no regrets- they’re so last year…

gaining serenity. my feet, my pic.
gaining serenity. my feet, my pic.

New Years Eve is usually a time for looking back- that whole auld lang syne thing.

It is about taking stock of what has been achieved over the year, what hasn’t been achieved, what you’ve done, what you’ve not done. Who has come into your life, who has gone out of your life, who has come back into your life. Then there are the opportunities-the ones you’ve taken, the ones you’ve passed on, the ones you’ve pretended not to notice and the ones that slipped right on under the radar.

Sure there will be reasons, and excuses- there are always reasons and excuses, some valid, some just…well, excuses. And, if we are really being honest, most times we really are just kidding ourselves. As a Pisces, a super Pisces, there is very little about delusion, self imposed or otherwise, that I don’t know about.

As regular readers know, I have spent the last couple of weeks in Bali (more on that once I finish uploading all my photos). I used the time to place a full stop firmly under a lot of what had been under almost constant review and reflection for the last five years.

With the assistance of sun, many hours spent immersed in water, and a little too much liquid refreshment of the type that my liver no longer loves me for, I would like to think that the process of healing is well and truly underway. I’ve done all the looking back I intend to do, I’ve been mean to myself for way too long.

Healing takes many forms, and has many methods. Over the last 5 years, I have attempted to do it in a Pisces 12th house way and, trust me, 12th house self-undoing comes a little too naturally to me.

Oak trees do it by compartmentalising the part of them that is hurting or injured. I know this because someone came into my website the other day after asking the question of google “are oak trees good at compartmentalising?” Apparently I used all the words in a single post once. Anyhow, I’m not good at it, compartmentalising, that is. I wish I was. That would involve boundaries, and that is another thing I’m not good at. I’d like to be.

There’s this ceremony called Perang Api or “War of Fire” that takes place in Saren Village in the Karangasem Regency in East Bali. I read about it in the magazine (Bali Now) that was in our room at the resort.

Anyways, the “war” sees two groups of people- both adults and children- hurling hot, burning coconut shells at each other. All the lights are off, leaving the scene in complete darkness, lit only by the fire from the burning shells. Apart from making the scene very photogenic (I have no idea how I would light it for photos), the point is that if and when a participant is hit, he/she wouldn’t be able to see who dealt the blow so that there would be no vengeance. Now there’s an idea- Scorpio?

The whole ceremony is supposed to symbolise purification- a burning away of negative energy. According to the article, the ritual is said to imply the war against six enemies of man: lust, greed, anger, drunkenness, confusion and envy. Hmmmm, personally I prefer the healing idea.

In any case, the whole concept here is one of healing and reflection- however it is that you choose to do that.

This New Year, I feel a lot of things, and for the first time in a number of years, one of those things that I’m feeling is not stress. Nor is it obsession, or regret or what could have been. In Bali I felt closer to being at peace with myself and the future than I have in years. I am hopeful that feeling will last longer than my tan or the dye in the many string bracelets I am wearing around my ankle to remind me of the Bali feeling.

This New Years Eve I’m not reflecting, I’m not looking back. I have a bottle of expensive French champagne that hubby bought me to celebrate my redundancy with and I intend cracking that open with my neighbour tonight in a belated Christmas, end of work and New Years Eve celebration. Celebration being the key word here.

Sure New Years Eve is a time for setting resolutions, or goals. Most of us have made a declaration at midnight NYE along the lines of what we are giving up, what we are going to lose. What about this year looking forward? What about this year thinking about what there is to gain? What about this year being excited by our resolutions rather than resigned to them?

At midnight tonight in Sydney the Moon will have just moved into Aries and just concluded a conjunction with Uranus. Aries just wants to get on with it, to march into battle, to go where no man has gone before, to hunt down his quarry, to just flipping do it. Aries does not want to look back- that is so yesterday. Aries does not want excuses, nor is he interested in hearing them. Uranus is interested only in authenticity and individuality. Neither Aries or Uranus are interested in yesterday- tomorrow is what counts.

