Something about building castles in the sky…

NY Municipal buildings…pic by me.
NY Municipal buildings…pic by me.

Today I don’t feel like doing anything.

It’s been a serious cow of a week- although yesterday was ok- and I’ve just filed the last of the deadlines I had on my plate. By the way, if you’re interested, I just had a sneaky peek at a few months in 2015, and it’s looking pretty good to me!

So, I don’t feel like doing anything.

I have an appointment at 7.30 (yes, on a Saturday morning) to get my hair done (which translates to grey removal- yes, I’m vain) but other than that I’m planning on a date with my fiction manuscript, and an afternoon pottering around preparing something Thai in style and fabulous in flavour.

Although, I could just be deluding myself. Today, you see, Venus and Neptune are exchanging sweet nothings in each others shell like ears.

Across the divide, the Moon is making suggestions that perhaps doing nothing or wasting one’s time faffing about with characters from a romance novel really isn’t either an appropriate or productive use of a Saturday- after all the bathrooms need cleaning, there’s dust on all the surfaces and at least three loads of washing to be done. Plus, I haven’t been to the gym in nearly a week.

But I’m putting my fingers in my ears and doing the lalalalalala thing. So there.

Venus and Neptune bring together the illusion, the fantasy of sweetness and light. Almost as if someone has sprinkled things with a light dusting of rainbow beams. You know it’s not real, you know it can’t be real, but in the middle of so much that is real, it’s oh so tempting to believe that it is. Besides, if you don’t lift the covers, or take off the rose coloured glasses, you can put off seeing the slightly manky reality for just a tad longer.

So today, if you want to make big dreams, do so. If you want to believe in fairytales, do so. After all, as the pic below says, you don’t need planning permission to build castles in the sky. After all, it’s just for a day.

Then again, if you want to listen to the call of duty, go right ahead. This energy will help you lean into the work rather than against it.


Something about a pivot table and some pixie dust…


At the beginning of this year, I made a vow to be grown up, responsible and mature. I was going to put boundaries in place- where boundaries needed to be; I was going to say no- when no needed to be said; and I was going to spend my Neptune/Mercury transit writing a romance novel.


Which is, of course, why I’ve taken on more commercial writing work than I’ve had in years, am back fulltime (albeit temporarily) in a corporate role, and rather than dreaming up ways of getting my hero and heroine to finally fall for each other, I’m trying my best to wrangle spreadsheets, pivot tables, and complicated macros.

Today, as Venus and Neptune get ever closer to their own personal dream come true love match, the rest of us will most probably be applying detail to our day to day that we haven’t been able to apply during the firestorm that has been this week.

The Virgo Moon is perfect for those jobs we’ve been putting off. It’s perfect for applying order to chaos. It’s perfect for fixing that pivot table that you’re pretty sure you broke yesterday… or is that just me?

Naturally, though, it doesn’t do all of this on its own. Both the body and the spirit must be willing- or something like that. And with the Moon facing off against Neptune, the spirit is likely to be wishing itself somewhere else.

So, it could be one of those days where you roll your sleeves up and get up to date, or it could be one of those days where you wish you could wrinkle your nose, tap your heels together three times, sprinkle it all with some fairy dust, and start the weekend early.

As for me, I have deadlines that need to be hunted down, and a pivot table that needs fixing. Where’s that pixie dust when I need it most?

Something about getting on with stuff….


So anyways, I’m back at work. It’s a five day a week, full time in the office consultancy role for the next few months…and already it’s making my brain turn somersaults- so that’s a good thing.

Given that I haven’t worked in a corporate environment for over two years, or done the five days in the office thing for longer than that (I was a work from home two days a week girl) I’m feeling more than just a tad tired and overwhelmed. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

As much as I love working on my own stuff, I didn’t realise how much I missed working with other people. What I haven’t missed is putting my feet, so used to comfy footwear, into proper shoes.  Nor have I missed the three hour return commute. Aaaah Sydney traffic. On the up side, I get to catch up on my podcasts.

The one thing that’s changed the most is weekends. Rather than being a time to wind down, Saturdays are now filled with the appointments that used to be slotted in during the week, the cleaning that would be done during the week. Rather than shopping daily for groceries for the day, I’m back in planning and preparation mode. Then there’s my work. I’ve had to cut down- I’m not taking any client appointments, and I’m not actively pitching to editors at present- but what’s left still needs to be done. I don’t want to let my writing slip, so this weekend my word count is the equivalent to a normal five day week.

My point is, have a list of things that need to be done this weekend- and at the top of that list is buying shoes.

This weekend is perfect for list ticking off- if you’re in a list ticking off mood, that is.

That’s the thing about Virgo Moons- they’re great for getting on with the detail of life, the things that have to be done. Naturally, it’s up to you whether you want to be getting on with it, but if you’re that way inclined, and have a list, this weekend is good to be getting on with it.

Something about perfection being over-rated…

Zodiac signs - Virgo

Monday 17 February

Moon in Virgo

So yesterday I was on productive fire.

