Something about dates and times…

Ok, here’s the thing. I live in Sydney, Australia – and I know from my traffic feed that most of you don’t.

Another thing you should know is that I have a notoriously short attention span and tend to think (more than a little) that the world revolves around me. When I refer to times in my posts, I’m actually talking about the time that whatever it is that is happening will be happening here in Sydney- where I live. I occasionally remember to break it down for New Moons and Full Moons, but mostly I don’t – hey, this is, after all, a DIY astrology site.

Whatever is happening will still be happening where you live, at exactly the same moment that it’s happening where I live…but the time will be different. And it will be happening in my date format ie DD/MM/YY – you have no idea how often I’m told I’ve got the date wrong. I try to remember to type 8 Feb instead of 8/2, but given that most of my posts for the month are rushed out in a burst on a weekend or at 5am before work, I often forget.

Anyways, I’m asked about the time thing a lot- at least a few times a week. The question will go something like:

‘You said that the Moon will be in Pisces, but not where I live.’

‘You said that there is a Full Moon tomorrow, but I’m in LA and we don’t have it until Sunday.’

‘I’m in San Francisco. Does that mean that we’ll miss out on it?’

These are not stupid questions. Unless you’re into this stuff, why would you know?

If the Moon is in Cancer where I live, at that point on the other side of the world, the Moon is also in Cancer. The difference is, here is Sydney, I’m very often already in tomorrow.

As an example, as I write this, the Moon is at 7 Cancer. It’s 6am on Wednesday morning and I’m rushing to get out the door and on the bus by 6.30am.

If you’re reading this in Kuala Lumpur, or Ubud, or Hong Kong, or Perth, the Moon is at 7 Cancer and it’s 3am on Wednesday morning.

If you’re reading this in New Zealand, the Moon is at 7 Cancer and it’s 8 am on Wednesday morning. Your working day is about to start – if it hasn’t already. Enjoy that coffee.

If you’re reading this in New York it’s still yesterday – 2pm yesterday. If you’re in LA it’s 11am Tuesday and the Moon is at 7 Cancer.

If you’re reading this in London, you’d have probably poured a glass of wine and be sitting down to dinner. It’s 7pm on a Tuesday evening and, you guessed it, the Moon is at 7 Cancer.

Get it?

The planet watchy widgety thing on the side bar (powered by Astrodienst) tells you where each planet is at that point in time- regardless of where you are reading it from.

It’s impossible for me to pinpoint the zones for every single one of you. Besides, I’m a big picture girl, so for me, it’s enough to know that a theme or a vibe will be with us for that day. Hopefully by now you know that about me.

If, however, you want to know the time that an aspect is exact in the place and timezone that you live, it’s seriously easy. I use Planetwatcher. Mine is configured to Sydney time (which is currently on daylight saving time), but you can set it to your personal time zone.

It shows you all the upcoming major transits (you can also configure this). Simply click on the transit and the time it’s exact will be shown. I use this when I’m doing my week ahead posts. But that can be our little secret…ok?