Also this New Year Saturn and Neptune come to an arrangement by way of a supportive trine. Everything we have been through, everything we have endured all contributes to what you know, what your understanding of your limits is. Neptune represents ideals, reflection and beliefs, Saturn is about your reality, your commitments and responsibilities. It is also about sobriety- a word not normally associated with New Years Eve.

All too often these two things are so far out of alignment that it seems impossible they can ever be otherwise. To bring ideas into reality all too often involves denying some part of yourself, sacrificing something you believe in. That isn’t the case now. Especially not if you have planets or chart points at or around 27-30 Aquarius or Libra.

In other words, no matter what declarations or resolutions come out of your mouth at midnight tonight, make sure they are forward focused, represent your vision and your individuality. Use what you have learned to turn your ideals into reality. No excuses, no regrets- they don’t work. No regrets, they only hurt. Come tomorrow they will seem so yesterday…OMG I am quoting both Robbie Williams and Hilary Duff in the same post…must be time for the first of those New Years Eves drinkies.

Until next year…

Declaration of Intent

my filthy flipflops poolside. pic by me.
my filthy flipflops poolside. pic by me.

The other day, before the Moon moved into Sagittarius, I declared (in hindsight, possibly a little rashly) that I was not having any cocktails until Christmas (Bintang doesn’t count and is cheaper than a bottle of water back home) and that I was going to get my breakfast solely from the bar that served salads and cottage cheese and stuff.

Flash forward to last night and both resolutions have been broken. Trust me, you don’t need the details (a lychee martini was involved and I’m not counting the Singapore Sling because that was consumed actually sitting in the pool so therefore doesn’t fall into the cocktail class, but rather is classified as refreshment)…but I did venture into the gym yesterday afternoon and put TTM through the type of circuit that left us both dripping with sweat and that my 2nd favourite Aries male  (BMF) would be proud of. My mantra was “I earn my Singapore Sling/Margarita/Bintang one circuit at a time.”

In another rash declaration, this time over dinner, I declared to hubby that I think I might like to investigate a career as a travel writer. He very calmly commented ‘that sounds nice, darlin’, but I think there are a lot of people out there who want to do the same thing.’

‘OK, well, I might be a fitness instructor and do the travel writing on the side.’

‘Don’t you have to be fit to do that?’

‘Mere details.’

(Scorpio hubby has Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn exactly opposite my 5th house big dreaming Jupiter. I tell him he rains on my parade, he says I need to be brought down to earth every so often. We are, of course, both right.)

‘I thought you were going to finish your book?’ he answered, quite reasonably.

‘I have a Sagittarian mid-heaven, I shouldn’t confine myself to just one career path.’

The conversation was prompted by me receiving the final Deed of Release from the partition job and the sudden realisation that even though I am sitting here in the most beautiful resort I have ever stayed in, I am ostensibly unemployed when I get home- a little fact that I had been trying not to remember. And that calls for some compromise and planning and gratitude that hubby believes in me enough to give me some months to sort my head out. Although his assertion that he wants to come back next year and fly business class (financed by me) is perhaps a little too much Sag Moon to the head in nature :).

In the next day or so, we have the Capricorn New Moon (just after 5am on Christmas morning for Sydneysiders, on Christmas Eve for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere). Falling so close to the solstice, this one is important. This New Moon is the one where we get all those amazing the sky is the limit ideas that we spun at the Sagittarius New Moon and we throw them into a great big cement mixer with a big back of concrete and we give them structure and form and a solid footing. It is, perhaps, fitting that this one falls in my career zone, with a lovely supportive sextile across to Mars.

The New Moon, a couple of days before Christmas, asks you to set those New Years Resolutions early. Uranus squares the New Moon, so whatever those goals or resolutions are, you had better make damn sure that they are authentically you. Don’t say you want to lose 20 kgs if you don’t really want to do it, if secretly deep in the heart of you, you are happy being in your body. Don’t commit to a fitness routine that is someone else’s idea of what you should be doing. Block your ears to everyone who is telling you what choices you should be making and instead put some realistic goals around what is important to you.

