something about letting things go…


Someone in my life is lying to me at the moment- and no, before you make assumptions, it’s not my husband.

You’d think that all of my Pisces and Neptune would have a habit of not normally noticing these things. Indeed, often I don’t- notice, that is- except for when it’s someone I’m close to… then my instincts are finely tuned. And this person has done it before to me- so this time my instincts are screaming at me.

Sure I have a habit of forgiving people who do crap like this, but lying, especially when it is needless (as it is in this instance) sends me into a tail spin. And I hate people treating me as if I’m stupid- especially people who should know better.

So I did what I usually do in these circumstances- I gathered my evidence, and then I cast a horary.

Generally speaking, in a question of trust, we look at the nature of the significator and any receptions between that and the querent. The ruler of the significator (Lord 11th house) Mercury, is in a mutable, double bodied sign, Pisces.

When ill dignified, Mercury is described as a liar, a gossip and a cheat. Mercury is about as badly dignified as it’s possible to be. Ouch.

Without going into too much more detail (this isn’t a “how to” post), indications are that my friend is not being honest with me- although I have no idea why.

The thing is, I’ve felt that this friendship has been slipping away lately, and I have no idea how to fight for it, or indeed if I should. It hurts…a lot. It’s almost like our time is done. I don’t want this to be the case, I hope I’m wrong, but it’s what I’m feeling- and, as I said, it hurts.

This Mercury Retrograde has brought some amazing moments of emotional and creative clarity. It’s also brought the realisation that it’s time to let go of some other stuff- other attachments and dreams that simply no longer do me any good.  I’m not going into the specifics of that here.

The thing is, under the influence of Pisces and Neptune, the letting go is just that, a slipping away rather than a wrenching. Similar to letting go of balloons and watching them soar into the sky, out of grasp.

With Saturn in Scorpio and trine my Pisces planets, the elimination process seems somehow more gentle. That doesn’t make it any less painful, because it’s not- and on this occasion, it’s made worse by dishonesty.

As for those other things I’ve let go of? They’ve gone. I watched them as I let them go- until they were just specks in the sky and then…nothing.


I think I love you….


So it’s Valentines Day.

I know it’s a travesty to my Pisces-ness, but I’ve never, and I mean never, done Valentines Day. Perhaps it’s my Venus in Aries. Perhaps it’s my 7th house Uranus.

In every other way I consider myself a romantic- I write romance!

A couple of years ago I was in New York with a friend over Valentines Day. My friend wanted to go up the Empire State Building on Valentines Night. I didn’t want to queue. I don’t do queuing either. Instead we went up on the night of the 13th, which was Valentines Day In Sydney anyway.

Honestly it was so freezing up there that if I was Meg Ryan, there’s no way I would have waited any longer than I had to for Tom Hanks.

Anyways, Valentines Day turns the mind to relationship.  Are we meant to be together for, like, ever?

The thing is, relationship is complex. It isn’t just a matter of Sun sign compatibility, it’s so much more than that. It’s how we react emotionally to each other, how we communicate, what each of us needs from relationships and how we are in the bedroom.

More than that, it’s how our charts interact and combine. It’s complex.

Some of you like challenge in our relationships and are drawn to partners whose planets aspect ours by square or opposition. Some of you need harmony and a relationship that settles into something inherently easy. These people would be needing their partners chart to seamlessly aspect theirs.

Some of you are drawn to the unattainable, the unavailable, the “unsuitable”. Some of you are drawn to the missing elements in our own chart. Some of you are drawn to your opposites.

There are some relationships where the charts compared against each other would be either ho hum or short term in nature, but that when combined are long term and stable.

So, how do you know if you’re meant to be together? If you’ll hook up? If he likes you as much as you like him? A chart comparison won’t show you that. A chart comparison will only show you the potential if that relationship ever comes to pass. Incredible synastry between your chart and George Clooney’s chart means nothing unless you’re actually in a relationship.

