Something about beauty- and inspiration….


Monday, May 9, 2016

Moon in Gemini

Venus sextile Neptune

Sun conjunct Mercury

I have this theory that daydreaming was invented to give us a break from reality- and sometimes a break is all we need to recharge our emotional batteries and inspire creative thought.

And that’s what Venus sextile Neptune is- an opportunity to do just that. If you do nothing more with this transit than smell a flower, appreciate the beauty of nature, or really listen to a beautiful piece of music- even a lyric or two will do the trick- your imagination could be stimulated.

The danger is twofold:

  • Over-thinking it- something very possible when the Moon is in Gemini, or
  • Confusing a transitory moment or daydream with real-life- something less likely when the Sun and Mercury are both in Taurus.

Speaking of the Sun and Mercury- while today is a great day for making plans and reviewing old ones, because Mercury is still retrograde, it’s not so great for actually putting anything new and scary into practice. Refine your ideas some more.

Something about going where you don’t normally go…


Your Weekend Stars

Moon in Gemini

Mercury is now retrograde.

If you’re a Mercury type, you’ve probably been feeling it for the past week, as not only was Mercury slowing and preparing to turn retrograde, but was also in Pisces and sidling up close to Neptune.

Today, though, with the Moon in Gemini, you’re likely to really feel it- even if you’re the type who approaches Mercury retrogrades with a bit of a “whatever” attitude.

Why? Because Mercury rules Gemini, and when the Moon is in Gemini, all sorts of social interactions and methods of communication are heightened.

Now, before you all run screaming to bolt the door, this isn’t necessarily all bad. There is some fun to be had.

Sure, to make sure that your message isn’t garbled, you’ll have to be careful with what you say, but there’s also opportunities here to pay a little close attention to your dreams, thoughts, fantasies, and everything else that lives deep inside that most imaginative part of you.

Let yourself go with that a little, notice what it feels like, write it down, play with it a little, talk to someone about it, visualise it, pop it into a piece of art, but don’t take any of it (or yourself) too seriously.

Remember, Mercury retrograde is not the best time to be making binding decisions or wholesale changes. Instead, use your re words- refine, review, recalibrate, revisit, reacquaint…anything else could lead to remorse and regret…and we’re so not going there!

With the Moon in Gemini all weekend, enjoy the social interaction and the general busyness. If you do happen to get your wires crossed, so to speak, try to laugh it off…if that’s not possible, look for distraction- under the Gemini Moon, there’s usually plenty of that around.

Something about procrastinating, procrastineating, and ducks…


Tuesday 14 January

Moon in Gemini

Moon into Cancer

So, anyways, I was going to pop a post up yesterday, but then the duck thing happened…then I was going to pop a post up, but the power cord to my macbook snapped….then it was too late to pop one up so I thought I’d better get some work done instead, but I remembered that someone had told me about this really cool site that I figured I should have a look at…then I decided that I hadn’t emptied the photos out on my phone for aaaages, and if I wasn’t careful, I’d have no room for Routeburn Track photos (which incidentally is just 6 weeks away)…then…

You get the idea.

The Moon was void of course in Gemini for most of yesterday, and will be again until it moves into Cancer in about 5 hours time.

As we’ve said before, void of course Moons go one of two ways- purely of the sign, or deep into the chaos of that signs shadow. Which way your day ends up depends partly on being forewarned of this, partly on how well (or otherwise) you identify with the nature of that sign, and partly what aspects the Moon makes in your chart.

I went well and truly into scattered, can’t concentrate on one thing, procrastinating Gemini. It could have been worse- I could have also been fidget eating- or procrastineating, as I call it.

Yet others on the Facebook page commented about the productive nature of their Gemini tasks yesterday.


The Moon moves into Cancer, so first up there’ll be a trine through to Neptune. There’s not a lot I can say there that I don’t say every month, except, if you get in a fug and reach for comfort food, try and remain mindful of the portion sizes, better yet, attempt to move through whatever it is you’re feeling. Better yet, as well as feeling whatever it is you’re feeling, write it down. Get it out, then move through it. Far less damaging to your waist measurement.

Oh, you want to know about the duck thing?

Although I live in suburban Sydney, my neighbour has a large block. He had a large family of ducks nesting in there during the Spring. They’d feed each morning on the grass near my office window, making there duckie quickie noises. Now, it seems, he has another.

These parents only have two ducklings, and yesterday both fell through the fence and into our front yard- from where Mum & Dad couldn’t get them back. And next doors (bell-less) cat was stalking them. They’d taken refuge in the box hedge I have there.

I shooed the cat away, but then next doors dog scared the parents away. In the meantime, I’m scrabbling around to catch each duckling, popping them for safe keeping in a box. Mum and Dad were finally sighted in next doors pool and a happy reunion ensued.

