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I’ve (half) joked in the past that I have the worst possible Mercury in history.

I’ve taught myself how to, I guess, overcome it in order to cope and succeed in normal society.

I’ve even managed to hold down and succeed in relatively senior and responsible roles. Roles where I’ve been required to train my Mercury into behaving in a logical and organised fashion- the way a real world Mercury is supposed to behave. It’s a little like how teachers used to force left handed children to use their right to write.

Over the years I’ve taught myself to dull down the other stuff- the dreams, the intuition. Instead I’ve forced myself to use my business skills- the same skills that allow me to organise projects, assess risks, manage budgets and cashflows, prioritise tasks. All of this is learned behaviour- it’s what has allowed me to exist and achieve goals. They might not necessarily have been my goals, but I have achieved them.

Neptune conjunct Mercury

With Neptune less than a degree away from my natal Mercury- the lines of normal communication are even more blurred than usual.

I’m finding it harder to see things clearly, tougher to make decisions, priorities seem somehow distant and my ability to rationalise is seriously compromised.

On the up side, I’m inspired. I’m aware of the synchronicity in daily life (although I still hate the word). My imagination is running overtime, I have more ideas than I can recall having, and my ability to slip in and out of my characters voices is enhanced. When I’m writing, it’s as if I’m living their life for that period of time. I’m seeing the world through their eyes.

What’s happening is an amplification of the natural qualities of my 12th house Pisces Mercury. I’m not convinced that that is a problem- although logically I know that it should be.

The other day a friend made me an offer of sorts. It was something that had come out of the blue, yet strangely, I had dreamed it the night before.

For the next two days I struggled with the decision. Should I? Shouldn’t I? What if? But?

My instinct was simply to say yes and see what happens. So that’s what I’ll do. I figure if it comes to anything, it was meant to- if it doesn’t, it wasn’t.

The thing is, I know that at the moment I shouldn’t be making any business decisions.

I know that at the moment I can be even more easily deceived than usual- by others as well as by myself. I know that at the moment I am living in a semi permanent state of Mercury retrograde and need to check, double check and triple check all arrangements and contracts and whatever else.

There’s no point in thinking too hard about it, or fighting it, or triple guessing it or over analysing it…it just is.

I suspect some great stuff will come out of this, I suspect that there will be times that I struggle with the confusion.

I also figure that this period will be easier (relatively speaking) for me because of the nature of my natal Mercury- being retrograde, in the 12th and in Pisces, it’s almost as if I have a permanent Neptune/Mercury conjunction. That’s pretty well business as usual for me.

In fact, those of us with Mercury in Pisces should, in general, have an easier time with this transit (relatively speaking) than Mercury in Aquarius did. Why? Because we’re attuned to the energy- even though we may have been trained to ignore it.

Neptune trine or sextile Mercury

If you have Mercury in Cancer or Scorpio, Neptune will trine it while in Pisces. If your Mercury is in Taurus or Capricorn, you’ll be receiving the sextile.

What does this mean? Essentially the energy will be “easy”. You may not even notice it. The opportunities that come up, the inspiration that strikes, may seem as elusive as a butterfly to catch hold of.

This will be a time where it seems that your rational mind and your intuition are operating in sync. The good news is you get the best of Neptune’s imagination, with the ability to still know what is a product of your imagination and what is real.

You’ll be able to communicate intuitively with sensitivity, empathy and creativity. Any natal talent you have for writing, poetry or teaching at this time will be enhanced- but notice that I said “any natal talent that you have…” Transits can enhance innate potential, perhaps make you aware of something that you’ve taken for granted. Transits alone won’t create it.

The downside?

Your imagination might be so stimulated that the real world seems, well, boring. Rather than seeking an escape into something more exciting, try not to fall for the illusion. Instead, look for the wonder that’s around you…trust me, it’s there.

Neptune square, opposing or quincunx Mercury

What about if you have Mercury in Gemini or Sagittarius? If this is you, at some point over the next 12 years, Neptune will square this point. If you have Mercury in Virgo, at some point over the next 12 years, Neptune will oppose it. If you have Mercury in Libra or Leo, the aspect will be a quincunx.

Ok, I’ll be blunt. This will be tough. Especially for those of you with Mercury in Gemini and Virgo. You’re so used to Mercury working in the way that it’s supposed to work, that now you feel as if your brain has been surrounded by fog, or filled with cotton wool- a little like if you’ve had sleeping tablets and haven’t quite got them out of your system.

