Something about planning ahead…

Moon Taurus james steidl

So anyways, it’s Monday. Again. The start of a new week. I like new starts, and each week we’re provided with one. Each month we’re provided with one. Each day, we’re provided with one.

Today, though, for this week’s new start, you could be finding that you have a few problems getting, well, started. Especially if you’re waking up right now-ish here in Aus, with the Moon just a few minutes away from being in Taurus.

Taurus is one of those signs where if you’re already moving, you’re at an advantage- you tend to just keep going. But actually getting started? Different story.

If this is you today, stick to routine- as far as possible.

Taurus is also one of those signs that bring with it, if you’re a Lunar type, a high risk of comfort eating.

This is partly because of that difficulty getting going- it can be far easier to reach for the, well, easier option- but it’s also because Taurus rules the throat- and that is important for two reasons:

  • It can be where the words get stuck. Rather than saying something out loud and having to deal with the consequences, it can seem far easier to swallow them…along with something yummy and comforting.
  • Taurus is about the senses- all of them. How food looks, tastes, feels, sounds…I’m sure I’ve missed one, but you get the idea. When you’re after something that’s going to satisfy your senses, in most cases, a bag of lettuce isn’t going to cut it. Just saying.

How to get around this?

Taurus is also about quality, so if you are going to indulge do so with intention, do it meaningfully, do it without guilt and do it with the best quality option you can.

I spent a little time yesterday afternoon preparing some spice pastes and snacks for the next few days. Why? Because I know that I wouldn’t feel like cooking from scratch tonight- that I’d go for the easy option after what I think will probably be a busy day.

I know myself well enough that I won’t be satisfied with something pre-made or “leftover”- I never am when it comes to eating for comfort. But with a curry base in the fridge- one that I know exactly what went into, that I took my time making- some veg, some protein, and some cauliflower that I’ll convince myself is really rice- I have the makings of a meal that can be put together easily, but taste as if it’s quite indulgent.


Something about getting there- one way or another…


Friday 25 October

Moon in Cancer

I’m running on just a few hours sleep this morning, so forgive me if I ramble.

You see, last night I went to the One Direction Concert here in Sydney. Actually, that’s not strictly true- my 15 year old daughter went to One Direction. We had a dinner in a neighbouring suburb, finally jagged a carpark a million miles from the stadium and then walked down and waited for her.

Now here’s the good bit (if you’re partial to a little 1D action) or not so good bit (if you’re not), the music outside the stadium was as clear as a bell- without the screaming that was happening inside.

And, because they were still playing half an hour after the advertised finish time, there were plenty of Mums and Dads hanging around to listen.

Now, I have to admit to singing along from time to time- I’m a real sucker for a catchy pop tune…the daggier the better- so bopped along to my personal fave…Blondie’s One Way or Another. I even reached for the fake microphone to serenade my husband in the solo part of You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful (he was underwhelmed), and did a little elbow dance at One Thing. Don’t know what the elbow dance is? You obviously don’t watch enough OneD clips.

After battling the post anything traffic snarls that exist around Olympic Park, it was way too late (for a school night) when we got home- then it was another few hours before the ear worm would allow me to sleep… let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the Sun, I know we’ve only met, but let’s pretend it’s love…

The things we do for our kids, hey?

Speaking of which, the Moon is in Cancer, and Cancer is all about feelings, and the things that we grow, protect and look after- the fruits of our metaphorical loins, so to speak.

When the Moon is in Cancer, moods tend to run a little higher than normal. We’re hurt more easily, we see slights where none are intended, we might even sit around in our shell fantasising about the things that we should have said, would have said, could have said.

The other thing that tends to happen is we comfort eat- well, many of us do.

Yesterday afternoon, just as the Moon moved into Cancer, I found myself with a real fang on- wanting to eat everything in sight. More specifically, I found myself craving sugar- and I don’t eat the stuff.

Thankfully, my diet disaster was limited to a few too many cruskits with plastic cheese, but if there’d been chocolate at hand, I would have gone there.

