) and doesn’t aspect any other planet (I am of the traditional bent and don’t count out of sign conjunctions), I scored a big fat zero.

According to Donnas’ article, a really high score could mean that you are “rigid, stodgy, perfectionistic, conservative, hypercritical, authoritarian, fearful, depressed and probably workaholic”. You will also stoically accept what Saturn has to tell you.

On the other hand, with a low score, “you’d lack discipline, structure and planning; you might be irresponsible, immature and give up easily and have no solid long-term goals.” You will also, like me, be hit for six when Saturn aspects a sensitive part of your chart.

No matter how strong (or otherwise) Saturn is in your chart, transits by the Time Lord (personally, I am picturing more a Jon Pertwee than a Tom Baker with really cool striped scarf) will put a mountain there for you to climb. Whether you choose to go the long way around, blast through, take the scenic route or just trudge resignedly one foot in front of the other, rest assured, there will be a mountain…and then another. Generally speaking you get a few attempts – first when Saturn aspects a planet whilst direct, a chance to review it when retrograde, and an opportunity to solidify the change when he is direct again.

Along the way, you will be asked to check what is in the backpack that you’re carrying and get rid of the crap you no longer need. If Saturn is in the 10thth, you may need to get rid of a job to start a new career…or even get rid of your status as a single woman to greet the world with a new surname – or the opposite. If he is transiting the 11the, expect to change friends, groups and even rationalise or put structure around your dreams. Naturally, none of this will be easy – if it was you wouldn’t learn anything or grow through the process… and Saturn demands that you grow and mature.

Structures that you thought were secure will need to be rebuilt if they don’t stand the concrete test. Happily married? When Saturn travels through your 7th you will question that commitment and your relationship with others. You may test the relationship and find it is solid. Once re-committed, it can only grow stronger. You may, however, test it and find stress cracks in the building. Is it still structurally sound or is your relationship ready for a knockdown/rebuild? Or, perhaps, a complete demolition?

A couple of years ago I read a book by Adam Smith titled “Saturn- Fatal Attraction”. In that, he suggested listening to what your friends are complaining about, or where their attention is focused – this is where Saturn is transiting in their charts. Listen to your own conversations and complaints… and be honest.

The nature of Saturn is to constrict, to bind, to restrict and to contract. He represents the process of ageing and, when it comes to medical astrology, is associated with chronic conditions and disease. Saturn rules everything that provides a structure or a boundary in the body – skin, hair, fingernails, teeth, skeleton, ligaments. When Saturn comes to call, things can either start to wear out and age or underperform…some sort of restriction usually results. This may be a restrictive diet, restriction of movement, restriction of freedom.

I’ve had some serious stinky stuff go down under Saturn transits, I’ve also had some seriously good stuff happen under Saturn conjunctions:

  • When Saturn was conjunct Mercury I was standing in church saying wedding vows.
  • When Saturn was conjunct my Ascendant/Sun (and square my Midheaven) I was promoted to a senior and very responsible position – one normally given to men much older than me. It was a role that tested me and a role that nearly broke me. It was a role that I had to grow up in order to do.
  • When Saturn was conjunct my Venus, there was a reason for me to take relationships very seriously – I gave birth to my daughter. Her natal Mercury and Saturn are conjunct my Venus. And yes, we have a lot of laughs together – she has the quick, dry sense of humour that Saturn is known for.

When Saturn was conjunct my Moon though, the situation was very different.

I was going through one of the most emotionally isolating experiences of my life – dealing with infertility and what happens when babies don’t come to order (and yes, I’ve been told that with Jupiter in the 5th house in Cancer and trine my Moon I should have had a houseful of kids…go figure).  Sure hubby and I were dealing with it together, but as anyone who has gone through this knows, you feel as if you are in it alone. That’s a very Saturn way of feeling.

The point is, Saturn transits can be shit, but they can also be rewarding…from a distance and with a lot of hindsight. The thing is, you can’t see the light until you’ve seen the dark. Yes, that is profound, but you get through it. We got through it.

At the time I wasn’t sure there would ever be any light. I wasn’t sure I would get through it. I couldn’t understand why something so simple had to be so hard and hurt so much. But there was a light – and she’s now nearly 20. With her Sun at 2 Aries, just 1-degree past mine, she is my Saturn Return.

Next time: Saturn transits to the Moon


What I know about Saturn transits…

It’s true to say that Saturn and I are not friends. He’s always the reminder that I’ve been slack with my health and my habits and haven’t thought through and committed to my goals. As tough as the transits are though, they are the transits that I absolutely have to have. If it wasn’t for Saturn, I’d accomplish very little indeed.