You’ll try to do what you normally do- organise your thoughts, rationalise your decisions, analyse your options- but now nothing seems to work.

For the period of the transit, you may be subject to the deceit of others (and yourself), delusions (both your own and others), and intuitive feelings that you struggle to find an explanation for.

You will misunderstand messages, jumble your words, make basic errors in communication and fail to grasp the consequences behind decisions.

You may find that somehow you’ve been involved in dishonest dealings with someone else- you may be the one doing the dishonest dealing. You may find that you’ve been led astray by someone you thought that you trusted. You may have fears that are completely groundless, but that scare you witless. You will know things, strange things, without knowing how.

What to do?

Play it as straight as you can. Avoid misrepresentation- it will come back and bite you. Try and look beyond the gold exterior to the cheap plastic within. Accept that the mystical doesn’t need a reason. Try very hard not to make life changing decisions unless you absolutely have to.

Or, you can just accept that this transit is here to make you slow down, to force you to change your way of thinking, to see and feel other possibilities…you can just go with the flow.

Analysing the Transit

Check out this post for help on timing and analysing the transit- as far as you can do either when Neptune is involved…

A Final Word

My message to you?

Have a read of my posts on Mercury in Pisces- like it or not, this will be you- for the length of the transit- even if your Sun is in Aquarius or Aries.  If you want to make this difficult for yourself, just continue to try and rationalise everything, or organise it or compartmentalise it.

Read also the “rules” around Mercury retrogrades- you’ll need to live these. And finally?

Don’t think so much…feel what is right…

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Navigating Neptune Transits

“Your ego’s job isn’t to serve you. Its only job is to keep itself in power. And right now, your ego’s scared to death cuz it’s about to get downsized.

You keep up this spiritual path, baby, and that bad boy’s days are numbered. Pretty soon your ego will be out of work, and your heart’ll be making all the decisions. So your ego’s fighting for its life, playing with your mind, trying to assert its authority, trying to keep you cornered off in a holding pen away from the rest of the universe. Don’t listen to it.”

This quote is from Elizabeth Gilberts’ Eat Pray Love and is so appropriate for Neptune transits of the Sun that I could probably end this post right here and now.

We know that Neptune transits are particularly dreamy times, hard to talk about, hard to pin down and hazy from a memory viewpoint. Before writing this post, I went back to the trusty ephemeris to see what was happening in my life the last time that Neptune transited any part or point on my chart. And when I say transited, I’m talking serious stuff, the transits I should have been able to remember, ie the conjunctions, squares and oppositions.

Neptune square Neptune, a typical mid-life transit, was the most recent- at 24/25 Aquarius it was a few years ago. I know exactly the crap that was going down at that point in time, but can I talk about it? Nope. My idea of my dreams dissolved into a blinding wave of fairy dust. It was crappy and beautiful- all at the same time.

Other than that, the last Neptune transit of note was in 1998 when she glided into Aquarius, sextiling natal Saturn. All my existing structures and belief systems were dissolved in the most beautiful way. Life was never the same again. I gave birth to my daughter during that transit.

The rest is just too far back to talk about.

According to Steven Forrest in The Changing Sky, Neptunes’ gift is the experience of serenity, inspiration and vision. Nice.

Conversely, her trap is “the temptation to deceive or undo ourselves with glamorous falsehoods and easy self-destructive patterns of escape…eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.”

Hmmm, both sound like my attitude to life as a Neptunian…

Neptune does come with the most palatable remedy, though…in theory anyway. There are no mountains to climb (Saturn), electrical storms of unexpected ferocity (Neptune) or depths to descend into (Pluto). Neptune expects you to do nothing, just relax into it. Chill out, open yourself to feeling. Dude.

Sound good? As I said, in theory.

Letting it all just flow, Man, is not how we are programmed these days. Can you imagine saying to your boss “sorry Dude, but I’m having, like, this really spacey Neptune transit at the moment and my astrologer told me to just let it flow and open myself up to the beyondness of life. So, I’m heading off to meditate on top of a mountain for the next two years…you’d be cool with that?” Right?