The Cancer Moon is good for many things, but diet and exercise are not two of them. Having said that, if you do find yourself aimlessly reaching for the chocolate, or something with way too much cream and sugar at this time of the month, ask yourself what you’re feeling. More importantly, ask yourself what part of you is feeling empty- what are the holes that you’re attempting to fill?

Then move.

Yes, I know I just said that the Cancer Moon isn’t great for exercise, but if you force yourself to do something, it might just lift your mood- at the very least it will shift your mood… This just might distract you for long enough to stay away from the fridge…or the packet of tim tams that your husband snuck in the other night and you know is being hidden on the bottom shelf behind the egg cartons…just saying…

Something about lying down until the feeling passes…

Moon Taurus james steidl

Monday 26 August

Moon in Taurus

My mother has this saying that if she feels the urge to exercise, she lies down until the feeling passes- as it means that she must be ill.

I tell you that tongue in cheek as my Mum is still the same weight as the day she got married, and is one of those people who have never had to diet- although she tells me that once, after she had me, she “ballooned” up to 9 stone…

Anyways, today could be a little like that.

Mercury is about to oppose Neptune.

Although Mercury is super strong in Virgo, Neptune is super strong in Pisces- and Neptune is there for the long run.

Today, especially if you are the Mercurial type, thoughts and solutions might seem to slip from your grasp, and rational thinking might be a forlorn hope. In fact today you might just be thinking that Mercury has gone retrograde again and someone forgot to tell you.

In any case, the Moon is in Taurus, so you would be forgiven for lying down until the feeling passes.

While on the subject, Moon in Taurus brings with it the usual stay away from the fridge warnings. With Neptune affecting your ability to make considered judgment and choice and impacting your ability to express yourself clearly, this warning is even more appropriate this month.

What to do? Not a lot. Taurus Moon encourages mindfulness and all that living in the moment stuff. So I’d be doing just that, if possible, today.

Something about procrastineating and fundamental changes…

Moon Taurus james steidl

Tuesday July 2

Moon in Taurus

As I write, the Moon is poised to enter Taurus, the sign she is exalted in.

I prattle on every month about the things that are great under the Taurus Moon, and the things that are a little more challenging.

The one thing I say every month at this time is:

put down the chocolate and step away from the fridge.

Today, and tomorrow, with the number of planets in Cancer at present- in particular Jupiter, who is still in the throes of newness- this impulse will be stronger than at most other Taurus Moons.

Some of you don’t get this- that’s fine…it’s the lunar types that will be more tempted.

One thing the Taurus Moon is good for is holding strong and firm to the goal. So, if your goal is to avoid the chocolate and step away from the fridge, weirdly, this is actually a good day to do just that!

The lingering effects of yesterdays Venus/Saturn square will help.

If you do feel the need to indulge, do it in a Taurus way. Buy (or make- after all, the Sun is in Cancer) the very best quality whatever it is you crave that you can. It might be a very small slice of a very good cake, or a square of very expensive chocolate. Whatever it is, make it great.

Then enjoy it. Savour it. With every bite, with every one of your senses, with absolutely no guilt to pollute the experience.

If, like me, you’re on deadlines and tend to procrastineat and measure word count with kilos gained, clean the fridge out of anything remotely distracting or tempting.

I’m also turning the internet off- at least for a few hours- as soon as I get these posts up.  That’s another thing the Taurus Moon is good for getting on with things, keeping to routine, head down bum up…so to speak.

The star aspect of today is Sun opposite Pluto.

Again, this is a short lived transit, but one that can bring some intensity and conflict with it- especially if you have planets at 10 degrees of the cardinal signs.

The textbooks will tell you that this is a time where you might attract these things, so, if you do have planets at these points, take due care.

It’s not all bad and frightening. Sun/Pluto oppositions also can be times when a lot is achieved. And when I say “a lot”, I mean “a lot.”