Relatively speaking, with an emphasis on the word relatively, the better that integrated Saturn is in your chart, the less likely you are to fight the message he brings. The less you resist, the easier the transit will be. Relatively speaking.

If you want to know how Saturnian you are, have a go at Donna Cunningham’s Saturn test. I scored about as low as it’s possible to score. Not only is Saturn in Aries in my chart – a sign where he is absolutely not comfortable – but the only aspect Saturn makes to anything else in my chart is an inconjunct to Mars – and that contact isn’t an amicable one. Other than that he’s pretty much left to his own devices.

While most of the other planets in my chart talk to each other, Saturn stands alone, his energy activated only by transit. Because Saturn’s energy is quite unfamiliar to me, every transit is a shock to my system.

If on the other hand, you have a busy 10th house, other planets in Capricorn, or other planets in easy aspect to Saturn, you might find Saturn transits tough but doable. A tad like the training session you don’t want to do, but end up nailing.

Saturn transits often bring with them hard stuff, tough stuff. It bears down on you, pushing you lower, making you feel as though you’ve got the entire world and their families plus luggage on your shoulders. Whatever it is that is happening is to you. It seems this way because often we’re looking to blame someone or something for doing whatever it is to us. That’s one perspective. The other is that whatever it is that is going on is an outcome or a consequence of another action or inaction on our own behalf. This is the whole there’s a consequence for every action theory.

In short, while Saturn transits might feel as though they are external, in reality, they’re far from that. We’re being taught a lesson of some type – and we’re being taught it because we need to learn it.

Saturn doesn’t teach in the way that Jupiter does. Jupiter educates and expands your knowledge of the world, of life. Jupiter is what you learn through experience. Saturn lessons are what you learn because you have to. Saturn teaches that every action brings with it consequences – some good, some bad, but consequences nevertheless.

Where Jupiter doesn’t particularly care what you do with the opportunities he presents to you – if you miss out on them, that’s your loss; failure to learn Saturn lessons is an entirely different matter.


We were talking about this the other day in the astro group that I’m a member of. The question was what to expect from a transit to the IC, or to the very bottom of the chart. I pointed out that John Howard, Australia’s ex-Prime Minister, lost the election around the time Saturn transited his IC. It was a literal case of being at the lowest point in his career. For him, it was about going home and putting on the slippers to sit beside the fire. Not that I know if he did that, but you get the idea.

When Saturn was last on my IC, Miss T was starting school and difficult decisions and changes were made to work/life balance. I started working from home a lot more and travelling for work a lot less. We also committed to an investment property.

When tracking back through the dates for another friend, we found that it was under a Saturn 4th house transit that she signed up for her first mortgage and moved out of the home she grew up in. Someone else I spoke with related how she had to provide home care for an elderly relative at this time.

My point is, each of us will have a different perspective on a Saturn transit. Some of these experiences will be ultimately positive, some will be difficult, but all will be designed to make us better, or more adult, or…you get the idea. What I know about Saturn transits, my experiences of them will most likely be very different to yours.

Even if every Saturn transit you’ve ever had has been, to put it mildly, uncomfortable, it’s still best to treat these with intention rather than biting your lips and wondering what will happen to you during it.

In 2016, Saturn squared my Ascendant and my Sun. It was a year I’d like never to repeat. As tough as it was, knowing what Saturn wanted me to learn provided some perspective – even though there were times over that period where I just wanted to yell and scream and make it stop already. I’ll tell you a bit about that next time.

In March and April this year Saturn stationed square my Moon – right at the time that I was packing up our house of 18 years and leaving friends, family and structures behind. Emotionally it was a wrench and it drained me completely. While it seemed like madness at the time, I was glad that I’d read the intent of the transit and booked a holiday to coincide with the easing off of the Saturn/Moon square. I needed it.

He’s finally moved past the degree of my Moon for the third and final time. This final pass brought with it some realisations about self-care that I’ll talk about another time. It was a lesson that I’d neglected listening to for a long time.

So yes, Saturn transits can be tough, but we’ve all been through numerous ones in our lifetime and although we might have scars, we’re still here to tell the tale.

As for how Saturn transits will impact you? Have a look back at last week’s post on Saturn in Capricorn. Check out also the Saturn page on the website for hints on interpreting Saturn transits and timing them while Saturn is in Capricorn.

Next time, something on Saturn transits to the Sun.

DIY Saturn Transits…



So anyways, I posted some thoughts on Saturn in Sagittarius the other day. The link is here.

But, I hear you ask, what’s it mean for me?