Rather than detaching from our ego, everything that we do every day is exactly the opposite. We are encouraged to use our head rather than our heart, crappy decisions made by profiteering executives are justified as being ok because they are “business decisions”. The work we do doesn’t sing to our soul, but it satisfies our need to put a roof (or the right roof) over our head, clothes (and the right brands) on our back, and a label (or title) on our masthead.

Neptune transits arrive at a time when we need to be reminded that our ego has become too important to itself, too attached to its own sense of rightness and too intent on pursuing a course that has no real feeling or spiritual relevance.

If you don’t embrace the Neptunian influence willingly, ie if you aren’t willing to let go, Neptune will do it for you. If you don’t relax, Neptune will make sure that you have no choice. The number of people who report feeling listless, no energy, and chronically fatigued during a Neptune transit is incredible. Neptune forces them to opt out.

During Neptune transits smart people do things that they normally wouldn’t do, things that they should have known better than to do.  Dumb things. During Neptune transits we fall in love with people we shouldn’t fall in love with, entangle ourselves in things we shouldn’t be entangled in, become addicted to things we shouldn’t be addicted to and escape to places that we would be better off never visiting.

All of these things serve the purpose of bringing us out of our egos, showing us that we are human, and presenting us with another alternative that forces us to feel.

That Neptune square I referred to? I did some real dumb stuff over the period of that transit. Dumb things that I knew from the outset were dumb, but that I also thought were real. I believed people who I knew at the time were lying to me. I willingly laid myself open to be hurt. The outcome of that transit is that it dissolved my idea of who I am, or rather who I thought that I should be.

And, if I’m being honest, the reason that we do dumb things is because they are so fun. Losing yourself can be fun…at the time… The consequences of those decisions and actions, however, often are not- fun, that is. That’s why they are dumb. We know that, but under a Neptune transit we often do them anyway.

Analysing Neptune Transits

What will happen? Here are some guidelines (taken from, as always. The Eagle and the Lark, by Bernadette Brady):

  • What house is Neptune in natally? What house is the planet being transited in by Neptune natally? These areas will be where the transit starts to happen.
  • What house is Neptune transiting? This is where the main action will be occurring.
  • What house is ruled by Neptune natally? What house is ruled natally by the planet being transited? These are the areas of life that will be affected by the outcome of the transit.
  • What is the nature of the aspect? This will tell you whether the transit will be “easy” or “hard”- and that doesn’t mean “good” or “bad.”

The Nature of the aspect

When Neptune is conjunct a planet or chart point, her energy is fused with that planet. She takes over that planet. Her energy is stronger than the planet she is invading. When Neptune is in Pisces- this will be any other planet in Pisces.

When Neptune is opposing a planet or chart point, “someone or something “out there” is doing something to you and furthermore, it’s their fault.” A decision is necessary. When Neptune is in Pisces, she will oppose any planets you have in Virgo.

When Neptune is square a planet or chart point, there is tension and frustration- something happens which will force you “into a mode of action that you have not yet explored…results stimulate actions rather than decisions.” This will be any planets you have in Gemini or Sagittarius.

When Neptune is trine a planet or chart point whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily. Obstacles will be removed. This doesn’t mean that it will be good or painless, just that whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily! This will be the case with planets in Cancer or Scorpio.

When Neptune is sextile a planet or chart point opportunities may arise. As there are feminine signs involved (Taurus and Capricorn) you will be responsible for creating the opportunity- something that you do will uncover something cool, provide you with a door than can be opened. It won’t drop into your lap.

When Neptune is inconjunct or quincunx a planet or chart point, there will be a change, separation of letting go of something- whether you are ready for it or not. Brady describes this as being as if someone has stepped onto the stage, stopped the play, changes the actors and the script, or moved everyone to a new theatre.

Timing the aspect

Neptune is a slow moving planet, so the impact might not be felt until the aspect is about a degree out.

For conjunctions, squares, and oppositions I use orbs of 2 degrees each way. As an example, I started to feel the influence of Neptune on my Mercury (6 Pisces) at 4 Pisces and should continue to do so until Neptune reaches 8 Pisces.

For the trine, sextile and inconjunct, use 1 degree each side.

2013: 1-5 Pisces

Neptune will start the year at 1 Pisces. The high point will be felt at 5 Pisces 22’ on 6 June 2013 before tracking back to 2 Pisces 34’ and finishing the year at 3 Pisces.

The following points will be impacted.