That’s all…

Gotta have Faith…

Zodiac signs - Gemini

Tuesday December 17

Moon in Gemini

Full Moon at 25 Gemini 36’

Under the Gemini Moon your curiosity is aroused. Maybe. Your desire to know more stuff is heightened. Maybe.  Your thirst for information is stimulated. Maybe.

Or maybe you’re collecting data and asking questions as some sort of analysis paralysis. We do that. Instead of trusting the process and having faith in the future, we continue to ask questions, look for more supporting data, more answers…anything to put off the moment when we need to move forward… beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. Hmmmmm.

Or maybe you’ve not been asking enough questions, listening through the white noise to the snippets hidden beneath. You see, quite often we think we know it all- you know how it goes: been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Sagittarius, in particular, can fall into the mistake of knowing it all- and telling you that they know it all…perhaps they need the t-shirt as a reminder. It’s like my Aries daughter- she tends to look at the surface only and makes her judgement on a limited amount of information. Or, she’ll half listen to our conversation and then jump in with something completely random and unrelated.

Anyways, once we think we know it all, we can fall into preacher mode and make the mistake of not seeing the detail.

Wherever this falls in your chart is where you need to ask the questions, to listen through the white noise. Or, to know when to stop questioning and when to simply trust your instincts and flipping do it already.

Take me for example. I’ve been watching youtube videos trying to teach myself how to design an ebook cover using Photo Shop Elements (PSE, to those in the know). Yes, ebooks are coming- as are correspondence courses. Anyways, I’m pretty sure now I need to stop watching and listening, and start doing.

The thing is, moving outside what you know can be scary- that’s natural. The other thing is, Jupiter, the ruler of the Sagittarius Sun is still exchanging deep and meaningfuls with Saturn. See more on that here.

What does this mean? Quite simply that the structures that you need are in place and can be expanded…if you trust your instincts and flipping do it already.

Now, before you ask me what this means for you, have another read of my post, Anatomy of a Full Moon.

Remember, concentrate on your personal planets, Ascendant, Midheaven, and keep your orbs to no more than 2 degrees either way.

The rest of the story? I’ll leave that up to you…

Something about tossing around ideas


Wednesday 20 November

Moon in Gemini

So anyways, yesterday I got the team from Jo Tracey Astrology together for a brainstorming session. Ok, fine, the dog and I had a chat. Well, I talked to the dog- she didn’t talk back, but she did look interested and wag her tail a bit.

I’m trying to determine what goals to set for next year- how my teaching will work, how my writing will work, how my client readings will work. How do I draw a line between “office” time and family time? How do I value my work appropriately? How much time do I spend on activities where there is no immediate return? What priority to I give to each income source?

It’s a tough one. I’ve been doing small classes on skype- which I love- but I can only work one night a week and I would like to do more. Do I take the risk and hire a room for weekend workshops? Do I offer more sessions during the week on skype at hours that may suit the Northern Hemisphere? Do I pre-record sessions and make the content available as correspondence learning? Do I pitch to the local community college and use their resources? Do I partner with someone? Could I commit to and manage a partnership?

And what about my writing? How do I make the balance between fiction, non- fiction and feature articles work? Fiction is my first love, but it’s also the slowest to get happening, has the poorest return for time investment and is, quite frankly, the road to heart break. I’m also trying to break into the travel writing market- but how much time do I invest here too?

Then, of course, there’s the brand development work- my media, my social media, my blogging…all of the stuff that brings no immediate return for the investment of time, but is both enjoyable and essential.

I’m not so worried about the disparities in what I do- the astrology and the mainstream- that sits quite comfortably on my shoulders. It’s more about managing each and growing the income.

I don’t have the answers yet. Nor does my dog. But that’s ok, the Gemini Moon is the time to explore the options, get the information in, join it together…it’s not necessarily the time to make decisions.

I haven’t been one to make concrete goals in the past- we’ve talked about my Saturn and its relative strength (that’s a laugh) before. But, if I’m solely responsible for my own resourcing, that has to change. I also have to be clear about my mission statement and purpose- and clarity is also not one of my strong points- we’ve talked about my Neptunian tendencies in the past too…

The Gemini Moon is a great time to do stuff like this, toss ideas around, talk about them, brain storm them, take other suggestions on board, talk about them too.

With Mercury still in Scorpio, and still retracing ground he’s previously covered, its’ a great time to think about these things and take them deeper and further than you did before.

Don’t try and fine-tune your plans yet- wait until the Moon is in Virgo before you do that. I’ll be using the Capricorn Moon next month to get serious about documenting them…which brings me to another germ of an idea that I’ve had whirring around me head…but more on that one later…

Something about something to think about…


Tuesday 19 November

Moon in Gemini

There’s this organisation in Melbourne called The Wheeler Centre. Its purpose is simple:

Books. Writing. Ideas.