I also heard ‘what’s it mean for Virgo?’ and ‘what’s it mean for Taurus?’ and ‘what’s it mean for Leo?’ etc…

Another thing I hear a lot? ‘When will it be over?’

The thing is, I can’t answer that. Why? Because:

  • Every Saturn transit is personal to you in a way that’s, well, personal to you.
  • Every one of you has Sagittarius in your chart, so will experience in some part of your life.
  • It isn’t just about your Sun sign, it’s about you as a whole…and your chart as a whole…and that’s personal to you.
  • It will never be over because, hello, Saturn is about real life in all it’s textured tones.
  • Finally, because here at Jo Tracey Astrology, it’s about helping you do it for yourself.

So, first up, you’ll need your chart.

If you know your birth time, you can cast your own chart using these instructions.

Otherwise simply follow Solar astrology- I’ve popped the house guide up on the Saturn page.

Don’t know what the houses mean? Check out this post for ideas.

DIYing it…

First up, you’ll need to know your own Saturn story. You can dig out as many textbooks as you like, but this is what makes every single Saturn transit personal to you.

Where is Saturn natally in your chart? This is the area of life where you most need to create order and boundaries. Regardless of the sign that Saturn is transiting, this area will always be where the transit begins to happen. Always.

It’s the area of life where you feel most vulnerable, most alone, where self-discipline is most required and where your hope will be tested by your fears. It’s where you need to mature into, it’s where you feel you’re simply not good enough, or lacking in some way.

Every single Saturn transit you ever have will begin with these themes and help you grow into yourself.

While Saturn is in Sagittarius, you’ll also be looking at faith and comfort zone issues in this part of your life.

I have Saturn in the 1st house, and my biggest fear is that of not being good enough. I feel most vulnerable being me- and my lack of self-discipline both aids and abets this fear.

For me, all Saturn transits impact my health, vitality and self-confidence.

What house/s is Saturn transiting?

If you don’t know, check out the Saturn page for some pointers. I’ll also get around to posting a little something on each house. Maybe.

Wherever Saturn falls in your chart is where you’ll be dealing with questions of faith, optimism, comfort zones and all those other things I mentioned above. It’s where you need to grow up, get real, build boundaries and firm up structures.

If it’s in your 10th, you’ll be getting real about career, work, and the things that keep you within your comfort zone.

If it falls in your 4th, the beliefs and boundaries from your childhood may be questioned. Your physical home-base, and personal comfort zones may be challenged.

In my case, Saturn is transiting the 9th and the 10th houses.

Want a refresher on what house governs what part of life? You’ll find it here, on the Basics page.

Saturn transits of angular houses ie the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, will work more obviously and publicly. These houses are associated with action.

Saturn transits of succedent houses, ie the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th, will make you look more closely and work a little harder to identify and take advantage of the opportunity being presented to you. These houses are associated with security.

Saturn transits of cadent houses, ie the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th, will require a deeper focus, an adjustment or change, and will ask you to think, observe and learn from something or someone.

What house/s does Saturn rule natally in your chart?

Regardless of the sign that Saturn is transiting, the outcome of every Saturn transit will be felt here.

Saturn rules my 11th, so every single Saturn transit impacts my hopes and dreams, my networks and circles.

In short, Saturn can be a little like burpees- you know, those exercises where you jump out and jump up- or anything else you really hate doing. It’s usually an indication that you absolutely should be doing that thing you don’t want to, or are scared of.

Don’t know your rulerships? Check out this page

What is Saturn aspecting?

Now look at the planets being aspected by Saturn.

You may have some, you may have none.

Don’t forget to look at your ASC or MC? This should be clearly marked on your chart. This is what I mean when I refer to chart points.

Here’s the thing- Saturn transits aren’t easy…they’re not meant to be. The outcomes can, however, be rewarding- it just may take you a little time and perspective to be able to see that.

What is the nature of the aspect?

While it’s the actual contact that’s important, the nature of the aspect will tell you how easily Saturn’s energy will be integrated. And by easily, I don’t necessarily mean “nice”. I just mean that things- good or bad- will happen quicker, with fewer blockages. Saturn squares can be frustrating, but have great outcomes. Saturn trines may happen quickly- and painfully…just saying…