Horary is a good quick answer- and can be scarily accurate…but before you ask, I don’t do relationship horary. I refuse to. Why? Horary is supposed to be question and answer. Short, simple, no nonsense. In my experience, relationship horary questions are rarely simple, and the answer is rarely the answer you want to hear. This leads to questions and more questions and what ifs. My Venus in Aries has moved on already.

I will however, do a post on it later this week so you can muck around with it yourself. Also, if you are keen on having a relationship horary done, email me and I’ll refer you to someone.

So, it’s Valentines Day, and you are fortunate enough to have a significant other, or a significant other in mind, and you want to know if 2 + 2 equals something magical?

Check out this post for a quick and easy pointer to how you two combine. You don’t need birth times, just a birth date. If you need to cast a chart for your other half, you can do it for free at

Remember, keep an open mind on this- challenging aspects bring with them spark and interest, and encourage growth. If it was all hearts and flowers it would be as boring as batshit.

Ask AstroJo: Traditionally Yours

Mooloolaba Beach at sunrise
Mooloolaba Beach at sunrise

I’ve been on a family holiday/roadtrip to the Sunshine Coast. Along the way I had some connectivity issues which, whilst convenient for me, meant that I haven’t posted on here for simply ages. Here’s one I prepared earlier…I’ll post more astro later today (& maybe some travel stuff as well) after I finish emptying suitcases into washing machines. Oh, and thanks to those readers who asked these particular questions! Keep ’em coming.

Sometimes you talk about Traditional Astrology. What do you mean by that?

Traditional astrology is the craft as practised hundreds, ok thousands, of years ago. It uses techniques as taught back then.

Traditionally people weren’t interested in things like relationship astrology, or what their Aries boss was like or whether you had control issues as a result of all the Pluto in your chart. Traditionally, Pluto didn’t exist- the Universe existed only to Saturns boundary. No asteroids, no Chiron, no Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Life spans were shorter and priorities were very different and seriously, if you were feeling unfulfilled at work, well, it was a 14th century case of buy some cement and harden the flip up.

Medical practitioners studied astrology, and for most of the population, astrology was useful really only for what we now now as “electional” ie pick a time, and “horary”, single question purposes.

The aspects were as expressed by Ptolemy (this dude who lived forever ago) and were simple: conjunction, square, opposition, sextile, trine.

Fixed stars and calculated points or “arabic parts” (such as the part of Fortune, the part of Misery, the part of Spirit, the part of Barley) were used widely.

These days most astrologers use a combination of modern and traditional techniques. By default, as soon as you start looking at personality profiles and psychological astrology, you are in modern territory. Some stick purely to the traditional, while others bring in every asteroid or moving part in the Universe and every possible aspect.

Ultimately, it is what suits you.

Personally, I like a mix of both- traditional, with some modern. I tend not to use asteroids (but that isn’t to say I won’t get into that in the future) mainly because I don’t like to complicate things and I really haven’t spent much time learning about them. Having said that, they illustrate a chart beautifully and absolutely have a place. I especially like to see the impact of Lilith and find Ceres fascinating when it comes to looking at eating disorders and weight issues- but that is just something I am playing around with at present.

I also follow other traditional “rules” such as I consider only same sign aspects. As an example, I have the Moon at 27 Pisces, and Saturn at 1 Aries. Many astrologers would consider that conjunct. I don’t. To me, there is no aspect at all. The possibility of my Moon to make as aspect with Saturn ceases at the border of Pisces. Same sign only. But, that is my opinion.

Do you use traditional and modern rulers when you are writing an article of in one of the FAA exams?

FAA is the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

It depends on the topic. When I did the electional and horary questions in the advanced paper I stuck only to the traditional planets and traditional rulers.  Traditional astrology questions = traditional rulers.

When it comes to more modern topics ie relationship astrology, personalities etc I use both- as I believe both have a role to play. I don’t think you can understand Pisces from a personality viewpoint without considering the nature of both rulers- and the same applies to Scorpio and Aquarius.