0-7 Pisces- this will be by conjunction

0-7 Virgo- this will be by opposition

0-7 Gemini or Sagittarius- this will be by square

0-7 Cancer or Scorpio- this will be by trine

0-7 Capricorn or Taurus- this will be by sextile

2014: 3-7 Pisces

Neptune will start the year at 3 Pisces. The high point will be felt at 7 Pisces 35’ on 9 June 2014 before tracking back to 4 Pisces 48’ and finishing the year at 5 Pisces.

The following points will be impacted.

1-9 Pisces- this will be by conjunction

1-9 Virgo- this will be by opposition

1-9 Gemini or Sagittarius- this will be by square

1-9 Cancer or Scorpio- this will be by trine

1-9 Capricorn or Taurus- this will be by sextile

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Under the influence…of love…


In True Blood (incidentally I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago…) the vampires glamor their prey.

By glamor I don’t mean they dressed them up and popped some make up on them, I mean that they somehow enchant their prey, delude them, disorient them, break down all of their defences.

This is what happens when you meet Neptune in the chart of another. You’re Neptunified- or rather, that part of your chart is.


Neptune contacts can be like that.

Take Jack and Jill* as an example.

The contact was Sun (Jill) trine Neptune (Jack).  There was one back the other way too- Sun (Jack) conjunct Neptune (Jill). The aspects were easy. They glamored each other.  It was like she was under some sort of spell- so was he…and there was absolutely no sense or logic to it.

She felt like he had gotten right into her soul. He had her on a pedestal, but had no idea why or how she’d got there.

Of course none of it was real. It was also complicated- both were married, so knew it could go nowhere. Each represented what the other felt was missing in their relationship.

When it’s new, a Neptune romance is soft and magical- rather like you’ve been gently sprinkled with pink fairy dust. You exist in your own little champagne bubbly world without awareness of the consequences.

When the rose coloured haze that clouded their eyes faded, what was left was, well, a rather disappointing reality. Although they had some nice personal planet-personal planet contacts happening, there was nothing in the synastry to indicate anything more than a fling.

When the end came, it was like waking from a dream- although the fall was much more dramatic than that.

Neptune falls can be like that.

They can also be as gentle as letting go of a balloon and watching it float away out of your reach.

Jill says she still dreams about Jack.

Anyways, at it’s best, a Neptune contact with another inspires you, it touches you spiritually, it uplifts you, it sensitizes you and it enchants you.

At its worst, a Neptune contact with another deceives you, weakens you, deludes you, confuses you and wreaks havoc. This happens often at the same time as you’re being inspired, sensitized, uplifted and enchanted…

For the non Neptune person, for at least a time, the part of their chart being Neptunified becomes very Piscean indeed. If you’re natally not very Piscean, ie few personal planets in Pisces, in the 12th house or with close aspects to Neptune, you may find this contact uncomfortable- without really knowing why.

So, you’re being Neptunified by the perfect man or woman. What do you do? Let go immediately? Run screaming for the hills?

Even if it doesn’t work out, Neptune contacts are the ones that you talk about with your girlfriends for many years after. If it does last,it’s the love story you’ll be telling your grandkids about.

The time to run is if you find yourself in a co dependent relationship or a situation where you’re being exploited…Neptune contacts can be like that too.

When Neptune is involved, there is no straight answer.

If you can, take the glasses off, and take a clear eyed view and ask yourself whether you’re projecting something onto him (or her) that is your thing, your ideal- not his.

Many times a Neptune contact will bring you together, cast a spell across early intimacy- but it’s the other contacts that will keep the relationship going long after the fairy dust has cleared.

Be aware too if you are glamoring someone else.

Very often this isn’t a physical thing (although often with Neptune/Venus or Neptune/Mars it can be…). To someone out there, you might be a Goddess.

If you are, be gentle and sensitive regarding their feelings, taking care to inspire rather than weaken.

In the wrong hands, a little too much Neptune can easily turn into a tool for manipulation and exploitation- you have been warned!


*names changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

Think this is you?

Take a look at his chart. Do any of your personal planets (Sun-Mars, in particular) aspect his Neptune? Keep the aspects at about 5 degrees, and stick to the traditional aspects.

What about the other way? Do any of his personal planets aspect your Neptune?