  • When Saturn is conjunct a planet or chart point, he takes over that planet. Saturn conjunctions can be like lead weights, but whatever survives is solid and worthwhile. There will be change- resistance is futile.
  • When Saturn is opposing a planet or chart point, it might feel as though you are being stretched beyond your limits. You are being tested, and decisions are necessary. This is cliché time- watershed moment, make or break, turning point…take your pick.
  • When Saturn is square a planet or chart point, there is tension and frustration- it’s an action and reaction time. It may also feel a little like a health check for whatever was begun or overhauled when Saturn was conjunct or opposite the planet now receiving the transit. Failed to do something about it then? You’ll feel it now. Think back to the themes of 7 (or so) years ago- for an indication of what’s happening now. If you’ve been doing what you were supposed to have been doing, there’ll be a reminder, but nothing life changing. If not? Well, it’s a little like the motorcycle cop who is always hiding under the overpass on James Ruse drive- instead of waving you on, he’ll pull you over to face the consequences.
  • When Saturn is trine a planet or chart point whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily. Obstacles will be removed. This doesn’t mean that it will be good or painless, just that whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily. Saturn trines and sextiles can bring solid, practical gifts- rewards for hard work…often the reward is more work!
  • When Saturn is sextile a planet or chart point opportunities may arise.

For timing, you’ll need to refer to the Saturn page or pull out your ephemeris.

Where does the aspected planet live?

This is where the action will also be starting.

What house/s does the aspected planet rule?

As above. This is where the outcome will be.


Sometime over the next 2 ½ years…you’ll need your ephemeris for exact-ish timing.

Putting it together

Most people look at individual Saturn transits and worry. A lot. That’s ok, Saturn does worry well.

In order to maintain a little perspective, I map mine- the way I showed you the other day.

I also do the t-accounts thing. It’s like accounting for astrologers. Mine for Saturn in Sagittarius is below.


Don’t forget…

To check if transiting Saturn will trigger any other major aspect patterns in your chart.

What do I mean by that?

Take my chart for example. Any aspect to the ASC/DC, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto is likely to trigger the potential of my Grand Trine/ Kite.

Any aspect to Venus will also trigger the square with Jupiter, the inconjunct to Pluto/Uranus, and ultimately that Grand Trine/Kite.


Given that my default position is one of wasting that potential, this is a Good Thing.

Ok…it’s now your turn!

how you feel when Saturn is conjunct your Sun
how you feel when Saturn is conjunct or opposite your Sun

It’ll be alright in the long run…

no fish were harmed in the making of this image
no fish were harmed in the making of this image

At the risk of over-sharing, I have personal space issues at present.

It’s that sort of metaphorical claustrophobia that comes from feeling as if there’s no room to move, as if the weight of expectations, of decisions, of responsibility is too much. It’s a feeling I know well, but manage most of the time to, well, manage.

I’m backing away from Facebook, barely posting at all on my personal page. I’ve turned off all notifications, so please don’t tag or message me- you’re unlikely to get a response at present. I’m posting mostly just from this blog to my Facebook Astrology page (so if I’m not responding to you, apologies). Instagram and Twitter somehow seem more anonymous, so I’m still active there…but you get the idea.

Thankfully my family “get” it- as do my closest friends. My daughter even commented the other day ‘I think everyone is in Mum’s head again. She needs her bubble.’

I’m not the type to want to talk it through. It’s a water thing that I make no apology for. Instead I want to escape into it and out of it. That’s a Pisces shadow thing. Once I have room to move, I’ll be fine again.

That fear extends to crowds, to boundaries, to lines- especially finishing lines. I don’t like endings. I prefer to sail past them into the possibility of beginnings.

I blame Saturn…of course. Saturn isn’t known as the Time Lord or Lord of Karma or Great Maturer (actually I made that last one up) for no reason.

Whichever way you look at it, Saturn matures. He puts boundaries around things and makes you think about things like commitment and responsibility and time and structure.

Saturn has been retrograde since early March. During this time we should have all been using the time wisely to get our Saturn shit together.

Specifically, with Saturn in Scorpio, this is all focused on what you’re hiding under the covers, what you’re really scared of . It’s about facing the truth- even if you think you can’t handle the truth. No matter where Scorpio is in your chart, this overlays that area with a 8th house intensity. Whatever Scorpio represents in your chart, you will be asked to get real, face your fears and grow the hell up.

Now as Saturn has stationed and is contemplating his next move forward, the energy is at its’ most potent. If you have planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at 16 Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius you will be feeling this Saturn energy more than the rest of us…enjoy.

Don’t, however, discount the so called easy aspects- eg points at 16 Cancer, Pisces, Virgo or Capricorn…especially if, like me you’re Saturn isn’t in great shape (in Aries, Cancer or Leo) or particularly strong.

This time around, Saturn has stationed trine the degree of my Ascendant. To say I’m feeling it is an understatement. But then again, nothing happens without reason.

I think of Saturn as an auditor with a tie that is way too short, a green pen and a pad asking me questions that I don’t particularly want to answer.