Jupiter trines this New Moon, reinforcing this concept of faith and absolute honesty. He is currently stationed about to turn direct, so all of that wonderful Jupiterian how hard can it be energy that has been harnessed and directed inward for the last 6 months is about to be unleashed. Think big, but add some Saturnian realism, commitment and boundaries to your goals…that whole Saturn Jupiter concept of the harder you work, the luckier you are.

Think about where 3 Capricorn falls in your chart. What planets & points does it hit? Any important aspects? Now work your goals and resolutions around these. In my case the goals will be career orientated in nature, and, with natal Mars involved, require focused and sustained energy. The aspect (in my chart) is by sextile between water/earth signs so this is an opportunity that I will have to reach inwards to take.

And, before I forget, the last 3 signs in the All I Want For Xmas series…just in case you still have some last minute gifts to grab. Oh, and if this flakey connection doesn’t allow me to post tomorrow, wishing you and your families a very happy holiday season. Thanks so much for sharing this year with me.


A voucher to jump off something or out of a plane that is working perfectly well or to speed around a race track in something loud & fast. Think adrenaline, surfing safaris, the backpackers guide to partying your way around the Universe or perhaps just a slab of beer. Books are great, but even better electronically- fit easily into carry on baggage. Maybe a course, or something to take their mind beyond its’ usual boundaries. Sag is the ultimate accessories lover, so the sky really is the limit!

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to slow down & check out the detail. I missed too many planes last year when I got the times wrong. More really doesn’t need to be more all the time, so I am going to try really hard to listen to what other people have to say- after all, they are entitled to an opinion as well as me…I suppose.


A physical goal would be nice. But whatever you buy, it must have a use…and a good quality, practical use. I have no interest in the latest or greatest gadget if something else will do the job perfectly well. Books are good, but the old fashioned kind on paper please- self improvement, biographies & stories about people over-coming hardship are especially appreciated.  When buying jewellery & accessories, keep them real, tasteful & high quality- no fake Rolexes will be tolerated.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to look seriously at my work/life balance. Even though I am most fulfilled when I do have a role, I know that happiness exists in climbing down off the ladder every so often. This year I am going to walk more and get in touch with the earth and my body. This year I am going to make at least one goal that is not professionally based. This year I am going to be nicer to me and will not beat myself up if I haven’t achieved my goals as quickly as I think I should have.


An upgrade to whatever is the latest server/router/application/gadget I use. World peace. A solution to global warming. A stop to deforestation of everywhere. A complete halt to whaling. Full & real freedom of the press. Failing that, jewellery or accessories made by a local artisan or market stall, music from a currently non commercial band or fashion from that designer that is yet to be discovered. Make it quirky, make it so now it is tomorrow already.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Next year I am going to allow myself to think about me. My issues & concerns are as of much value as those impacting other people. Sure I can’t do the Leo Diva, but every so often I will allow myself to attach to something or someone that is mine & for me.

legian beach sunset. pic by me.
legian beach sunset. pic by me.

Fields of Green & a Loo With a View

East Bali. Pic by Grant.
East Bali. Pic by Grant.

OK, this post comes with a possibly one too many bintangs and just a little too much sun warning…is there such a thing as too many bintangs or too much sun?…actually, the answer to the question is obviously a responsible “yes”- moderation and sunscreen being the keys to life, of course.

Anyways, if you are after an astro post, check out now. No astro in sight. The Sun is in Capricorn (here is the link to a previous post), it is the summer/winter solstice (depending on where you are) and the Moon is at the stingy end of Scorpio.- or, depending on this flakey connectivity, be well into Sagittarius by the time it gets posted!

This is unashamedly a travel blog…and probably will be for the next week, with maybe a bit of planetary stuff thrown in so that you don’t feel cheated for having come here.

To back track, I am in Bali with my family- and will be until after Christmas. Yesterday was a big sight seeing day. I could say that it was because the Moon was moving through Scorpio and activating my 9th house and we wanted to get to the truth of the Bali lying beyond the covers of Kuta and Legian…actually that would be right… It would also be that I stumbled across this amazing restaurant in the East of Bali after finding it accidentally on Twitter. More on that later…

Taman Tirta Gangga, pic by me
Taman Tirta Gangga, pic by me

Taman Tirta Gangga. Yep, I’ve checked the spelling.  Just out of Amplura, this is the work of Amplura’s water loving Rajah who had a go (apparently this was his second shot) at building the water palace of his dreams. The triple Pisces in me gets that.

