Something about planning ahead…

Moon Taurus james steidl

So anyways, it’s Monday. Again. The start of a new week. I like new starts, and each week we’re provided with one. Each month we’re provided with one. Each day, we’re provided with one.

Today, though, for this week’s new start, you could be finding that you have a few problems getting, well, started. Especially if you’re waking up right now-ish here in Aus, with the Moon just a few minutes away from being in Taurus.

Taurus is one of those signs where if you’re already moving, you’re at an advantage- you tend to just keep going. But actually getting started? Different story.

If this is you today, stick to routine- as far as possible.

Taurus is also one of those signs that bring with it, if you’re a Lunar type, a high risk of comfort eating.

This is partly because of that difficulty getting going- it can be far easier to reach for the, well, easier option- but it’s also because Taurus rules the throat- and that is important for two reasons:

  • It can be where the words get stuck. Rather than saying something out loud and having to deal with the consequences, it can seem far easier to swallow them…along with something yummy and comforting.
  • Taurus is about the senses- all of them. How food looks, tastes, feels, sounds…I’m sure I’ve missed one, but you get the idea. When you’re after something that’s going to satisfy your senses, in most cases, a bag of lettuce isn’t going to cut it. Just saying.

How to get around this?

Taurus is also about quality, so if you are going to indulge do so with intention, do it meaningfully, do it without guilt and do it with the best quality option you can.

I spent a little time yesterday afternoon preparing some spice pastes and snacks for the next few days. Why? Because I know that I wouldn’t feel like cooking from scratch tonight- that I’d go for the easy option after what I think will probably be a busy day.

I know myself well enough that I won’t be satisfied with something pre-made or “leftover”- I never am when it comes to eating for comfort. But with a curry base in the fridge- one that I know exactly what went into, that I took my time making- some veg, some protein, and some cauliflower that I’ll convince myself is really rice- I have the makings of a meal that can be put together easily, but taste as if it’s quite indulgent.


Something about having enough…


I’ve been feeling lately that I’ve taken on a little more than I can handle.

It’s all good, though, and is far better than being bored!

It’s my own fault- with Jupiter so prominent in my chart, my default position seems to be a resounding ‘yes’….when it possibly should be a ‘let me check my calendar and existing commitments and get back to you…’

My family joke that my mantra is to say ‘seriously, how hard can it be?’…before finding out that it can actually be very difficult indeed!

Normally though, I grit my teeth and do it anyway.

With the Sun squaring off against Jupiter today, more of you could find yourself saying yes, instead of ‘I’ll think about it’…or ‘more, please’ when you’ve probably had enough- or at least more than your share. This is especially the case with the Moon in Taurus by the time this aspect is exact.

This is a generous, extravagant and potentially arrogant transit. Employ a little restraint and a teeny amount of humility and you’ll find that things will work for you rather than against you.

The main event for this set of transits is coming up- the conjunction to Uranus and square to Pluto…more on that tomorrow.

For now, look at both the house that the Sun is moving through, and the house that the Sun rules in your chart (that will be the one with Leo on the cusp)- that part of life will be a major player for you in this unfolding drama.

Something about keeping the faith…


So anyways, I mentioned the other day that I’m going back into an office for a few months.

It’s a short-term project based contract that I’m pretty excited about. Going back into an office is not something that I’d planned, but it is something that for the short term will, I think, be good for me.

The issue is, I don’t have a thing to wear.

My office wear, for the last two years, has consisted of:

  • Summer: Bali beach dresses and flip flops
  • Winter: tracksuits and ugg boots

Hardly corporate attire.

The other thing is, because I knew that I was getting a retrenchment 12 months before I did, I’d not purchased anything new for work during that time and instead wore everything until it pretty well fell apart.

Besides which, I’ve put on weight and my feet, no longer restrained in lovely shoes, no longer fit into those shoes.

I don’t have a thing to wear.

So yesterday I went shopping…and I’m one of those strange women who doesn’t enjoy shopping.  The Moon in Taurus provided the mood, and there were good buys to be had. Besides, a day in the city took me away from the fridge- something else the Taurus Moon is good for- and not necessarily in a good way.

The mood is with us again today.

Another mood that’s in the air today is Jupiter who is finally direct.

If you’ve kept the faith over the last few months, now is the time to be moving forward again.  You might just find that doors opened that previously appeared to be locked. Here’s something I wrote about it last year.

Jupiter is still moving slowly- and will do so for a while yet, but he is moving forward.

Something about “being”, letting go, & other deep & meaningfuls…


Friday 7 February

Moon in Taurus

Today, as the Moon faces off against Saturn, you just might find yourself thinking about things like fear, letting go, how much is enough… stuff like that.

Then again, you mightn’t…

If, however, you are, thinking about things like fear, letting go, how much is enough…stuff like that…you might just like this article from Tiny Buddha, or this one by Sarah Wilson.

You see, one of the things that Taurus is associated with is the concept of more…of abundance, of having more than enough and hanging on to that…just in case. It’s a security thing. Taken too far, it is the Taurus shadow…don’t write to me, every sign has one- a shadow, that is.

One of the other things that Taurus is associated with is the concept of being. In the moment, mindfully, pleasurably. It’s a sensation thing. Taken too far, this can also be a shadow function. I bet you can see where this is heading?

On the other side today, we have Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn is about, as we know, responsibility, restriction, limitations and fears. At its best, in Scorpio, it can help us dig deeply to acknowledge this stuff, stare it down, and eliminate it. At its worst, we can hold on to it and either use it for control or allow it to control us.

In the middle somewhere is a process of letting go of what we don’t need, what isn’t doing us any good, what we have too much of- decluttering or paring back our lives, if you will… This is all with the aim of sinking into a mindfulness of being, or appreciation, of pleasure in simplicity and the moment…secure in the knowledge that we have enough, and that we are enough.

