Did that get your attention?

Good- because I need your help.

I’m working on a series of books about achieving your goals through astrology. Specifically, I’m talking about how your birth chart can influence your weight.

The first in the series will be based heavily on Sun signs, Moon signs and Rising signs, but I’m at the point in proceedings where I need your help.

I’d really like to include some real life examples- which is where you come in.

If you have, or have had in the past, a weight problem and you’re prepared to contribute to a survey, I’d really like to hear from you.

And when I say weight problem, I’m not talking about a pesky 5-10kgs that just won’t be gone and are stopping you from fitting into your size 8 jeans.

Naturally your details would remain private…

If you’re keen, please email me at jotracey67@gmail.com.


Baby you’re a firework…

New Years Eve is usually a time for looking back- that whole auld lang syne thing.

It is about taking stock of what has been achieved over the year, what hasn’t been achieved, what you’ve done, what you’ve not done. Who has come into your life, who has gone out of your life, who has come back into your life. Then there are the opportunities-the ones you’ve taken, the ones you’ve passed on, the ones you’ve pretended not to notice and the ones that slipped right on under the radar.

I’d review the year, but I don’t really know where to start- the edited highlights are in this post.

I launched my personal blog and anyways, and the companion site to the book I’m working on are your planets keeping you fat? I also managed an article on the subject for Australia’s Good Health magazine and something in this years Wellbeing Astrology Guide on creativity by the stars.

Aside from that I completed the 1st draft of 2 chick lit novels- with the 1st of those about to go through another re-write in response to my editors suggestions, and the 2nd tucked away for a few months before the re-writes begin.

I also completed the draft for my astro book. Re-writes for that will commence in February.

In October I went back to paid work- just a few days a week- in a Business Manager role for a new retail enterprise. I’m doing their social media, liaising with stylists, designers, merchandisers and marketers. I’m learning a lot.

2012 had its disappointments, and its sadness. I intend leaving those where they belongs- in 2012- and concentrate instead on remembering those who are no longer in my life with gratitude.

2012 also brought with it health issues. I intend leaving these also where they belong.

I don’t know what 2013 will bring, but as I’m writing this, the song in my head is Katy Perrys’ Firework. There’s a spark that is ready to be ignited. Maybe those doors are closed so the perfect one can be opened.

I’m not setting any resolutions, I’m not setting goals. I am, however, setting intentions.

  • I intend to get a publishing deal (or two).
  • I intend publishing my first e book.
  • I intend getting my health back.
  • I intend treating myself better.
  • I intend living with more passion.
  • I intend pushing my boundaries.
  • I intend working with (rather than against) the more challenging aspects in my chart
  • I intend listening to the promise of my chart
  • I intend to still look for the sunshine through the shit
  • I intend to still believe that dreams can come true
  • I intend to finish painting the timber trims.

Sure New Years Eve is a time for setting resolutions, or goals. Most of us have made a declaration at midnight NYE along the lines of what we are giving up, what we are going to lose. What about this year looking forward? What about this year thinking about what there is to gain? What about this year being excited by our resolutions rather than resigned to them?

At midnight tomorrow in Sydney the Moon will be midway through Leo. Did someone say party? For me though, the big story is the conjunction between the Sun and Pluto. Perhaps in 2013, you really can move mountains.

In any case, no matter what declarations or resolutions come out of your mouth at midnight tonight, make sure they are forward focused, represent who you are, your creativity, your ambition and your integrity. Use what you have learned to turn your ideals into reality. No excuses, no regrets- they don’t work. No regrets, they only hurt. Come tomorrow they will seem so yesterday…OMG I am quoting both Robbie Williams and Hilary Duff in the same post…and it’s way too early for the first of those New Years Eves drinkies.

Baby, you’re a firework…

See you in 2013- thanks for helping make 2012 so memorable!


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You should still be receiving daily emails (on days that I post here)…I hope.

I’ll scout around and find another email service that’s compatible with wordpress.

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Why I’m Getting Rid of Goals

The other day I wrote about cutting the crap, getting rid of the things that weight you down.