This place has koi and lotus blossoms and water lillies and gargoyles and bridges and is a water temple fantasy. Way too many children swimming there for me to ever be tempted. The French had it right when they call a pool “la piscine”.

The 11 tiered fountain is pretty cool (see my photo), the hawkers outside are not.

Taman Tirta Gangga, Pic by me
Taman Tirta Gangga, Pic by me

Hubby and TTM (Taller Than me) did the hop a long stepping stones in the water maze thing. I did not. A gargoyle attacked hubby. It’s teeth were pointy, apparently.

OK, onto Tenganan and a step back in time. In any other country this place would be a cult like place, but Tenganan, home of the Bali Aga people (said to be the descendants of the original people of Bali), about 300 families to be semi exact (is there such a thing) is more of a semi closed community.

According to the Lonely Planet Guide, these guys are apparently conservative and resistant to change- but not to the tourist dollar. Whilst that comment might seem a little cynical, this place is not. Nor is it a creation for the tourists- it is the real deal. It is also extremely photogenic.

Tenganan, pic by me
Tenganan, pic by me

Cars are not allowed, but the ubiquitous motorcycle sneaks in. Inhabitants have to marry within the community or be banished forever. Our driver said the men here are very lucky because the women of Tenganan are uncommonly beautiful because they do a lot of weaving inside. Go figure.

Tenganan, pic by me
Tenganan, pic by me

The place has an amazing charm and an even more amazing low key sales technique. The specialties from a shopping viewpoint are scarves, painted eggs (with the number of chooks running around, eggs would be in plentiful supply) and intricately painted palm leaves called lontan.

framed lontans. pic by me.
framed lontans. pic by me.

The words and pictures are inscribed using a super sharp blade and then ink is smudged over- the technique is very similar to that of a tattoo. I was tempted, but Scorpio hubby was very ‘and where will you put that one Darlin?’ The voice of reason.

Tenganan. Pic by me
Tenganan. Pic by me

The menu at Bali Asli was “printed” using this technique. Very cool.

Backtracking before lunch was a stop at Semarapura, commonly known as Klung Kung- try saying that very fast after an arak attack..

This place was once the centre of Balis’ most important kingdom and also the scene of the last sacrifice to the blood when the King and his followers chose to march out to certain death from Dutch gunfire rather than an ignominious surrender.

Anyways, it is impressive and well preserved. The Hall of Justice is decorated with a series of karmic lessons- quite apt for what was in essence a supreme court for village life.

karmic lessons at Klung Kung. pic by me.
karmic lessons at Klung Kung. pic by me.

The road from here through to Sideman and then onto Duda is a green haze of, well, green-ness. Rice fields, corn fields, soy beans abound, and then sheet after sheet of rice and cloves drying in the sun. Tucked in amongst all of this we tasted some arak from a home distillery. Made from coconut, the only description is rocket fuel.

East Bali. pic by me
East Bali. pic by me

It is also the alcohol that was used as the base for the cocktails we had at Bali Asli, although I suspect the source of that arak was perhaps more legal than the substance we tried in the village.

Bali Asli defies adjectives. Breathtaking views, awesome food, a sublime experience. A lunch that will go into the memory banks as memorable, when we drag out, as we do, our memorable meal experiences.

Bali Asli. Pic by me
Bali Asli. Pic by me

The creation of Aussie chef Penelope Williams, Bali Asli sets out to provide visitors with real Bali flavours- not the watered down version. The menu changes daily- depending on what is fresh at the markets, fresh from the sea, or fresh from someones’ garden (yesterdays long beans came from Wayans’ garden, the fern tips for the remarkable fern tip salad came from Pak Dewas’ garden, and the black beans in the soup were from Dewis’ garden).

The cooking is simple and immaculate, as is the kitchen. All dishes need to be able to be completed in traditional ways- which was fortunate given that we arrived during a power cut.