My friend Clementine likens this process to an exam. Hopefully I have passed.

Saturn constricts rather than expands (which is why many astrologers see Saturn transits as being skinny transits…). He also tends to bring depression and sadness with him rather than optimism. Sort of like you are running on empty, come to the end of the road, are over it and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. This is especially true if the station is occurring at a sensitive point in your chart. The whole point behind this is to teach us something…sort of like growing pains for grown ups. Besides, life is a mix of textures, of light and dark.

While Saturn is retrograde all of this is internalised and builds within. You have the time to think and absorb. Once Saturn turns direct, intention needs to be turned into action. That means dealing with whatever it is with maturity, commitment and responsibility.

Saturn transits can hurt, a lot- depending on your natal relationship with him. This is especially the case if your Saturn is not natally strong (take Donna Cunninghams’ Saturn quiz to check yours out…my Saturn scored just 2 points, so is particularly weak). At critical points of a Saturn transit, if (like me) your temptation is to run away from whatever it is, something will be in your way. There will be nowhere left to run. You have no choice but to stand your ground, face it like and adult and finish the job. Like a grown up.

You also have no choice but to have faith that it will be all right in the long run. And, when the noise and crowding dissipates, with space to move, think and imagine, that’s something I have absolutely no problem believing.

So you sit in your camp and you stare at the fire
The doubts drop away as the hopes get higher
And you sing to yourself
It’ll be all right
It’ll be all right in the long run

And the sun gives ground to a long cold night
Screw up your courage for another night
But you know in your heart
It’ll be all right
It’ll be all right in the long run

And the sun streams in with power and might
And you look at your kids in a different light
And you know in your heart as you kiss them goodnight
It’ll be all right in the long run

The song? An old protest song by Aussie folk band Redgum. You can hear it here. The lyrics are theirs…

Something about Saturn and a crook back….


My back is killing me.

Ok, perhaps that’s a little Piscean dramatization of the situation. But it is.

I’m finding it difficult to stand for longer than a few minutes without support. Walking is fine as long as I keep moving and don’t stop. It’s when I stop that the pain starts. That’s when I need to find something to lean on.

I’m no stranger to back pain- I’ve had it as a result of scoliosis since I was a teenager. Throw in a few horse falls over the years, and some other technical bits and pieces that you don’t need to know about and it’s something that is a constant.

It’s also something that for the most part I deal with sensibly (yes, I used that word), with regular visits to the chiro and regular exercise. It all strengthens the muscles to help support the spine and keep it where it needs to be.

Of late, my monthly chiro visits haven’t happened, my regular exercise has not happened, I can’t remember the last time I did a yoga class, and as for the swimming that I know I need. Nope. I haven’t provided my spine with the support and structure it needs. Plus I’ve put on weight again- just a couple of kilos, but without the muscle strength, that couple of kilos feels like an extra twenty my hips are having to support.

That’s the logical explanation, and it has a relatively easy fix- except for the lose weight part…but you get the idea.

But this is an astro page, so you’re going to ask me what transits I’m having.

Ok, here goes.

Saturn is trine the ASC, Jupiter is trine my Moon, Neptune is conjunct Mercury and Chiron is conjunct my ASC.

Nothing particularly nasty or difficult to deal with in there.

Chiron is all about old wounds, healing them, and using what you’ve learned to heal others. In my chart, Chiron is in the first house, nestled between my Sun and Moon. My Chiron story will therefore be about old physical hurts, and emotional wounds. I’ve found in the last few years that whenever Chiron has been active, what I get are physical manifestations of an emotional issue.

Like the other year when an old ankle ligament injury resurfaced as Chiron was conjunct Mercury. Ligaments are, of course, connective tissue, and at the time I felt like I had no emotional connections.

Saturn is natally in my first house, and I think I’ve said before, always manifests in something health related for me- that’s my Saturn story. Saturn also rules the bones, the spines, the structures and boundaries of the body. When Saturn was opposite my ASC and Sun a few years ago, it was a time when I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, so my shoulder collapsed, literally…well a few of the supportive muscles did, but you get the idea. Given that Uranus was also involved, it was sudden.

This one has been creeping up on me, steadily getting worse. That makes sense too- Saturn is chronic in nature.

But aren’t trines supposed to be supportive?

They sure are, they help things happen easier- good or bad.

Saturn trines, however, also, in my experience anyway, tend to bring with them fairly convincing hints- hints about supports and structure that are being overlooked or have gone missing.

It’s about addressing the issue now, or having a bigger, more challenging issue when Saturn moves to square that point in a couple of years time.