When I was doing the exams, I kept it consistent and also “worded in” that I was using both. Oh, and yes, I passed 🙂

How close to the cusp in your natal chart do you read for the planet being in the next sign? What about house cusps?

I don’t. At all. When it comes to planets they are either in a sign or they aren’t. The first degree and last degree seem to have a huge amount of whatever that signs energy is, so enjoy it.

Eg if you have your Moon at 29 Pisces 36’, it is a Pisces Moon and shouldn’t be “read” into Aries…assuming your birth time is correct, that is (as an aside, any time you have a Moon within 5 degrees of a sign (ie 0-5 or 25-29 degrees) make sure that the birth time you are using is reliable.

Now, to house cusps…this one is a tad trickier to answer.

If you read any of John Frawleys’ Real Astrology texts, if a planet is in the same sign as the house cusp and within 5 degrees of that house cusp, he “reads” the planet as being in that house. Eg say the cusp of the Midheaven (or 10th house) is 10 Taurus and Venus is at 7 Taurus, you would “read” that Venus as being in the 10th house.

Other astrologers may argue with me (and that is fine), but I only apply this logic when I am working with horary, electional or other traditional techniques. I do not apply this to natal charts. In a natal chart, that Venus at 7 degrees is a 9th house Venus- in my humble opinion.

This is what has worked for me. Again, though, be consistent and listen to what resonates with you.

Horary: Will I Get The Job?

Chart cast using Solarfire
Chart cast using Solarfire

Ok, we haven’t done a horary question on the blog for a while, so non Astro peeps, this is probably your cue to yawn loudly and turn away in boredom…

My friend (and yes, I have her ok to use this) is applying for a role that she is pretty sure that she wants. She is, however, already in a job so doesn’t want to waste too much effort on interviewing for something that she is unlikely to get and isn’t even entirely sure that she wants.

The chart is above. The first thing you might notice is that the outer planets are not listed- horary techniques do not use Uranus, Neptune or Pluto…and heaven forbid any of the asteroids would come into the picture. This is a quick, traditional technique- and those planets weren’t known at that time.

Secondly, I have cast the chart using the Regiomontanus house system. Why? Because John Frawley told me so, and William Lilly told him (well, metaphorically given that I have never met John Frawley and given that William Lilly has been dead for like ever, John Frawley has never physically met him either).

So, the main points.

The person asking the question (the quesitor) is Lord 1, ie the planet ruling the Ascendant. As the Ascendant is Cancer (incidentally my clients Sun sign), Lord 1 is represented by the Moon, which is in Capricorn. As an aside her natal Moon is also in Capricorn.

The job is represented by Lord 10, ie the planet ruling the 10th house. As the 10th house is represented by Taurus, Lord 10 is Venus. Given that Venus is in rulership in Taurus and is next to Jupiter, this job is very good!

To see if she will get the job I look for an applying aspect between the Moon (Lord 1) and Venus (Lord 10). If there is an aspect, she will get the job (all other things being equal).

The nature of the aspect will tell us how difficult the process will be. In horary we look only at the ptolomeic aspects ie conjunction, square, opposition, trine and sextile.

In this case there is an applying aspect, and it is a trine. She will get the job easily.

Taking this one step further, Venus in Taurus exalts the Moon, they want her…a lot (she tends to be quite highly sought after in her industry). The job likes my client- normally “the job” doesn’t care who does it. (You may find similar dignity in charts where the quesitor has been head-hunted or “encouraged” to apply for the role).

The Moon in Capricorn, however, is in the sign of its detriment. Not happy at all where she currently is- or at least ho humming along.

We look to the 7th for rivals. Aside from representing partnerships, the 7th is also “open” or declared enemies. Any competitor falls into this definition. If Lord 7 (Saturn in this case) also aspects Lord 10 and will perfect the aspect before my client, they will get the role. In this case Saturn makes no aspect to Venus. There is no serious competition.

What else?