This meant that the restaurant was whisper quiet- just the soothing sounds of running water and the repletion of the gamelan (the Indonesian instrument thing- sort of like a big xylophone).

crackers & sambal. Pic by me.
crackers & sambal. Pic by me.

We ordered the Bali Asli Megibung, which is sort of like a tasting plate and something unique to the regency of Kerangasem. Yesterdays had on it:

Jukut Mangka mis undis- a vegie soup of young jackfruit with Balinese spices & black beans

Sate tuskuk besiap- chicken satay sticks

Pindang goring sambal tomat- fried local tuna with a zesty tomato sauce

Pesan Telengis- grilled banana leaf parcels filled with coconut and Balinese spices and fresh locally caught ocean fish

Pelecing Kacang Panjang- steamed long beans shredded and mixed with a zesty tomato sambal & fried peanut

Urab Paku/ Kacang barak- salad of young fern tips with red beans, shredded coconut, bali lime and shallots.

Bali Asli's Megibung. Pic by me.
Bali Asli's Megibung. Pic by me.

TTM was horrified when she went to use the loo and was confronted with no wall- just an unimpeded view- absolute open-ness out across the rice fields to the foothills of Mount Agung.  As is typical of this time of the year, the great volcano was shrouded in clouds and mist, but was no less spectacular for that.

loo with a view. pic by me
loo with a view. pic by me

Bali Asli- a taste of the real Bali…and what could be more Scorpio Moon than that?

views from Bali asli
views from Bali asli

On that note, I’m about to pretend to get some exercise and walk up the beach to Seminyak to find a bar to watch the sunset from.

Until next time…

Pic by Grant
Pic by Grant

Bliss and Bintang

offerings. pic by me.
offerings. pic by me.

I write this from a pool lounge in Bali in the most beautiful resort I have ever stayed in.

It is Monsoon season here & the rain has not long stopped. There is the tiniest squirrel-iest squirrel leaping from tree to tree, I have an ice cold Bintang beside me, unlimited free wi-fi and all is extremely good in my world.

And that in itself is surprising given that I put my back out (badly) the night before hopping on the plane & have been in a world of pain for much of the last couple of days. Anti inflammatories and an extreme sense of well-being have certainly done the job.

I’m not even going to pretend to do any astro today. I think the Moon is still in Libra, but to be brutally honest, I quite simply don’t care.

So, before I go dunk myself again, here is the Libra & Scorpio Xmas gift thingies- don’t forget to read the blurb for your Sun, Moon & Venus sign… oh, and the pic is from an earlier trip here- I am yet to upload any photos.


Some balance would be lovely, and a lot more lovely leisure time… perhaps someone gorgeous to feed me grapes (or chocolate) while someone else does my nails as I languish on a fabulous chaise longue in something very fashionable. Failing that designer shoes, jewellery & bags always go down well…but nothing too loud & tasteless please.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I will make a decision. This year I will think more about what I want & less time thinking about what you want, or might possibly want. This year I will not leave waiters tapping their pens against their notepads as I go through the menu one more time. What do you think about that?


Total control.

To all those people who think that I want thigh high black leather boots, whips, handcuffs & various other types of power tools or lingerie- enough already. If you really knew me & loved me, you would know what to buy me without my having to say. This is a test.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to let some of my grievances go, rather than just go cold. I am going to smile sweetly when someone upsets me & rather than adding their name to my list, I will forget all about it. That is unless they do it again…

how do I love thee? let me count the ways…

lake tekapo. pic by me
lake tekapo. pic by me

It’s that time of the year when people starting talking about numbers- specifically for the purpose of counting them.

Or counting down. How many sleeps until Santa comes? To midnight on New Years Eve? How many kilos did I put on this year instead of take off? In the case of yesterdays’ Good Weekend, the cover was adorned with “45 hot ideas for the season”, while inside we could learn “9 tips from Neil Perry for expert grilling” or “6 destinations if you don’t want to lie on the beach.”

