The Virgo Full Moon and me being Super-Organised

My clean-ish desk
My clean-ish desk

I love food, I love wine & I like to cook. I work fulltime and write in my spare (?) time. So it is hardly surprising that by the time I have done the work thing and the commute thing and the running to & from to swimming thing that my level of enthusiasm for creating something brilliant & creative for dinner hovers at around the “can’t really be faffed” mark. And yet, I am really quite lucky. As long as I do the hunter gathering bit, my husband is quite happy to execute the vision in the kitchen, so to speak. My daughter will eat anything & everything I put in front of her without complaint & all 3 of us like to experiment with spice & taste.

I start every week with great intentions. In true sweeping Piscean style I declare most weekends at least one of the following:

  •  Next week we are eating more at home
  • Next week we are eating more at the table
  • Next week I am cooking at least one new recipe out of the multitude of foodie magazines & cookbooks I have
  • Next week I am taking my lunch to work
  • Next week we are eating healthy

My ever lovin’ family usually exchange raised eyebrows and despite their disbelief will say things like “Absolutely, we love salad” or “Are you giving up wine too?” or (usually) “whatever Mum”.

My Piscean vision may be grand, but disorganisation and lost focus usually sees me queuing up at the food-hall for lunch on Monday & tearing into the grocery store between swimming drop offs and pickups. I need to take a lesson (or two) from my Virgo opposite.

But this week is different. No, really it is… My BFF & I are doing this 12 week body transformation challenge thingie which, in theory, after 12 weeks should have the world unable to tell the difference between Jen Hawkins & the two of us- except that Jen Hawkins is taller, 20 years younger, blonder &, well, a gorgeous supermodel.

What makes this very different from my weekly declaration to husband & child every Sunday night as I am sipping the Ironing Wine in front of the weigh in for The Biggest Loser is that my girlfriend told a mutual friend about our commitment- someone who means a lot to me & who I will not be able to fail in front of. In doing so, the “it doesn’t really matter because no one knows I tried” excuse was wiped out. I am glad she told him. And now I am telling all of you.

All of which means I need to somehow organise myself well enough to avoid the excuses which will come at 6pm on Monday night when I am racing against the clock to think of something nutritious & quick to cook before daughter does boot camp & I go to gym.

The plan we are doing comes with menu suggestions, recipes & calorie counts, but I have a real aversion to being told what I can & can’t eat (the rebellious Sun/Uranus opposition) and like to take either full control or no control (Sun-Pluto opposition). Also, I tend to think that if things are being done for you, you never really unlearn the bad habits. Finally, I have neither the time nor the inclination to play short order cook, so my family will be eating what I am eating- although possibly with a few more carbs.

So, I spent yesterday afternoon getting in touch with my inner Virgo. I organised my desk, I went through magazines & cookbooks & I substituted my own menu items in place of stuff I knew my family would turn their nose up at- all within the same calorie guidelines.

my really cool magnetic board
my really cool magnetic board

The weekly menu is now pinned to a magnetic board on the door to my study, a shopping list beside it. I got all the groceries today (except the fish, which I like to buy on the day). My workouts for the week are in the calendar. I spent some time this afternoon cutting up vegies for afternoon dip snacks & whipped up a bean & tuna dip which I separated into portions (boundaries are another challenge of mine). My friend & I have declared our goals to each other & broken them down into lovely Virgo bite sized (excuse the pun) portions.

Tomorrow morning we have a Full Moon at 10 degrees Virgo (at about 2.39am Sydney time, 6.39pm Sun 28/2 if on GMT). This is another “Super Moon”- one where the Moon is extremely close to the Earth & one which will bring higher than usual tides and a similar pull on the fluid within our own body. Jupiter will be conjunct the Sun in Pisces (to the degree). Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and close to being a sun in its’ own right, so plenty of heat here. Venus (representing unconditional and all encompassing love in Pisces) and alternative Uranus are also about to join forces- exciting times ahead! In short, this is a Moon where it is OK to dream big, but a reminder that in order to make your dreams become reality, a little planning, organisation & a lot of hard work will also be needed. Us Pisceans often tend to forget about that rather inconvenient bit, which is where Virgo comes in.

Check out what part of your chart is being highlighted by this Full Moon.  In my chart, the Full Moon is in the 6th house- the place where healthy routines are born. So, I now have a plan, some goals (which I have to try very very hard not to be distracted from), a clean-ish desk and a really cool magnetic board. Jen Hawkins should be very worried…

Great Expectations

Peacock in KL (Pic by me)
Peacock in KL (Pic by me)

The other day Venus crossed my Ascendant. Nothing happened. Facebook & Twitter friends having a similar transit reported similar momentous events- although one did comment that her hair was good.

