Month: January 2011

Your Career & the Cosmos: Brain Strain

Even the mighty Aquarian brain gets under stress occasionally. As with most signs under stress we go deep into the shadow of the sign. So, how can Aquarius deal with it? My latest post for is here.

How I Missed My Mums Birthday…& a Bit More on Aquarius

Ok, I haven’t really missed it…but I bet you looked at this title & formed all sorts of nasty judgements about me. I would have missed it though. I have missed lots of stuff in the last 2 weeks &…

I Did it My Way- Aquarius Revisited & the Divinely Inked Mr Williams

This song gives me goosebumps every time. Hmmm….so does the divinely inked Mr Williams. But given that I am not usually attracted to Aquarian men…I suspect that particular culprit is his irresistable Scorpio Moon & has nothing to do with…