On Friday morning after consuming more standard drinks than I choose to remember containing more calories than I chose to record, my Facebook status read “Aaah Berocca: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” The drinks themselves had been consumed amongst (now ex) colleagues and friends and accompanied other sorts of lists and remember whens prior to finishing up in the partition job.

The Moon is in Virgo, and in one sleep time I am off to Bali for Christmas with my family, so figure I will do my own accounting session, my own way of closing off the year- even though the year does not close off officially for another 13 days.

legian sunset. pic by me.
legian sunset. pic by me.

I just re-read the “resolutions” I posted on this blog last year. (the link is here). I read them for the first time since I wrote them. That can’t be good.

Some I achieved, some will form the basis for this years’ goals- which is a positive way of saying something like “I had forgotten I even wrote these down!”:

  • I ended up opting to finish the chick lit novel, which is now in a state of readiness to be peddled around for feedback (that is a more positive spin on the word “rejections”) once Jupiter comes out of his shadow. The other one with the really cool name will be on this years list to finish.
  • I didn’t finish getting fit. And I have finished the year the same weight that I started it. Which is why the weight loss book is at the same stage of half written-ness as it was this time last year. End of story.
  • I completed C25K in time to do the Sydney Bridge Run. Yay me. I walked lots of it, took some great photos from the middle of the bridge and loved every second of it. In the process I helped the cashflow of my chiropractor who, for the first 6 weeks of hell, was busy putting joints back in that had popped out. I also sweated a lot with and swore a lot at my BMF- which, I choose to believe, only made our friendship stronger.
  • Let’s not talk about financial goals. Suffice to say, my Kindle is filling up fast, as are the piles beside the bookshelves. Enough said.
  • The painting will get finished in January…maybe…does that count?

What else?

Most OMG Moment:

It would have to be watching the Full Moon in Libra rise over Mitre Peak from a boat in the middle of Milford Sound in the fjordland of New Zealand. Dead quiet, with just the sound of a seal diving around the boat looking for his dinner to break the silence.

mitre peak, milford sound. pic by me.
mitre peak, milford sound. pic by me.

Other close contenders:

  • Getting pelted with a snowball hurled at me by TTM (Taller Than Me) on a helicopter snow landing up near Mt Cook
  • Watching the stars glint away in a clear sky above Lake Tekapo with Ms Sparkles

Favourite Meal Moment:

Any time spent with my hubby and TTM. This year has been manic, so opportunities grabbed to cook and eat with those I love the most have been cherished.

To be specific, there was one wonderful evening with hubby at The Stunned Mullet in Port Macquarie.

A close second was the very first Nasi Campor at Bianca in Jalan Padma, Legian (Bali) with my Perth BFF. Or, also with my Perth BFF, grilled fish and sambal on the beach, with the sand in our toes at Jimbaran (Bali)…or high over the cliffs at Tanah Lot (Bali).

nasi campor. pic by me.
nasi campor. pic by me.

Most Mis-Guided Comment Moment:

With my Kiwi BFF when I rather stupidly declared that we would both learn to run and enter the Sydney Bridge Run. How hard could it be? Seriously? Yes, wine was involved…which leads to the Scariest or Most Outside the Comfort Zone Moment- that first outdoors “run” with my BMF.

bridge run. pic by me.
bridge run. pic by me.

Number of Immunisations:

An encounter with a manky monkey (who was only doing what comes naturally) in Ubud (I was saving my friend- I’m such a hero) prompted a trip to a Bali hospital, 2 tetanus shots, 2 rabies shots and a deserved stern talking to about keeping my immunisations up to date. Add in another 5 rabies shots when I get home, another lecture about why women of a “certain age” if they feel the need to “find” themselves in Bali, have to do it in Ubud rather than a nice, safe and secure enclave in Nusa Dua.

the perpetrator. pic by me.
the perpetrator. pic by me.

Number of real “nothing more to look at here, people” meltdowns: 1.

It was at the end of Day 15 of the Queensland Flood crisis. The business I worked for had been inundated & I was on Day 15 without a break managing the crisis and business continuity planning (that’s a wanky name for keeping stuff happening) and then attempting to get a temporary site built.