Lord 11 shows the proceeds of the job, the pay. In this case, that is Mercury which is, as we know, retrograde. The money is not great, in fact she would take a small decrease initially, but there is a lot of prestige and huge exposure.

Frawley also comments that the North Node or a strongly dignified planet in the 10th will be associated with fortune in 10th house matters. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct very close to the 10th house cusp, and Venus is in rulership. Need I say more?

Actually yes, if she does get the job before Mercury turns direct, she needs to check, recheck and check again the terms of whatever contract she is offered before signing.

The usual credit goes to the work of John Frawley and his wonderful books…If you are interested in Horary, grab at least “The Horary Textbook”, or “The Real Astrology.” Wanna have a go yourself? (astrodienst- I haven’t put the full link here as it automatically picks up all my saved charts) can be used for free. The details entered should be for the moment the question is clear in your head and make sure you select Regiomontanus under the House System.

To be or not to be… and other questions….


We all want to know stuff. Am I right or am I right? Sometimes we want to know stuff before the Universe thinks we are ready to know it. Sometimes we want to know it so we can control it. Sometimes we want to know it because it gives power over someone else. Sometimes we want to know just because we want to know.

When we want to know what we want to know, when we want to know it, we can ask the Magic 8 ball or we can cast a chart- a horary chart, that is.

More reliable than the Magic 8 ball (yes, really), horary has been practiced for hundreds of years and was traditionally the way astrologers operated way back when they didn’t have Solarfire or Astro Gold on their iphones. Back when astrological consultations were quick and simple affairs, when counselling wasn’t required and the emotional reasons behind a decision or a finding didn’t need to be explored to the nth degree.

The master back in those days was William Lilly. But if you want to learn more about this technique now, grab yourself one of John Frawley’s books- The Horary Textbook is my personal favourite, although Sports Astrology has been invaluable when engaging in the fine and ancient art of footy tipping. You can order his books through the website.

In fact it is from The Horary Textbook that this definition comes from:

“Horary is the art of drawing specific answers to specific questions from an astrological chart set for the time the question is asked. It is quick, simple and effective, providing concrete verifiable answers.”

What sort of questions? Make them specific:

Will I get the job?

Should I stay where I am or go?

How does he feel about me?

Will he leave his wife (do I really need a chart for that???)

Will we hook up?

When will I get paid?

Will I lose my job?

When will I lose my job?

There is no ambivalence. The answer is the answer and unless the querent (the technical word for the person asking the question) is prepared to ask a clear question and accept the answer, it is probably not worth doing.

The most popular questions these days are around love, money and career. Most of us don’t trust the signals we receive (or is that just me) and might need to ask the question about the object of our affection.

The most common problem querents (there is that word again) have with horary is its’ simplicity. There is no room for emotion of what if ‘s or buts or he saids. He is into you or he isn’t.

I stuffed up at work today- does my boss still like me? Nope, he is pretty pissed with you at the moment.

I am in love with this guy at work, how does he feel about me? Actually, he isn’t really into you from a shag viewpoint, but sees you as a friend.

Will he and I get together? Why didn’t you ask that question first?

Will the guy at work and I hook up? Both significators are conjunct each other- are you sure you are not already sleeping together?

Get the idea?

Over the last week or so I have had cause to cast a few horaries for different people- a couple job related, a couple relationship orientated, one for a lost item (where did I leave my ipod?) and one frustration related (he said he would ring by 10- where is he?). I have previously cast them for luggage left in Sydney when I was in Melbourne (when would it arrive? The answer made me rush out to Myer to buy a change of undies for the next day). I cast one for the most recent Australian election & the AFL Grand Final. I have cast numerous to find out whether my team or my friends team or my husbands team or my bosses team would win the football that weekend. I even cast a chart when the server went missing between Adelaide and Brisbane. Check out the horary category for some examples.

But for now, I need to tell hubby that I have to go to Brisbane again…the question? Will he be pissed off? The answer…hmmmm now is a good a time as any- the Moon is in Leo, he is pretty ambivalent.