I spent the morning ruthlessly editing my fiction work, and the afternoon writing and scheduling posts for next week when I’m in New Zealand.

It’s probably my biggest complaint- about Australia and New Zealand- that while wifi is available in coffee shops quite freely, it’s not in hotels- not without incurring a hefty fee. Of course there are some exceptions.

When you’re on holiday with friends, the last thing you want to do is drag your arse and your laptop to a coffee shop to update a blog when you could be doing something else. Besides, while we’re on the walk, there’ll be no phone reception or wifi at all. It’s an enforced disconnection. I suspect it will make me feel uncomfortable and free all at the same time.

Productivity isn’t unusual under the Virgo Moon. It’s all about being useful, ticking off tasks. In the case of the editing I needed to do, the critical side of Virgo was perfect for discriminating between words and paragraphs that added to the story, and those that didn’t need to be there.

Today will be the same, but also different.

Today the Moon is void of course, which means that there are no aspects being made with other planets. It means that you can either have the purest of the best of Virgo lunar energy…or the purest and the worst of it.

In short, you’ll either be productive and get stuff done…or you won’t.

Why’s this? When there seems to be too much on your plate, or too many things going wrong, or too much mess, or too much whatever, you have problems actually deciding where to start, so figures that there’s no point doing anything!

If this is you, and if you can’t afford to sit back and let it go, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Pick one activity/ problem/ whatever and just start. Resist the urge to multi screen, multi task, and dip in and out of other things until you’re done. Then start something else.
  2. Prioritise the tasks…then proceed as above.

My warning? Don’t be too hard on yourself…perfection is over-rated.

Something about the Moon in Virgo…


Moon in Virgo

Wow, yesterday was productive.

Seriously head down, bum up sort of activity.

The energy today will be the same, yet also slightly different.

How different?

The Moon is void of course today…that means that you’ll get either pure Virgo productive, useful energy, or you’ll get the Virgo shadow energy through loud and clear.

What do I mean by that? Void of course?

The Moon makes no more (traditional) aspects (to planets) before it leaves Virgo. There is nothing on the horizon to add a descriptor, adjective or extra layer to todays emotional weather forecast.

Virgo lunar can be either a picture of organised, productive, practicality….or it can be a case of things will never be perfect, it’s already way too far into chaos, no one ever notices what I do, this kitchen bench is always a mess, type of unproductivity. Or is that non-productivity? Whatever…you get the idea.

My suggestion?

If you have things to do, do them.

You’ll run into trouble with your schedule if:

  • You’ve set yourself an unrealistic amount to get through- being overwhelmed by the tasks on your list is one of the quickest ways to do nothing at all. Under promise and over deliver.
  • You’ve set yourself an unrealistic level of perfection to live up to.
  • You beat yourself up- please, please, please give yourself a break.
  • You don’t stick to what’s on your list…scope creep is the enemy of productivity. You know exactly what I’m talking about- you start with the project plan and then realise that the tasks don’t marry up to the risk register, so that needs amending, but then the requirements register will also need to be updated to reflect the changes you made, which means…

For more hints on how to deal with Virgo Moons, or if you’re not feeling the earthy love, jump across to the Moon Magic page.

What’s on my list today?

  • A reading with a lovely earthy client
  • Writing the next module to my Unit 3- Introductions to Transits class…which, as an aside, starts on March 4 and has 2 seats left…just saying…

Something about intentions and habits….

Clipboard with Checklist and Red Pen

Monday 20 January

Moon in Virgo

I bought myself a diary the other day.

Not a writing everything in journal sort of diary, I always have them. No, this is one of those week to a page day planner type of ones. One of those ones that you put your appointments in and write your weekly to do list in as well.

Common sense, I hear you say?

Not necessarily so…not for me. But, as I mentioned before, I’m in a Saturn/Sun phase, so I need the structure and, in the way of Saturn, if I don’t do it myself, life is likely to get extremely complicated extremely quickly.

This intentional transit thing is usually easier said than done, though.

Take my current Neptune/Mars transit, for example. It’s at the exact degree now.

I seem to recall writing something about how if you don’t kick back a little, the Universe will find some way of making sure that you do. The aspect I’m dealing with is a trine, so it will happen quickly.

Naturally, I forgot my own advice and chose last week to push my Routeburn training to the next level. A few more hills, an extra long walk, extra levels and intervals on the cross trainer…that sort of thing.

It stood to reason that the injury, when it came, would be quick. And so it was. A calf injury- one of those ones that had me limping in pain, unable to reach, unable to walk up or down stairs, soft sand…that sort of thing.

When it happened, on Saturday, I said that the timing couldn’t have been worse. Now I’m thinking it was good that it happened now, rather than in a few weeks time. At least I have time now to repair it before I tackle the mountain. It’s also the impetus I need to get me back into some lap swimming instead. It’s something that I love to do, need to do, but have been resisting on account of having to squeeze back into black lycra, battle school holiday swimmers, and- and here’s the real reason- it doesn’t burn off nearly as many calories as a hard session on the cross trainer does. And I’m always in a hurry. Yes. Neptune-Mars.