When I say achieved, I mean of a future nature. We’re talking about sweeping change, and fundamental nature, and…well, you get the idea.

Best be off- words to wrangle, deadlines to meet!


Symbalon cards...
Symbalon cards...

The Moon is in Taurus- great for relaxing, letting go and feeling at one with your body and the earth. The Moon in Taurus is also great for consolidating something that needs to be, well, consolidated.

What it’s not great for is digging in your heels over things that actually don’t require your heels to be dug in quite so firmly.

The Taurus Moon is also notorious for comfort eating- especially if you have something to say that can’t be said or something to do that you haven’t quite got around to doing. In the former case you swallow your feelings…in the latter? Procrastineating. With luck (and good management) those impulses may be tempered somewhat now that Jupiter has moved onto chattier pastures in Gemini.

Other than this, there’s not a huge amount happening in the sky today. Sure the Moon will meet up with Pluto later, but its more of a handshake, how’s business and check the bank balance type of catch up than a boardroom power struggle.

Taurus Moon- Step Away From the Chocolate and Into the Garden

Image from
Image from

Mondo grass always seems like a great idea when it is first planted. The perfect natural border, I guess.

We have a relatively large house block here in the suburbs and I swear when we first moved in, at least one third of it was covered with mondo grass…which would be OK if mondo grass stayed where it was planted rather than spreading…madly.

I had planned on painting our bedroom this weekend. I have ordered some blinds to replace the manky old curtains and have bought a new brighter doona cover set. The idea was to replace the existing colour on the walls with a clean cream. But when it came to it, I just couldn’t do it. I love the existing colour too much.

So without a bedroom to transform, I hit the garden for a few exhausting hours- hence the mondo grass which, I must say, is no longer. Nor are a number of small trees & shrubs- under which I found a rather cute looking stepping stone path.

With the Moon in Taurus, gardening was one of the more practical activities today- less calories than comfort eating and less expensive than comfort shopping (both common Taurus Moon activities). And given that I just couldn’t be faffed going to the gym, some outdoors sweating at least meant that I got my activity quota in for the day.

This month the Taurus Moon will be even more into temptation, with Jupiter in play for much of today conjunct the Moon. According to Jupiter, why say no when yes is so much more fun!

For these couple of days each month, it may feel harder to get off the couch and energy may be just a tad more elusive. You will feel better, though, if you do move through it.

Other good Taurus Moon activities? Anything to do with the body, beauty and art. Walking is great, and it is the best couple of days of the month for massages and facials. Combine a few Taurus activities and take a wander through an art gallery…

If you do find yourself craving sweet treats, use the “lay-by” method ie promise yourself you can have it tomorrow…or the day after. Then if the cravings are still there, get the best quality whatever it is you want and savour every single mouthful…without guilt. Better still, indulge in something less calorific that engages the senses- some spices and brightly coloured pumpkin soup, licorice root or warm spicy teas, yoghurt with some pureed fruits, frozen banana- all things that taste good, smell good, look good & feel good on the tongue.

Who is more likely to be under the Taurus Moon spell? Anyone with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Taurus or Cancer…actually in Scorpio too. Capricorn and Virgo Moons may also find themselves a little more likely to stray off their chosen paths at this time of the month and Pisces…well does Pisces ever need an excuse?

The Sun is currently square Uranus and approaching an annual opposition with Pluto. The ego is taking a pasting from every direction as work/life struggles come under the microscope. Uranus adds unpredictability that neither the Sun in Cancer nor Pluto in Capricorn is too keen on.

Square aspects general herald a turning point, a tension or frustration where events out or your control are pushing you into a new, probably uncomfortable, path, whereas with the opposition, something being done to do is forcing you to change. Either way, with both Uranus and Pluto involved, you can bet a struggle is ahead. These aspects will still be in play at Fridays New Moon and eclipse- at which time Saturn will also come into play. More on that one later this week.

Want more on the Taurus Moon? Check out the link to a post I wrote a while ago…