The meltdown occurred over pasta carbonara and a super-sized glass of pinot gris in the middle of an outdoor restaurant in the middle of busy Queen St. Ouch.

The work we did over those few weeks was the toughest job (mentally, emotionally & physically) I did in my 12 years at the partition job, but was also one of the most immediately gratifying…and the resulting emails and questions have kept me busy for the ensuing 11 months.

pic by me
pic by me

Saddest Moment:

This last few months has been full of goodbyes from the partition job as people depart. It was my turn on Friday & even though I had been turning off lights and planning this moment for the last few months it was surprisingly surreal. Yet, the saddest moments have been farewelling those who I know I will stay in touch with. We didn’t say goodbye-we said Merry Xmas. I didn’t count the tears.

Most Amazing Opportunity:

pic by me.
pic by me.

Yet to come- but I have been given a pretty humungous opportunity with the completion of the partition job.

On the Blogs:

The numbers were up- a lot- even though the reliability (thanks to spambots) was down. So, a lot more of you are reading…thankyou.

The stuff you want to read about?

Highest searched for items and most read pages all had to do with…wait for it… Scorpio. Scorpio men, Scorpio women, Pluto/Venus aspects, Moon/Pluto aspects, Scorpio revenge, Scorpio jealousy.

The opposite sign also got a fair run- lots of you are fascinated by Taurus men- well, at least that’s what the search engine tells me. And Aries men: getting them, keeping them, pissing them off. Not that difficult to get, almost impossible to keep and super easy to piss off. And I say that with love, and a lot of tongue in cheek.

Other than that, lots of traffic on Venus in Cancer, Venus in Pisces and Pisces being unfaithful. Hmmmm

And Finally:

A huge thankyou to everyone who reads this blog- whether it is daily, weekly, sporadically, whatever. Thanks also to everyone who has taken the time to comment (before the spammers forced me to close that down…temporarily) or email me.

I will post while away, but for now, had better get this Virgo list happening:

  1. Lunch with friend
  2. Pack clothes
  3. Print out travel documents
  4. Finish wrapping Xmas presents
  5. Post cards
  6. Wash
  7. Iron
  8. Confirm security arrangements
  9. Forget where I left list

10. Panic

Wishing you and your loved ones, a wonderful Holiday season and a 2012 full of awesomeness- for the right reasons!


lindis pass. pic by me.

bits and pieces…

Flinders St Station, Melbourne. Pic by me.
Flinders St Station, Melbourne. Pic by me.

After months of deliberation I finally booked my place at the FAA (Fed of Australian Astrologers) Conference in Melbourne during January. If you want the link, it is here.

I faffed around not because I didn’t know if I wanted to go, but, with the partition job and regular paycheques behind me (as at yesterday), I didn’t know if I should be going. Then I figured that this writing lark and this astrology lark is now my business, so I had better start treating it as such. Plus, there are some really great people coming along to lecture. And, I am a Melbourne tragic.

I have a real interest in medical astrology and traditional astrology- so will be booking in to see those particular lectures. Medical and nutritional astro, in particular, is a real passion of mine- regular readers of this blog know I am working on a large work on that subject, but it isn’t something I write much about here. That is possibily because I want to save the words for the book or because I am learning as I go or whatever. But that is seriously one of the coolest things about astrology- you simply don’t stop learning. I

Medical astro uses traditional techniques- influences and methodology which has really stood the test of time. So, I can’t wait to see Jane Ridder-Patrick present. If you don’t know Janes’ work, she is a Scottish Astrologer who aside from authoring A Handbook of Medical Astrology (amongst other books), is also trained in pharmacy, naturopathy & herbal medicine…so knows her stuff.

If you are going to FAA, give me a shout, it would be great to meet some of you. If you can’t make it to FAA, but will be in Sydney in early February, nutritional astro pal Kira Sutherland is arranging a day long workshop at Naturecare College. The day will be spent looking at the elements and the roles they play in personality, health etc. This is real back to nature, real life astrology stuff. Details are below.