Get the idea?

With me, the lack of exercise, the failure to keep appointments, the self “medication” and weight gain- it’s all the shadow I run to when I’m under sustained periods of pressure or stress. I escape into a place where there are no boundaries, and in the process, tend to dissolve everything that quite literally keeps me upright. Emotionally, I’ve put myself under a mountain of pressure, but we don’t need to go into that here either. Suffice to say that rather than going outside of myself, I’ve gone inward.

See the Jupiter-Moon and Neptune-Mercury connections there?

We all have a shadow. We all run there when in stress. The trick is in being aware of it.

So, yes, all of this is telling me that I need something to lean on emotionally, I need to put my support structures and habits back in place, and do those things that keep me upright and functioning.

That’s the astro. If I want, I can blame it…or I can do something with it.

I’m opting for the latter- Saturn lessons are persuasive in that way.

Something about Saturn, Jupiter, Cancer & getting real…

Zodiac signs - Cancer

Wednesday February 12

Moon in Cancer

Aside from a square-off between the Moon and Mars, there’s not a lot happening astro wise today, so I think we’ll talk about me instead.

You know how yesterday I said I was in a bad mood? Well, I sort of still am, but I’ve worked out why.

It came to me yesterday as I was making chicken stock for the freezer. I do this every month or so. One chook (free range, of course) and a few vegies gives me about 6 containers of clear, fat skimmed stock for the freezer, plus (depending on the size of the chook) 6-7 portion control bags of shredded chicken to keep in the freezer for soups and salads at lunch. Just how perfectly Cancer Moon is that?

Pedantic, I know, but I prefer the taste of home made stock. I know what’s in it. I use it in soups, curries, for poaching…whatever. Today it will be used to cook a cauliflower and then blitzed for a low cal soup for lunches and snacks.

And there we have the reason for my bad mood. Now… we’re about to head into too much information territory…you have been warned.

I wasn’t going to talk about this, but there’s something of an astro theme happening that might ring a bell with others.

My mood has been crappy since seeing the doctor last week. In her words, I’ve won the hormonal lottery in terms of my body’s ability to store fat, with some inconvenient stuff that’s happening deep in my belly sending the whole thing on an upward spiral. She confirmed what I’d suspected, but as she said the words, “excess oestrogen production…bacteria…won the hormonal lottery” I muttered to myself, “Natal Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th.”*

You see, this happened last time transiting Jupiter was in Cancer. The symptoms were the same, but were reflected differently in my body. You don’t need to know the painfully messy details. That time, though, by the time Jupiter was in Leo and in my 6th house, I was in hospital and under the knife for major surgery.

As my doctor said the other day, the surgery eliminated some of the nastier symptoms, but did nothing to address the root of the problem- which has come back again.

So, I have two options- medication, or elimination of all grain, dairy, sugar, yeast, legumes…I think that’s all the food groups covered…for at least 3 months and then taken in moderation only afterwards. Naturally, alcohol has to be minimized as far as possible too, and there’s a gut cleansing thing involved too.

Essentially it’s the anti candida diet I tried at the beginning of last year, which worked wonders while I was on it. The issue apparently is that I wasn’t on it long enough, and there’s more in my belly that needs to be, as she put it, killed off.

I’d originally decided that I wasn’t going to follow the whole regimen until I get back from New Zealand, ie March 1, but then figured that as my tummy felt so bad, I’d do just the diet part of it for a couple of weeks before I go.

This general mankiness, the vague headaches etc are all part of it, and something that last time lasted a few days. And I’m craving bread already- the wholemeal, sourdough we buy.

Belly… cravings…female hormones…it’s probably appropriate that I’m talking about it under the Cancer Moon.

With Saturn active in my chart all year, I have a whole year worth of opportunities to get real about this stuff. As hard as it is to put these limitations in, Saturn (this year) is here to help.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.43.12 AM

The transiting aspects, with the exception to an inconjunct with Venus (which activates that Venus-Jupiter square that needs activating) and a conjunction with Neptune, are all trines and sextiles: to Uranus, to Pluto, to the Ascendant, to the Sun, to the Moon, to Chiron, to Jupiter.

As we know, even the “easy” Saturn aspects mean hard work, but I’m actually ok with that.

Besides, if you don’t listen to Saturn during the sextiles and trines, by the time you get to the squares, inconjuncts and oppositions, you bear the consequences. And, when it comes to my health, I’m not prepared to accept those anymore.

I love how astrology can help point to the inherent health issues in the chart…and also the way to turn those challenges into potential.