It was all part of the Pluto direct thing.

Today, as the Moon is in Capricorn and moving towards her monthly exchange of business cards with Pluto, I’ve decided that one of the things that’s weighing me down is goals.

There. I said it.

I’m letting go of them. I’m setting them free to go and sit on someone elses shoulder.

It’s all part of my quest to become more mindful and more focused.

But surely goals keep you focused?

In theory, yes, but I’m using them as a reason to beat myself up, and I no longer need that.

So, in true Uranus square mode, I’m doing something a little unexpected. I’m throwing goals out the window.

That’s not to say that I won’t let them back in at some point, just that for now I don’t think they are doing me any favours.

Having a goal tends to scatter my attention across all the things that I should be doing to achieve that goal.

It seems a little weird that I make this decision when the Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn needs to have a goal. Emotionally, it makes her feel safe and secure when there is something to strive for. It’s a Saturn thing.

Instead of feeling secure, I’m feeling out of control- and all the Pluto in my chart doesn’t feel good with that.

There is other stuff I need to let go of. I know that. I have some pretty toxic crap buried deep that must be decomposing nicely by now. I’m also, for reasons you don’t need to know about, clinging to a version of myself that is past its use by date. Instead of being all that I can be though, I continue to hide behind a perceived failure of goals that aren’t met. I wrote a bit about that here.

So I’m cutting out the middle man.

Instead, I’ll focus mindfully on just one habit a week. Something realistic, something I can be fully aware of.

It seems to me to be the emotionally mature thing to do. To me, it’s getting real. And isn’t that what the Capricorn Moon is all about?

Your Career & the Cosmos- the truth you can’t handle?

Some more on Pluto going direct- this time for Your Career & the Cosmos. The link is here.

Pluto is very much about truth, but Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men type of truth. The sort of truth that you may not be able to handle.

Elsewhere in the sky, the Moon is about to shake hands with Saturn in Libra for the last time this cycle. By next month Saturn will have moved into Scorpio.

On the Facebook page and twitter today we were talking a bit about the things that we’ve learned about ourselves and our relating patterns over the last couple of years. The words stability and maturity were used a lot. For those of us with Pisces Rising, we’re a little slow on the whole uptake when it comes to relationship patterns, and particularly maturity within relationships, so the move into Scorpio ends a 5 year cycle for us- 2 1/2 years with Saturn in Virgo in our 7th followed by a repetition of the message while Saturn has been in Libra.

Saturn in Libra has also raised a few questions around sugar in the diet. Sugar is a Venus ruled substance- in fact the whole business of sugar storage in the body is taken care of by Venus and Jupiter. To be technical about it, Jupiter represents glycogen- the end product.

Saturn represents restrictions, limitations and, in the body, ageing.

The burning and destruction of energy is a Mars-Saturn function. Yep, the benefics build it up and the malefics break it down. Naturally too much of either is not good- too much Venus and Jupiter can cause health problems and too much Mars and Saturn can result in ageing. The balance is somewhere in the middle- in Libra, a sign where Venus rules and Saturn is exalted…As Robert Jansky wrote in his book Astrology, Nutrition and Health, this indicates that a balanced diet is the best defence against Saturns ageing process.

Anyways, I’ve had a little bit to say about the whole sugar and Saturn in Libra thing over on Are Your Planets Keeping You Fat. I’ll be posting occasionally over there, but mostly on astro stuff related to nutrition, training and mindset. Yep, this is me building a social profile to better convince a publisher that they really should be picking up my manuscript! I’m keeping it really quite simple and real lifey, so don’t expect anything ground breaking or genius in nature! Come over and have a look if you are interested. Better yet, sign up to follow the posts.




When enough is not nearly enough

The atmosphere at the start was amazing.

The band played as runners queued for portaloos. The sky shone blue and volunteers wandered around with bottles of sunscreen for those (like myself) who then declared “oh, it’s the one thing I forgot.”