Wow, this is deep for a Friday morning!

What else? The Moon is exalted in Taurus- a little like a Universal VIP. The good biscuits (the ones with the chocolate coating) are brought out, and the special cakes are ordered.

Today, you could find the effort of doing is way too much like hard work, but the effort of swallowing is not. If you’re eating for pleasure, savour every mouthful with all your senses and stop when you’ve had enough (if you can). If you’re eating to swallow things that should be said, or to avoid facing something you don’t want to face, or to delay completing a task that needs to be completed, put down the chocolate and step away from the fridge now.

And finally, if at all possible, even if your day is frantic, stop for 5 minutes to breathe deeply and just be.

Something about change and project management…


Thursday 6 February

Moon in Taurus

Todays lunar energy is very different to that of the last few days.

Where Aries is about initiating, Taurus is more interested in solidifying.

Under the Taurus Moon, we take the efforts of the last few days and we give them structure and form…well, that’s the theory.

Supportive links today to Jupiter, the Sun and Venus provide a background of stability- the perfect environment within which to do the one step at a time, one brick at a time sort of foundation building.

Today, though, the Moon has reached her first quarter phase. The intentions you made last week at the New Moon- remember the mini goals you set? Well, they’ll be tested over the next couple of days.

What seemed, in the excitement and promise of the new, as supremely do-able, might now appear to be too hard.

Sure you can let it go- just don’t come complaining to me at the next New Moon how nothing ever works out- or you can do the head down, bum up thing.

You can also do something that’s a compromise of the two…you can do a little tweaking.

When we start a project, quite often we have a draft budget, an idea of what the outcome should be looking like…then we begin to gather our information. As we know more about where we’re going and what we have to do to get there, we can fill in the gaps.

Your Moon intentions are no different.

You start in the dark with an idea of what your outcome will look like. Along the way, as the light comes in, you see more of the road ahead. It might be smooth, it might need grading, it might be full of obstacles, there could be a dirty great mountain in the middle. As you know more about it, you adapt your route or go another way.

Every half decent project manager knows that scope, milestones, cost and those “critical to quality” tasks we specify in formal project documents, are subject to change as information becomes known. Your goals are no different.

At this stage in the lunar cycle, there’s enough light on the road for you to see those obstacles. It’s completely up to you whether you doggedly keep going on the same path, find another way around, or turn back.

Either way, it’s your call.

Something about a round tummy…


Sunday December 15

Moon in Taurus

Moon into Gemini

I’ll keep this update quick. I’m off to lunch…again…today.

I’ve lost count how many this is, but don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m complaining. Oh no. I’m grateful that I have so many people I can catch up with and share news with and hear their news and their dreams and their wishes and hopes. And so many people I can eat with…

I joked yesterday that the closest I’ve got to training over the last couple of weeks has been the train into the city for lunch!

Besides which, the Moon is in Taurus still- for most of the day, for those of us in Aus- and Taurus rules the throat and all things wonderfully tasty that we put down it.

It’s a great time for kicking back, relaxing into the moment, and savouring, well, life. Having said that, if I’m not careful, I’ll be looking a little like the Buddha from my (current) favourite foodie place- Chinta Ria, in Darling Harbour.

Taurus Moon is also a good time for shopping, spending money, looking for value, looking for beautiful things, so, if you haven’t yet finished your Christmas shopping, you know what you should be doing!


Something about pausing…

Zodiac signs - Taurus

Friday 13 December

Moon in Taurus

Patience and I aren’t that friendly.

I don’t get that whole slowly slowly thing.

But, after a few days in Melbourne, and a month full of lunches- with more to come- it feels like a pause, a slowing is somehow a good thing to be doing right now.

Taurus Moon is good for that….the pausing part. It’s not so good for the food break part.  The things we do in the name of Christmas spirit.

Building in the background has been a supportive trine between Jupiter and Saturn. This is exact today.

What happens when the Great Malefic and the Great Benific join hands and forces?

Stuff gets done. Things get built. Business is expanded. Slowly. With patience. Piece by piece. Step by step. Your feet are on the ground, your mind is on practical concerns, but your vision is in the future, and you know what you need to do to move forward.

Because Jupiter is retrograde, this is also an opportunity to make adjustments to that vision…

Oh and yesterdays lunch? The one with all the Mars? Possibly the most fun I’ve had in….wow….a while…and that’s saying a lot- I enjoy most of my lunches. The three of us have a record of lunches like this, and good times like this. We drank, talked and laughed out loud for hours and hours- the three of us completely relaxed, yet each jostling for position to say the next outrageous thing.  It’s possibly a good thing that we don’t do it more than once a year.

As I said, it’s a Mars thing, and too much Mars is one of those things that’s best enjoyed in moderation.

Something about the Taurus Moon…


Monday 21 October

Moon in Taurus

Mercury Retrograde

Yesterday was a day of two halves.

I celebrated the Moon in Taurus, Mars opposite Neptune, and International Day of the Sloth very seriously in the morning. The day was hot, the pool beckoning, and the fridge full of leftovers from a family get together on Saturday night.

And then the Moon opposed Saturn.

My afternoon, contrast, was seriously head down, bum up productive.

Today will go either of two ways- as void of course Moons do.

You’ll either be filled with the need to do nothing at all… or the best of Taurean productivity.

The usual stay away from the fridge warnings apply- especially if you find yourself swallowing rather than speaking…procrastineating, I call it.

The Taurus Moon is a manifesting energy- not a starting energy- so go with that today and use it to cement a routine or habit already in place.

Speaking about going with rather than against energy, Mercury turns retrograde today. You know what you have to do…

Mercury turns direct on 9/11 at 2 Scorpio 50’