Also, my nightly single wine is now more than a single wine. Neptune rules alcohol, poisons, and other substances of abuse and illusion, and is, after all passing through my 12th. So, it’s becoming clear that moderation is not an option at this point in time. It’s a little too easy at the moment to lose focus, and lose count.

Anyways, to the sky…

The Sun moves into Aquarius later today. I’ll have a post up later today, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in the best parts of Aquarius, pop over to the Facebook page and check out the conversation.

The Moon is in Virgo, and, in lieu of any difficult aspects, the Virgo energy should be flowing freely.

I’ll be using it to get some accounts and figures up to date. I’ve learned over the months that these few days aren’t great for creative work…other than editing.

If you have something detailed that needs doing, that you’ve been putting off, today is a good day to be doing it.

The same goes for your everyday or healthy (and I use the word lightly) habits. Each month we have an opportunity to review these…

I’ll leave that one with you.

‘Twas the night before Christmas…


Tuesday 24 December

Moon in Virgo

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house…

Yeah, I know, you know the drill.

The potentially organised Virgo Moon will help with the completion of any last minute Christmas preparations today- that is, unless you’ve decided that the whole thing is way too chaotic and why did I sign up for this anyway? In which case, you’ll probably flounce into the nearest chair, open the Christmas chocolates and decide to start your diet absolutely this time on Boxing Day.


I’m super organised by now. Beds are made for my guests, food prepared, hunter gathering done, presents wrapped, clothes ironed and house cleaned.

I’m also writing this post in bed last Sunday morning…so there’s a reasonable amount of wishful thinking being engaged in here.

Speaking of which, wishful and delusional thinking could just get you through the next couple of days intact and unscarred.

Mercury moves into Capricorn later tonight (Sydney time)- there was a post on that yesterday.

Anyways, both the Sun, and then Mercury, will exchange some friendly texts with Neptune over the next couple of days. This is a good thing. Why? It will lighten the mood of what has the potential to be a couple of days with almost constant thunderstorm warnings.

You see, Mars and Uranus will be facing off at about the same time that we in Aus sit down to watch the Boxing Day cricket and those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are facing each other around the Christmas Dinner table.

Families tend to be good at passive aggression- well, my birth family certainly is- and Mars in Libra is one of the best at this.

Now, normally I’d be forecasting blow ups of unexpected and epic proportions and, let’s face it, that wouldn’t be unusual for Christmas day, but Mars in Libra isn’t into conflict.  Mars in Libra is more about finding common ground, giving peace a chance, negotiating a compromise…and if that doesn’t work, descending into a sullen and heavy silence of ‘nothing’s wrong, it’s all perfectly fine’ between teeth gritted so tightly they could crush a turkey bone.

The best part of this is, with the Sun and Mercury in the corner imbibing in the finest bubbles that money can buy with Neptune, you mightn’t even notice the dramas anyway.

Well, we can only hope…and this is, after all, the season of hope and goodwill to all men- even when they are perpetually annoying.

Something about the third quarter Moon, Saturn, Mercury and the Virgo conundrum…


Tuesday 26 November

Moon in Virgo

I was tempted this morning to simply copy and paste the post from Wednesday 30 October- the last time the Moon was in Virgo and also the last time that Mercury joined up with Saturn.

Instead I’ll alter it- just a bit…

As I write, Mercury and Saturn are about to join up. This is the 3rd of 3 meetings this cycle. Being Saturn it will involve a commitment. Your word is your bond…or something like that. Words mean Something- with a capital letter. Being Saturn it also involves stopping and thinking before you rush away with your thoughts…or your mouth.

We’re in the third quarter of the Moon, so we’re tempted to find a new direction. This makes sense. You had the opportunity last month- when Mercury was retrograde- to review commitments. Now it’s time to change our thinking, adjust where necessary, let go of old thought patterns where necessary and prepare to move into the next growth cycle.

Having said all that, whatever you say today, make sure you mean it.

I’ll leave that one with you.

The Moon is in Virgo today and, as with all things astrological, this one can go a couple of ways.

It’s arguably the best time of the month to get work done that you’ve been putting off- detailed work, filing, budgeting, invoicing, organizing, cleaning, spreadsheets, project plans. You know the drill.

On the other hand, you might feel overwhelmed by it all and do…nothing.

This is the Virgo conundrum.

It’s like my kitchen bench. I clean it off every day and that does is give my family the room to pile more crap on there, so I wonder why I bother cleaning it off?

Sometimes it seems as though the chaos, the mess, the to do list is so much that it’s overwhelming. So you do nothing.

It’s a little like when you’re dieting and you slip on a single piece of chocolate and fall into a whole bar…plus more…no point in continuing once you’ve gone from organization to chaos…is there? Given that the Sun is in Sagittarius, and still within the siren call of Neptune, I won’t be surprised if your response is the latter rather than the former.