Up at the start line, discarded jumpers and jackets lined the streets for charity collection. The thousands of us in C group patiently waited for our signal to go.

How did I go? The best that can be said is that I finished. A few kilometres into the 9kms of the Bridge Run (the organisers said it was approx. 9kms, my GPS said I had travelled 9.8kms), I had my doubts about doing so. Finishing, that is.

That left ankle I’ve had problems with over the past couple of weeks seized up at about the 2k mark. At that point walking on it was painful- running was almost impossible. At the 4k mark the blisters (remember I told you about them?) I acquired the training day that I hurt my ankle re-asserted their presence.

I seriously considered abandoning at that point and popping across to a coffee shop in Macquarie Street.

I did, however, finish. I’m not at all happy with the result, but as my husband said to me last night- “six weeks ago you couldn’t breathe, two weeks ago you could barely walk, I’m surprised you went through with it.” He’d been trying to talk me out of doing it at all after the training incident a couple of weeks ago.

I’m smiling in the photo below, but it’s a smile of absolute relief at finishing. The only thing that kept me going through the pain was the thought of not finishing and having to say that I failed. Having said that, in my head I’m battling the “not good enough demons.”

That’s a Saturn thing with me. But it’s also reflective of the Sun/Moon- Pluto, Pisces-Virgo thing in my chart. The how hard can it be vs why are you even trying, you know you won’t be good enough see-saw.

What made me finish yesterday was not any commitment that I’d made to myself, but the commitment I’d made to my BMF. No matter how much it hurt & how crippled I was afterwards, I was going to smile and say I got through it ok. I lied and I faked it because I didn’t want him to see how bad it hurt and how disappointed with myself I was. FFS he was running a marathon and I was attempting a measly (approx.) 9ks.

Which brings me to the New Moon message.

The New Moon fell in the 7th for me, conjunct natal Uranus- so in opposition to the Sun and Chiron in my chart.

With Uranus in the 7th, the challenge is to remain true to yourself in all of your relationships. I don’t- as the paragraph above describes. I didn’t want my friend to view me as a failure, or be disappointed in me- so I finished. Afterwards I was too wound up in being happy for him- he finished the marathon 40 minutes inside his personal best time for the 42kms- to put a dampener on the moment by telling him the truth of how badly I felt I had done.

He did that because he has been consistent in his focus, consistent in his habits and unwavering in his goals. I am genuinely proud of him- he deserves his result.

Which brings me to habits, and the consistency thereof.

In my case, I’m extremely consistent with my relationship habits, but not my personal ones. I never let a friend down- even when I have committed to doing something I don’t want to do- I don’t want them to feel badly about me. Yet I consistently blow off training, lose focus nutritionally and then escape into Pisces escape land. It doesn’t seem to matter as much if I feel badly about myself as long as those I love don’t feel badly about me.

partial chart only…

Rather than finding a balance point in the see-saw that is my 1st & 7th house oppositions, I go from one extreme to the other. I’m still not working that opposition in the way that it needs to be worked. I have no consistency. Middle ground is possible- it doesn’t always have to be a struggle…does it? I suspect the answer is through Jupiter and Neptune. I suspect I concentrate subconsciously so much on the opposition itself that I don’t see the potential of Neptune and Jupiter. I instead use them as escape routes when the pressure gets too much.

I don’t want to know where I came in yesterdays race- I know that the majority of the field was ahead of me. I feel like a fraud when my friends congratulate me for finishing because I seriously am disappointed with myself. Seriously. It should be enough for me to know that I got over that line at the end. I know many didn’t. That I summoned something from somewhere to be able to run over that line at the end. It should be enough that I had the guts to enter. But it isn’t.

Sure I can blame injuries and health issues blah blah blah, but the fact is, if I’d been consistent with my training habits throughout the year, the crap of the last 3 months would have only been a blip on the screen rather than spelling the disaster it did.

Yesterdays New Moon was a wake-up call- for a lot of reasons. Did it ring any bells for anyone else out there?