If I wanted to, I could sit around and blame my Venus- Jupiter square, my Moon- Jupiter trine, my Moon- Neptune trine, my Jupiter- Neptune trine, for why I’ll never look like Elle McPherson, why I have problems with boundaries- in life and on my plate, why I’ll always need to watch a tendency to escape into alcohol (or something else), why I’m inclined to self indulgence, why I say yes when it should be no, why I tend to take the easy option, and how it all combines to oh so easily deliver on the “promise” of my chart. Woe is me.

Or, I can use these same aspects, with a touch of Saturn self discipline, to deliver on the real promise of my chart.

At the moment, as the transiting Moon activates my natal trines and that Venus- Jupiter square, I’m uncomfortable. I want to give into what I’m craving- I want the easy way out.

But, under my theory of opposites, I think I’ll choose to be uncomfortable for a bit longer…

Besides, with Saturn activating that Grand trine of mine right now, it seems like the perfect time to be uncomfortable and real. As I said yesterday- rock or hard place…it might be tough, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

*Not everyone with Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th will have the same health problems as I do. This needs to be looked at in the entire context of your chart.

Something about not holding back…


Wednesday 6 November

Moon in Sagittarius

I’ve had a song whizzing around in my head all morning. I say all morning, but, given that it’s just after 7am, I really mean an hour or so. That’s not unusual in itself- I often wake up with a song in my brain- often times it sets the mood for the day.

This mornings is James Blunt’s Bonfire Heart. I wish that I had it in my brain when I was writing about Venus in Sagittarius- it’s got that sparky, optimistic, everything is going to be ok vibe about it, that I associate with Sagittarius. It doesn’t really fit todays aspects though.

Sure the Moon is in Sagittarius- that time of the month where everyone is entitled to your opinion and rants are not only ok, but even a little de rigeur. It is, however, those few days each month where it’s imperative to open your mind and see all possibilities, all points of view…even if they don’t match up with yours. You see, as flexible as Sagittarius is, it can also be, dare I say it, more than a little preachy at times. But that’s ok. In fact it’s one of the things I love most about Sagittarius. A Sagittarian opinion is usually one that’s backed up with wide reading and education- and that makes a very big difference.

Anyways, Bonfire Heart isn’t out of place on a Sagittarius Moon day.

Later today, however, the Sun meets up with Saturn. The song I woke with doesn’t match the mood of this one…or does it? Saturn-Sun can be a time of caution, of waiting and seeing, of restraint. It can be a time where you hold onto old patterns and deeply ingrained fears that prevent you from moving forward. On the flip side, you can use this as motivation for growth.

What do I mean by this? Pretty well if you can move past the paranoia and the blah of standing still, this aspect can provide the self-discipline and strength to move forward.

So your choice today is to hold back…or not to hold back. Sounds simple when you put it like that. It also sounds very much like the ad for the latest Jeeps- Don’t Hold Back- which is probably where my Sagittarian inspired song has come from…

It’s time…


Saturn conjunct Neptune

Warning: This post is longer than usual…

Ok, I’m going to talk about something that the thought of writing about made me have a sneaky little mouth vomit.

I’m going to talk about, gulp, an age thing. Given that I like to think there’ll be a cure for old age by the time I get there, that’s a big thing for me to talk about.

Actually, that’s not strictly correct, I’m going to talk about a transit that will be happening to all of us of a certain age over the next 12 months or so. I’m talking about Saturn conjunct Neptune.

Yes, I know I don’t normally write a lot about transits between inter personal (ie Jupiter and Saturn) and outer planets, but if I had a dollar for every reader who has commented, messaged or emailed with any of the following:

  • I’m having a Saturn- Neptune conjunction
  • I’ve just made it through a Saturn- Neptune conjunction
  • I’m worried- I have a Saturn-Neptune conjunction coming up

…I’d not need to be worrying so much about getting a publishing contract.

So, here’s the deal.

  • If you were born between August 1957 and January 1970 you have Neptune in Scorpio- which means that at some point before December 2014, Saturn will conjunct Neptune… possibly more than once (depending on the retrograde cycle).
  • If you were born prior to December 1961, it’s already happened.
  • This is a transit that is common to our entire generation.

Surely it’s more personal that that?


When it comes to this sort of transit- inter personal/outers or outers to outers- it’s not so much the fact that it’s happening, but where in the chart it is happening for you.

What makes it even more personal is what other aspects it’s triggering in your chart and what each of the transiting planets means to you.

Ok, let’s break it down. As Saturn is the transiting planet, we’ll deal with it first.