The fine print:

  • Synastry contacts between two people who are not yet together are not a promise that they ever will be together- it is, however, a promise of a possibility of what could happen if they ever did get together.
  • A Neptune contact does not mean that you’re destined to be together, hook up or even pass the time of day, but if you do, it will feel as if you have a soul connection.
  • Very often Neptune contacts remain a fantasy simply because the idea of shattering the dream and taking the risk is way too scary… and no, this doesn’t mean that yours will be unrequited, just that…oh whatever…

And the title? Under the Influence by Kylie Minogue…take a listen…

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Under the Influence…Neptune in 2013

I’ve spent the weekend in Canberra. For those outside of Australia, it’s our capital city, a bush capital, and the one of the only major Australian cities where kangaroos really do dwell in and around the suburbs. We were doing the pre- Christmas tour of duty to see Mr T’s mother, who lives there.

Coming home we hit a series of storms. The first wasn’t too far up the highway, and it was heavy enough that we had to pull over for quite a while and watch the hail as it beat down against the car, hazard lights flashing.

Following this we drove (slowly) through a number of others, one after the other. Mr T, with barely a few metres visibility, made the decision to follow a large truck through the murk, deciding that as long as he could see such a large silhouette, he couldn’t go too far wrong.

It struck me that driving through the storms and the rain, with limited visibility, was very much like a Neptune transit.

You can’t really see the road ahead, often you aim for the one thing that you can see and hope that it’s going in the right direction, sometimes you pull off the road entirely and wait it out.

For those of you, like me, with heavy Neptune influences in your chart, you may shrug your shoulders and declare that this is situation normal.

For the rest of you, a Neptune transit can feel a little like we did today.

Neptune transits are the hardest of all to describe- especially if you don’t live daily with a Neptune influence.

Essentially Neptune dissolves things, it conceals things, it can deceive you, it can bring incredible dreams and imagination, it can lead you down the path to amazing romance.

Under its influence you may believe that dreams really can come true. Under its influence you may see glitter or gold where there is usually ordinariness. Under its influence you may believe that which is not true- simply because you need to.

Neptune dissolves your reality, your ego and your sense of duty and responsibility.

You might feel lost, confused, afraid of who knows what, or completely at one with the Universe. In most cases, the effect it has on you will depend on your natal relationship with Neptune.

Having the Sun, Moon, Ascendant in Pisces, the 12th house or in easy aspect to Neptune will mean that you have a relatively good relationship with Neptune, and may deal with her seductive call more easily than those who have a strong relationship with Saturn.

The thing to do with Neptune transits? Have fun, fall in love if you wish, enjoy the illusion, but don’t expect any of it to be permanent. In fact, if you can, avoid permanent commitments regarding the affairs of the house and planet being transited by Neptune until the transit is over.

As with all outer planet transits, the impact of Neptune will be gradual. Whilst you may feel it 2 degrees each side, the closer the aspect is to being exact, the more you will feel it. If the aspect is a conjunction, square or opposition, you will also feel the impact of Neptune more than if the aspect is a trine or a sextile.

What if the transit you’re having is the opposite way around, ie transiting Venus making contact with Neptune? You’ll have a couple of days under the influence, but nothing to get too worked up about- enjoy it while it lasts…& take care not to handle heavy machinery.

In 2013, Neptune will travel the following ground:

  • 1 Pisces 4’ to 5 Pisces 22’ before turning retrograde on 7 June, 2013
  • Neptune will turn direct at 2 Pisces 34’ on 12 November 2013 and will finish 2013 at 3 Pisces.

If you have planets or chart points (especially the Ascendant or Midheaven) at 0- 7 degrees of:

  • Pisces- Neptune will be conjunct those planets
  • Cancer or Scorpio- Neptune will be trine those planets
  • Virgo- Neptune will oppose those planets
  • Gemini or Sagittarius- Neptune will square those planets
  • Taurus or Capricorn- Neptune will sextile those planets

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something about dreams…and Scorpio…and Saturn

So the Sun is in Scorpio.

That means birthday season here in Chez Tracey. Mr T is Friday (yep, he’s having a Saturn/Sun transit), Pappa Lion (my Dad) is Monday, Mr T’s Mum is next week and Kali the wonder spaniel is on November 3.

The Sun, as I said, is in Scorpio.

The first aspect made is a trine across to Neptune.

I would normally say that this transit is one that brings energy to dreams. With the Sun in Scorpio, though, I feel that I should clarify what I mean by dreams.

