Jupiter transits through the houses: Part 2

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A note: The links to the posts in this, well, post were written back in 2010- when Jupiter was in Pisces. Read the information and take no notice of anything that mentions Jupiter in Pisces- and please don’t write to me informing me that Jupiter is in Libra right now, not Pisces.

Yesterday we talked about the cardinal houses- the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th. Today it’s the turn of the suceedent houses. What can you expect when Jupiter goes through your 2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th house?

Just to recap from Toolbox no. 4, if angular houses are associated with initiation, the houses beside them- anticlockwise as we go around the chart- are associated with resources. More specifically the resources associated with the house that came before. It’s not just the resources you need, but how you consolidate them, control them, administer them, and organise them and, even, enjoy them.

We call these houses succedent houses.

It all makes perfect common sense when you think about it:

If the 1st is about self, the 2nd house is about what you need to survive, to develop yourself further, and to feel secure…and your attitude to these resources. It’s the money you earn, how you earn it, what you do with it, how you accumulate it, and your attitude to both it and the things you spend it on. It’s your self-esteem, the things you find value and beauty in. It’s also how you replenish your resources- both material, and energetic. Questions such as how much is enough come up in regard to 2nd house issues. It’s a question that’s very pertinent while Jupiter is transiting this part of your chart. Not only can Jupiter help bring more of what you value into your life, you need to be careful about how you manage it as well.

Don’t just consider physical possessions and money- also look at the more non-quantifiable values you hold dear. If there’s something that you want in the future, changes that you make to managing your resources now can help you get there.

The link to the post is here.

The 4th house is about home, family, your history, your roots, your emotional security and safe place. The 5th house is what you bring to the home, your creativity, the family you create, your needs regarding self-expression, the very necessary play-time…and your attitude to these things. It’s also your attitude to how you risk that inner emotional security. As an aside, sex is also associated with the 5th- it’s to do with risk, fun and play. Is there any more interesting way of risking your emotional security? The 5th is where we fall in love and while Jupiter is in the 5th, somehow there seems to be more opportunities for more of all of this. It’s not just falling in love for the sake of falling in love though- it’s falling in love to widen your perspective of the world- to help you gain new experience. The same goes with your creativity- which could be bubbling over. Again, don’t take a narrow view of creativity- Jupiter transits encourage a wider expanse of creative options. And children- they may come into your life: your kids, other people’s kids, your creative babies, your business babies…all about making your experiences richer. The warning? Don’t take unnecessary risks or investment opportunities that appear too good to be true. Remember- Jupiter provides the opportunities, but doesn’t guarantee either success or to be hanging around to catch you if you fall…that’s all up to you.

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The 7th house is about relationship and other people, the 8th house becomes about the resources of the relationship, what the relationship needs to survive…and, through sex, the fruits or rewards of the partnership (insert another winky emoticon here). It’s also about other people’s resources- debts, inheritances. It’s also how we protect and grow these resources through insurances, investments etc. Again questions of abundance come up, but they’re more in relation to what the partnership needs to feel secure.

Whether or not an inheritance is involved, the benefits and opportunities from this transit are from other people’s resources. Again, though, potential mis-management could bring you undone so don’t count chickens before they hatch, and take care not to borrow more than you can afford- even if the bank is prepared to lend it to you. Oh, and deep-rooted spiritual healing- that could be big right now.

The link to the post is here.

The 10th house is about you in the public world, at work, under the spotlight. In the 11th house you take this further, you form groups, you envision dreams and consolidate goals- and your attitude to all that. You continue with what was started in the 10th and enjoy the rewards of your 10th house efforts. You meet the people who can help you with your ambition. You also meet those with whom you share a social connection- something that is also necessary for survival. The 11th house is also promotions, recognition and bonuses that come from your employer. Why? If your employer is the 10th house, their resources are the 11th house.

When Jupiter is transiting this part of your chart expect to see your friendship and network circles widen- possibly to include people from different cultures, places and persuasions. It’s all about widening your perspective. You know that saying about people coming into your life for a season or a reason? Yep, that. The people that come into your life could bring with them opportunities to make your wishes, hopes and dreams come true. Speaking of which, your dreams could be huge. The warning? Be careful what you wish for- you might just get it.

the link to the post is here.

For Richer or For Poorer- Jupiter Transits of the 8th House

(Pic from www.dreamstime.com)
(Pic from www.dreamstime.com)

I studied Economics at University, which is an interesting choice for someone with as much Pisces as I have and for someone who always wanted to be a writer…I think I have mentioned before that I am not great at decisions or goals.

Anyway, one of the only macro-economic principles that I grasped with any sort of passion is the concept that you can spend your way out of a depression. I am sure that Keynes (or whoever it was, I have forgotten the detail, maybe Friedman? All I remember is that nasty thick pink textbook…) was actually thinking about, well, macro economies rather than my emotional state when he first invented the theory, but it does fit.

Unfortunately, though, the theory, regardless of whether you are looking to rescue an entire economy or simply feel better after a crappy day, assumes venturing into the territory of other peoples money, ie the 8th house.

Traditionally the 8th house is about debts, inheritances, other peoples resources. When Jupiter comes through this part of your chart, it is these issues which will be highlighted. Perhaps you may get an inheritance, perhaps you may go into more debt. With Jupiter opportunities abound- good and bad- and things expand quickly and easily- again- with both good and bad results! If you currently have an unaddressed 8th house issue, it may get a whole lot worse quickly.

A Jupiter 8th house transit is a good time to use joint resources to pursue an opportunity. You may have formed a partnership when Jupiter was in the 7th, now might be the time to pool joint resources to purchase a property or invest in a business. Now is the time to put that business plan together and approach a Bank for finance- you probably will be successful in your application.

As with all Jupiter transits you do need to ensure that over confidence doesn’t cloud your judgement- a successful application for finance does not necessarily mean that the venture will be successful- the funds will need to be repaid at some point.

Transits of the 8th house will also impact the 2nd, 5th and 11th houses- and speaking literally, any change (either positive or negative) to your finances from 8th house sources will also change your 2nd house possessions and resources (and relative stress levels), and your ability to play with friends…so to speak.

The 8th house is associated with Scorpio and therefore with life changing and transformative events. It is also about death. Some astrologers associate sex with the 8th as well- la petite mort, perhaps? Personally I see sex as a 5th house activity, but you may have another opinion… So, during an 8th house transit you might start to look deeply into Scorpio or Pluto type things- eg really deep, spiritual, meaning of life and death issues- possibly even the occult or other spiritual practices.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Leo, Jupiter will be transiting your 8th house while he is in Pisces– and really, is there any other sign who can spend their way out of depression with quite as much style? Mr Keynes (or was it Friedman?) would be impressed.