Nothing is off the agenda.

They podcast* most of their sessions- which is fortunate given that, not only are they in Melbourne, but most sessions are sold quickly. They feature journalists, authors- of both fiction and non fiction, opinion makers, commentators…you name it.

Why am I telling you this? Quite simply because the Moon is in Gemini, and one of the best ways to make use of this energy is to gather information and ideas…so why not cast your net a little wider to normal?

Instead of reading just the front page news, delve deeper and read a section that you mightn’t normally read. Instead of listening to music on your morning commute, why not try a podcast about something that you know absolutely nothing about?

Today, Mercury, the ruler of this Gemini Moon, is conjunct the North Node. The North Node is all about path forward sort of stuff. It’s usually pointing towards something that’s not that easy, but is necessary, the difficult choices we have to make to continue to expand and grow.

In Scorpio the North Node is also about risking intimacy and reducing our reliance on money and material security…but that’s a wider background story….and one that I’m trying to tune into as both Mercury and teh North Node are currently conjunct my South Node.

For today, the message is more about future direction being found under the surface, under the covers, buried under something else, perhaps. This isn’t a case of information for informations sake, but rather information for a future concrete purpose. Same same but different.

The fear that stops you learning something new, or learning about something that makes you feel uncomfortable could just be the same thing that’s holding you back.

Something to think about? Talk about? I’ll leave you with that.

*If you’re interested in the Wheeler Centre podcasts, they’re available for free on itunes- just search in the itunes store.

Something about juggling the balls in the air…


Monday 18 November

Moon into Gemini

Did you get a glimpse of the Full Moon last night?

Here in Sydney, I didn’t. The rain was coming down too hard. Not that that’s a bad thing- we need a good soaking.

As the Moon moves into Gemini, the mood lightens- so does the conversation.

On Gemini Moon days I often de-camp to a local coffee shop to work- I find that I work better with the white noise of people and bustling and conversation in the the background.

I listen to music and podcasts, and connections and inspiration comes more easily through apparently random pieces of data and mind maps than through quiet observation.

For these few days of the month, my mind tries to juggle more, multi task more, skip more quickly through the information of the day- with varying levels of success…I have no Air in my chart, so this energy is one that’s unfamiliar to me. It challenges me, and because it challenges me, I have the potential to get so much more than usual done. Why? Because the Moon in Gemini is square all my Pisces planets- and when it comes to squares, you either work though the challenge and potential provided, or you don’t.

My message is, today you will produce more and achieve more if you have more than one thing on your plate.

Oh, one last thing for today- when the Moon is in Gemini, add more time than you think that you’ll need in business meetings…there’ll be more to talk about than you’d think.

Something about the mixing of messages…


Tuesday 22 October

Moon in Gemini

Here in Sydney, the topic of discussion is the bushfires just west of the city and blanketing us with a thick layer of smoke.

These bushfires, now being talked about as the most severe in over 50 years, are expected to join up either today or tomorrow to make one humungous fire front.

This is all as we are sweltering through an October that will probably join July, September, January and, I think March as being the hottest since records began.

There’s a lot more I could talk about here, but as I like to keep this as positive as possible, and as political free as possible, I’ll stick to sending out healing wishes to those in the Blue Mountains (and elsewhere) who have lost property, stay safe messages to those whose homes and lives are currently under threat, and messages of gratitude to all who are on the frontline of this fire. I’ve also got the loudspeaker out to get a message up to the rain gods.

This isn’t entirely un-related to astrology, or indeed, todays astrology.

Today, the message is all about, well, messages.

The Moon in Gemini is all about communication- taking little pieces of information from here, and joining it to a little piece of information there. If we were to map it, the result would be a web of lines and seemingly random subjects, yet somehow, all of this rambling activity produces the pieces in the jigsaw that you’re putting together.

When the Moon is in Gemini, we hear snippets, we collect data, we listen, we talk, we read. Today, though, is the first day of Mercury retrograde. Also, the first aspect the Moon will make in Gemini is a square to Neptune.

Moon square Neptune adds a Piscean element to this Gemini Moon and, given that Mercury retrograde is already very like Mercury in Pisces, any messages today may be muddled.

How do you deal with this? Slow down. Yes. Which brings me to the next aspect of this Gemini Moon- the square with Mars. (And yes, all you eagle eyed astro peeps, this does turn it into a t square).

The thing is, Gemini is driven to collect information- lots of it- and when you have to hang around and make sure that what you’ve heard (or said) has been understood, well, that has an opportunity cost…right? Sure- but the alternative is delusion and misrepresentation.

Taking a little extra time now will avoid the one re word that really annoys me about Mercury retrograde- re-work.

I’m doing what (I think) will be the last in this round of radio interviews- with a Perth FM station. Let’s just say that I’ll be trying to remember to choose my words carefully…