Date: Saturday 4 February 2012

Place: Nature Care College, 46 Nicholson St, St Leonards

More details? Email Kira at

and here's the flyer...
and here’s the flyer…

In the thick of it…

The Church of the Good Shepherd- I think thats the name.... Pic by me.
The Church of the Good Shepherd- I think thats the name.... Pic by me.

I’ll update you all with the happenings of the last couple of days shortly, ie when I can get my head in the right space.

For now, though, the Moon has moved into Virgo, and I completely missed Leo. Oooops. Leo, as we know, does not like to be overlooked. And I mean that in the nicest possible way…

Anyways, back to the Moon in Virgo. The aspect of the day has to be the La Luna’s hookup with Mars. To say this is a great day for Getting Things Done, is an understatement. If you haven’t done so already, get those little pre-Christmas jobs out of the way that you have been avoiding. Wrap the pressies properly- don’t just do my trick of joining paper together with sticky tape.

As you are rushing around today with, as my favourite Scottish Spin Doctor (Malcolm on The Thick of it) would say, a to do list longer than a flipping (he wouldn’t say flipping) Leonard Cohen song, keep an eye (or at least half an eye) on the detail…and the diet.

Now, to catch up on the All I Want For Xmas series… Oh, and to continue my favourite photos of 2011, todays comes to you from Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand.


Names dahling names! Bling, brands and anything that is absolutely fabulous.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Repeat after me- I really am as fabulous inside as I look… I believe in myself. Leo- you are generous beyond belief- why not pick a charity & combine your love of parties & glamour with a great cause?


Whatever you buy for Virgo, make sure you keep the receipt… how about a house cleaning service? But then again, they won’t complete the job as well as Virgo does…so just go with keeping the receipts!

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to let go a little. I may even let the ironing build up for a week & will refuse to feel guilty if I don’t stick exactly to my diet, clean my bathroom every single week or complete the work of 4 people that I usually do.

You Must Remember This

Hong Kong. Pic by me.
Hong Kong. Pic by me.

Tomorrow is my last official day at the partition job.

I have mixed feelings. A little sad, but mostly excited- although that could possibly be the taste of freedom I am sensing. Anyways I have made a pact with my boss that no mopping up will be required. Still, the whole thing is a little surreal.

I’ll let you know tomorrow whether I kept that promise.

In the meantime, there have been lots of loose ends that have needed to be tied off, so enough to make me more than a little strung out. Strung out enough that I missed Mercury direct- which ended as it begun with the promise of a catch up with an old friend.

For me, this has been the theme of this particular retrograde- re-connecting…and all in a 9th house sort of way. I have also concentrated on some re-writing in the manuscript that time forgot, a little reflecting, and a lot of remembering. Which is why the photos I will be posting over the next few weeks will have little to do with the subject of the post and more to do with my reviewing the favourite moments of the year- although todays’ are actually some of my favourite moments from the last 12 years in the partition job…a relocation of the office in Hong Kong.

I re-hashed the year that was in the annual family newsletter and have now got most of the Xmas cards done. This year I have revised my normal practice and am only sending to people without an email address. I have to say, though, you know when you have spent too many nights in a particular hotel when that hotel sends you a Xmas card. That also, is indicative of how this year has been.

Now that it is done, I do have some bits and pieces that I have deliberately put aside to deal with post Rx. Having tried to fix up a car lease once before during an Rx period (and having it unfinished until the next) I have opted this time to wait. Likewise with any decision regarding this website and how I can guarantee a little more up-time going forward. And let’s not even go near the issues I have in the one day to go partitioning job with a particular set of invoices.

My loose ends have also meant that I missed the Cancer edition of All I Want For Christmas- which is, now I come to think of it, also quite apt. Cancer is often that sign that puts the needs of the family ahead of her own…

So, without further ado:


Some nice new cookbooks would be great but could never compare to my old favourites- and seriously there is nothing wrong with the way Mum used to make it. It’s a bit like going out really, when you can prepare something just as great at home for less cost. Extra frames for family photographs always come in handy- I do have some spare room on my mantelpiece.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to think about me…just a little more than usual. Sometimes I might even put my needs & ambitions marginally ahead of my family…but then again…

Macau. Pic by me.
Macau. Pic by me.