The essential nature of Saturn is cold and dry. In the body it represents the processes of ageing and anything of a chronic nature. The direction of the energy is limiting, confining, binding and restricting. And, not to put the frighteners out, in terms of medical astrology, Saturn is the chief disease producing planet. Eeew.

When it comes to Saturn transits you usually have a choice- do you want to be depressed or do you want to be exhausted? As I said, eeew. Make no bones about it- Saturn transits are hard- they’re designed that way. We can, however, make them even harder…

The right choice here is, you knew it, exhausted. Why? Because you’ve given it your all. Saturn transits call for serious mountain climbing and the absolute best that you can do. Go with it and while you will be exhausted, self respect will follow. Look for the easy way out and well, you’ll be left with at the least melancholia and a feeling of alone-ness.

That’s the theory.

The other thing about Saturn transits, as well as giving us astrologers the opportunity to use naff phrases like:

  • Climb a mountain
  • It’s about the journey
  • One foot in front of the other

…is that it’s a little like going to that boot camp session that you’re dreading. You think of reasons to get out of it, make excuses, procrastinate, ask whether there’s something else you can do instead- something that’s not quite so hard. But when you’re in there, it’s somehow not as bad as when it was hanging over your head…well, that’s the theory.

The other thing about Saturn is that despite everything, he’s actually focused on the future. Saturn doesn’t want you to stay the same- he wants you to mature- although I really, really hate that word…but you get the idea.


Aaah Neptune.

The essential nature of Neptune is warm and moist. The planet of deception, it’s hypnotic, pulsating and comatic in energy. Yes, you heard it, comatic. Neptune can take you to a different state of being. In medical astrology, Neptune represents those obscure and hard to diagnose ailments.

Wherever Neptune is in the chart is where you might be operating under a delusion, daydreaming, escaping. It’s where you need to learn to function intuitively. It’s where you need to learn the difference between wishes, fear and reality.

And that’s where this transit comes into play.

Saturn conjunct Neptune

I don’t know about you, but I far prefer my Neptunian illusions and dream world (hello, note my comment earlier about there being a cure for growing old) than the maturity of the real world.

And therein lies the challenging part of this transit. Of course we’re going to feel like crap when our wishes and illusions are held up to be not as real as we may have thought. Of course we’ll have doubts and question what we’re about and what our dreams really mean.

The thing is, in true Neptune fashion, things are not as bad as they seem- we just think they are…at the time. Of course we feel this way- we might be feeling as though our dreams will never come true.

In seeing through the fog, we’re also able to see the irrationality in fears and put structures in place to make our dreams real- a little like when you take a bucket list item out of the bucket and bring it onto the table. You’re taking a dream and making it real. Whether you do anything about it is, of course up to you.

Once something is out of the bucket, it can’t go back. It can, however, be built and given form. Fairy dust, however, is not the main ingredient. Not this time.

You might tell me that you’ve done the work, that you’ve let go of what you need to, but have you really? Have you really done everything, stripped yourself bare- metaphorically speaking? I know I haven’t. Not really.

Naturally there’s a health warning with this transit as well, and you know what? At our age (I can say that because all of us having this transit are, by definition, of a certain age) we should be getting regular scans and check ups as a matter of course.

Does this mean that all of us will come down with some obscure, chronic difficult to diagnose until it’s too late type of disease? Hardly- imagine the strain on the medical system if that were the case! It is, however, better to be proactive about these things rather than wait until it’s too late.

I have Saturn in the 1st house, so as I’ve said before, all Saturn transits have an impact on my health and body. I will be taking my head out of the neptunian sand and getting in for some long overdue check-ups.

Not all Saturn-Neptune Transits are created equally

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again.

Your Saturn-Neptune transit will depend on:

  • What house natal Neptune is in- this is where Saturn is transiting and where you’ll find the big picture behind the transit.
  • What house natal Saturn is in.
  • What houses are ruled by Saturn and Neptune.
  • How Saturnian are you? How Neptunian are you? Generally those who are more Neptunian than Saturnian will have a tougher time of this transit. If you don’t know where you fit, check out this post.
  • What aspects are made by Neptune- all of these will be activated by the transit. Eg in my case Neptune forms the top part of a kite. The Saturn conjunction with Neptune will activate this. And, by the way, I choosing not to see that as a Bad Thing. Thankfully this time around trines and sextiles are involved.

This post has a refresher for analysing Saturn transits…

The Good news

Remember- if you’re reading this now, you’ve been through it before- 28 years ago…last time Saturn was in Scorpio.

I don’t know about you, but the dreams I put structure around at 18, are very different to the cycle I’m starting now…

The title is from Imagine Dragon’s song It’s Time… it feels right. Here’s the link.