I talk a lot about dreams- hello, I’m a triple Pisces with pretty well more Neptune than anyone else on the planet.

In any case, we talk a lot about dreams as though they’re good things- and, during the day, they are.

The dreams we have at night, mostly aren’t- good that is…well, with the exception of those ones. Yes, I know you have them- this is Scorpio we’re talking about, after all.

According to Ian Wallace, the author, of The Top 100 Dreams, the top 5 things people dream about are:

  1. Being chased
  2. Teeth falling out (seriously????)
  3. Being unable to find a toilet
  4. Being naked
  5. Being in an examination

My most common dream is driving on a bridge like a rollercoaster and not being able to see anything…and I dream in mini series.

The dreams we have at night expose our greatest fears and struggles- the things we don’t want to deal with during our days, the stuff we push below the surface, the confrontations we don’t want to have.

So, maybe night dreams actually really belong to Scorpio and day dreams to Neptune.

Anyways, the point is I, for one, don’t want any of my night dreams to come true…except for some of those ones…

My day dreams, the things I really want to do and go and be, well, they’re very different. These are the dreams we talk about. These are the dreams we want to come true.

So, over the next few days, the Sun will bring that wonderful Neptune trine energy back to Saturn. Given that Neptune is just a week or so away from turning direct, all of the Neptunian breath that has been directed inwards is now ready to be exhaled.

Saturn, as we know, isn’t normally a planet we associate with dreams, but now it just seems right. As one of my Facebook buddies pointed out today, Saturn is associated with structure and keeps us upright. Scorpio is supremely instinctive. Together, with Neptune in the mix, her words were that now she can feel her dreams in her bones.

How nice is that?

Love the Fall


Neptune is almost stationary and will turn retrograde on 5 June at 3 Pisces 9’.

Being the planet of spiritualism and delusion can be exhausting- all those artists to inspire, all that illusion to create, all that intuition and psychic ability to enhance, all that fog and wonderful haze.

The downside of a Neptune transit, however, can be an increased need to escape, self-doubt and paranoia (very often for no reason) and an absent minded “whatever” attitude. That would be the fog and haze.

Neptune transits are a time of heightened awareness, amazing mini series dreams and an unconscious need for spiritual growth of some description- this may be religious, it may be something else…but it will be true to your soul. You may be lifted into the rosy glow of a new romance, you may run off and join the circus or take to your bed with exhaustion for the duration of the transit. And then it’s over.

When Neptune turns retrograde, all of this turns inwards and intensifies. What can you do? Your focus is off, your judgement is off, your intuition is heightened and your sense of reality is distorted.

The answer? Go with it. But make your lists, identify what is really important and try and stay on game.

Pisceans will be more Piscean now. Anyone with Neptune closely aspecting the Ascendant, Sun or Moon will be more Piscean now. Anyone who has personal planets or chart points at or around 0 Pisces- 4 Pisces will be particular susceptible to the very special charms of this planet. Anyone with planets or major chart points at the station points (3 Pisces 9’ and 0 Pisces 21’) will require their fog lights. So that mate of mine with Venus at 0 Pisces 19’ (and you know who you are)- you have been put on notice.

Personally speaking, I have made some of the most spectacular mistakes of my life under Neptune transits, but it felt oh so right at the time. As painful as it all was, these were lessons I had to learn and, even though the aftermath may have broken my heart, whilst under the influence I would do it all over again. Neptune can be like a siren call and just as irresistible. I told you so’s are not only unwelcome but irrelevant- under the influence you do what you do.

Magic Carpet Rides and a Little Dickens


Pisces on the cusp of the 6th house (Libra Rising)

Ever have those moments when you worry yourself sick? When you have attached yourself so tightly to what it is that you do on a business as usual basis that you literally become ill?

With Pisces on the cusp of the 6th you carry the emotional responsibility of the world on your shoulders. You want to be everything to everybody, but underneath this drive towards indispensability is a pervading fear that you just aren’t good enough. There, I said it.

Physically, you sacrifice your health for your job…and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t yet met a corporation who I like enough to sacrifice that for…but do have to admit to allowing myself to getting very ill for the sake of unachievable SLAs (that is Service Level Agreements) and objectives in a past life. Being so very Piscean, I will no doubt do it again one day, under the delusion (or is it illusion) that I matter more than my salary number.