Why I love astrology…

I had lunch the other day with some ex colleagues from the old partition job. Actually, all of them had left the Mothership some years before I did, but we still catch up from time to time.

Naturally the conversation got onto what I’m doing these days given that I’m a corporate refugee.

You see, I’d hidden the astrology thing from most people while I was in Finance and IT- well, except from those who were broad minded enough to either not pass judgement on me, or who could expect that I could do my corporate job despite my rather non conventional belief systems.

I don’t have to hide it anymore.

The looks around the table from all bar my old Sagittarian boss said it all.

‘But you don’t believe in that shit do you?’

‘I always thought you were smarter than that.’

‘I never had you down as a wanker, Jo.’

‘Is that why you wear you hair out now?’

‘You’re even dressing like a hippy now.’

Ummm hardly- it’s not like I have to do the business uniform and heels any more!!!!!!

Usually I get quite defensive and even apologetic when confronted by this, but this time I took a sip of my wine, smiled and let them get it out of their system.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is not to try and convert anyone- I’ll leave that to the religions. It irritates me that I’m expected to justify something that I do, but would never consider asking them to do the same- I have no right to impinge on anyone else’s free will. So, you’re into…..? Seriously? I never had you down as one of those!

The other thing I’ve learned is that I don’t actually believe in astrology. I just do it. There, I said it. The reason I don’t believe is because I don’t see what we do as a belief system. I do, however, have faith that astrology works. I see it work over and over and over.

The reason I love what I do is because I love the potential. Hey, I’m a Neptunian, a Jupiterian. Opportunity and Potential are my raison d’etre.

I’m not in this game to pick a date for you when Mr Right (or Mr Right For Now) is going to step into the room. I’m not in this game to try and predict my future- or that of anyone else. On the whole, I choose not to- for no reason other than I also have faith in the future. I have to.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t glance from time to time at my chart and check out the themes that I’m being asked to work with- I certainly do that, but because my potential to grow is that much greater if I do.

I will use it to maximise the potential of success- that’s what electional astrology has been used for umpteen hundreds of years for.

Likewise, I’ll cast a horary to predict the outcome of a footy game or a job application, but more often than not it’s telling me what I already know in my heart.

What I don’t do is look at my chart with an impending sense of doom and try and forecast when the shit’s gonna fly. And if the brown stuff has already hit the whirly thing I don’t see a lot of point in looking for a planetary figure to blame- hindsight is great, but time consuming. I can’t afford to lose sight of the horizon. That’s just who I am.

What I love about astrology is how we can use it to make the most of the talents and challenges you are born with. I love how you can use the transits and the knowledge of the themes or learning opportunities coming up to confront fears head on.

That’s why I write about workplace astrology. I enjoy matching charts with careers, workplaces. The idea of using astrology to coach and to recruit and to be the absolute best version of ourselves that we can be is, to me, extremely exciting. It’s the reason I still do Your Career & the Cosmos.

It’s also why I’m now spending countless hours completing a manuscript that is, for all intents and purposes, using the stars to understand your mind-set around food and weight. Stars and Scales. I’ve identified certain aspects that no matter what sign your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in, will make your relationship with food problematic.

I love that knowing this stuff I can choose to go easier on myself or to take action. I love knowing what days of the month will present alerts on the diet front and what days will bring the sort of workouts that have me jumping out of my skin with energy.

I love that it’s about free will and free choice. I love that the choices we choose to make will be influenced by the chart promise. I love that it all somehow works together. I love that it works. I love that I can practice astrology and still believe in the other things I believe in. I love that I never stop learning.

That’s the thing about astrology.

You can practice using traditional planets and fixed stars or you can throw in as many asteroids and aspect types that you choose.

You can be entirely traditional, entirely modern, or somewhere in between. I love that we don’t have to agree.

I don’t practice in the same way as others do. That’s ok. I no longer even mind if other astrologers take exception to the way I practice. That’s ok. It’s all part of the Uranian message to be true and authentic.

So, I’ll write about it, I’ll teach it, I’ll talk about it, but no more will I apologise for myself about it. Astrology, that is.