However, regardless of your sun sign, if you have Pisces on the cusp of the 6th house, you too are in danger of this. In your efforts to be the best you may have to resort to a little, shall we say, subterfuge in the background. But it will be done by stealth and you hands will be clean.

The other thing is, whatever faceless corporation you are sacrificing your health for on the alter of their climbing profits, at least make sure that you have your own dream to follow. With a clear vision you can lose yourself and escape into work, without it you will get sick.

Speaking of sick, Neptune in the 6th house is the indicator of hard to diagnose health issues…but that is just by the by.

The 6th says a lot about how you like to eat, and with Pisces on the cusp of the 6th, you will eat when you feel like it. Sure your cravings may be dictated by your emotions, but with Libra on the Ascendant you like to look good and need balance in your diet. So, whilst you may enjoy a vino or two (this is Pisces, after all), you need to take care not to escape your problems via the pantry or the bottom of a bottle of wine.

You can be a little fussy in what you like to eat and have definite likes and dislikes. You don’t have that much of a sweet tooth and prefer more savoury foods…and plenty of liquids to wash them down.

Pisces on the cusp of the 7th house (Virgo Rising)

Love may be a many splendoured thing, but with Pisces on the cusp of the 7th house or Neptune in the 7th, it can also be an area of great confusion, frustration and sacrifice. Quite often the “something” that you sacrifice for the sake of relationship is yourself.

With Virgo on the ascendant you are ultimately practical, but may be drawn to someone who is your opposite- someone intuitive, sensitive and someone who needs you to take care of all the little things that need to be taken care of every day. Someone who needs you…and you do like to be needed.

In return, they will provide sympathy, empathy and sensitivity at the end of your long and un-appreciated day.

The catch? You may find yourself projecting unrealistic expectations onto your partner or relationships in general. You can be deluded in and by relationships and may have an ideal or dream lover in mind that no mere mortal can ever match up to… for this reason you may find yourself in danger of sabotaging something that can potentially be really good to protect yourself against a rejection or let down which may never eventuate.

Pisces on the cusp of the 8th house (Leo Rising)

Remember Dickens’ Great Expectations- and the Great Disappointment that followed? Just like Pip, that which you assume will be coming to you, or which you assume to be yours may not, in fact, be yours.

The 8th is about other peoples money, debts, taxes, inheritances, the funds of the partnership…and when Pisces is on the cusp of this house (or Neptune is in the 8th) there will be confusion, delusion, worry and sacrifice in this part of life.

You may be called upon to sacrifice your own desires and needs for the sake of the partnership or joint funds, or a sexually transmitted debt. But, as is the nature of Pisces, you will need to do so with compassion.

Your intuition in this area is stronger than what you may think, so you will be well served to listen to it. If you strongly believe that your partner is over-committing your joint finances, speak up. If you are being asked to guarantee a joint debt or your partners’ personal financial venture, ask the questions, dig deep and trust your instincts.

Pisces on the cusp of the 9th house (Cancer Rising)

When I was a little girl I dreamed of having a magic carpet. The carpet would be Persian from Arabia (and yes I know that Persia and Arabia are two different places, but this is my fantasy and I was too little to know better) and would be a mass of blues and greens with gold trim and long fringing bits of each end. In my dream I could sit on this carpet in the middle of the space between the two beds in the bedroom I shared with my little sister and think about a place and magically arrive there. Originally I had no idea where I was going- just that it would be exotic. As I got to know more and read more, I figured I would land in a souk in Morocco (I had this fascination with Morrocco after this fashion collection Stewart Membery created in the 80s). I figured it didn’t work because I didn’t sit in lotus position and in all the movies they are sitting in lotus, whereas I was sitting with my legs played out behind me in the way that Mum used to say I would regret when I was older because it would kill my knees and ankles. As an aside, she was right.

Pisces on the cusp of the 9th or Neptune in the 9th will generally denote someone who does a heap of astral travelling or travelling in the imagination. As you have Cancer Rising, there is no place like home, but that really doesn’t stop your mind from wandering and dreaming of where else you could be.

But the 9th isn’t just about travel, it is about expansion of your horizons in other ways. With Pisces on the cusp of this house you will be interest in beliefs- whether these are related to traditional religions or something else. It could be as simple as a belief in vegetarianism or a guru of some sort, or a teacher you follow. You will be curious about existential issues or questions of philosophy. Whatever it is that you do believe in, it will be an idealized or visionary faith.