The textbook blurb said that I should be looking & feeling good- attractive, loving, sexy & in a good mood. If I go shopping I would find what I need & apparently I would have the power to get people to do what I want… nice in theory…  OK, I went shopping & the trainers I wanted were there & on special & in a really cute girly pink & silver. But as for the power to cajole people into doing what I wanted? I ended up rashly agreeing (without an argument) into doing stuff that I resent having to do- simply because I couldn’t be faffed with protesting something I knew I couldn’t win. To add insult to injury, my hair was really crappy.

Yesterday Venus opposed Pluto. This one is supposed to be about facing your desires, working out what you want & don’t want in a relationship & acting on that. Well, I did have a nice date night with hubby over a great seafood platter at a local restaurant, so I guess that one counts &, just quietly, I had a better hair day than I did the other day.

Today Venus conjuncts my Sun and I should be feeling worth it and high in confidence. I will remember that as I run my daughter to todays set of social engagements & groceries & work my way through laundry. My hair should be good. Mars is also trine Saturn today, and this one is about feeling productive and goal oriented- I WILL get the ironing up to date. Tomorrow Venus is opposing Uranus possibly making me more highly strung or impatient than usual, and maybe bringing surprises in relationships. Given that my tolerance level is usually pretty low on Mondays, the only surprise will be if I get through the day argument free.

The fact of the matter is, personal planet transits, ie transits by the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are too quick to be life changing. These planets all move too quickly (except Mars at the moment in a definite slow-down on a beach chair in Resort Leo) to have much more impact on us than the state of our hair or our temper. The Moon which tears through each sign in a couple of days has even less impact. The only exception to this is the New & Full Moons, and then particularly when a New Moon or Full Moon falls directly on a point in your chart- that is usually a sit up and take notice time. These transits really just influence your weather & where your mood falls on the scale between manically amazing and black dog storm clouds approach only with chocolate.

What the personal planet transits can do is act like a trigger. The real life changing stuff comes from outer planet transits- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These all move super slow and often cross the same part of your chart 3 times. Saturn, whilst quicker, is also worth looking at in this light. Jupiter falls somewhere between the personals and the outers. If one of the big 3 is transiting a particular point in your chart, the energy of transiting Mars or another personal planet may be sufficient to trigger that loaded gun. Any transit from an outer planet to a point in your chart can’t be ignored.

Saturn transits do feel heavy and you may feel like the weight of commitments is more than you can bear- I had a year of it last year as Saturn worked his way in opposition to my Pisces 1st house planets. The worst was when he opposed Chiron & then my Moon- an old unhealed shoulder injury had me in a world of pain- possibly the Universes’ way of telling me I was carrying too much? Or maybe just shit happening. Either way, he is back for another go in a couple of months.

Pluto and Neptune transits are the slowest & also the most life changing. If Neptune hits your ascendant, you can’t see yourself clearly. If she flirts with your Midheaven, work will be frustrating & crappy with no light seemingly available. Pluto transits are often about control and transformation issues. It isn’t until something else triggers him into life that he will kick in whatever he feels is broken and leave you with the mess.

Uranus is different. Uranus things happen out of the blue- unexpected jolts. Uranus has been playing with my Pisces planets for the last 3 & a bit years, but is due to conjunct my Moon for the 1st time at Easter.  This will occur the same day that Jupiter crosses my ascendant. Unless my schedule changes, I will be in Hong Kong at that time for work.

The New Moon in Pisces will also trigger my natal Moon and Chiron, bringing to light emotions, and stuff which hasn’t been dealt with or allowed to heal. With Uranus, the more you try to do what you think you should be doing, the more Uranus will push you towards what the Universe thinks you should be doing… and very often the two are poles apart- especially if you have always done what is expected of you.   

On Friday Venus meets my Moon and Uranus is conjunct Chiron & within a degree or so of also conjuncting my Moon. Mercury is also about to conjunct my Mercury. Given that the Moon in Scorpio is trining all the activity, the forecast I would give myself is for a day a day of lively conversation with people I feel deeply and emotionally close to. Time will tell.

Bluer Sky- In Defence of Pisces

(Symbalon cards)
(Symbalon cards)

Pisces has a reputation of being emotional, dependant, addictive, escapist, indecisive, drifting, lazy, depressive, blame shifting, manipulative and fickle. We are also told that we tend to have a victim mentality, are confused, delusional, overly sympathetic and self destructive. We have no boundaries, no structure and can be self indulgent. We let the same people kick us again and again, we trust too easily, we believe too easily.

Yep, we are all those things, but we are also a little bit of every other sign in the zodiac. At best we can be mystical, visionary, intuitive, healing and irresistible…but at our worst, we are definitely all of the above, but usually we are somewhere in the middle.

I am allowed to say this because with Mercury, Ascendant, Sun and Moon all in Pisces, I am an extreme Pisces. I have a lot of water in my chart & other aspects which link Jupiter & Neptune into everything… I know both sides of the fish very well. At different times and for different reasons I have done bad fish. But what the world sees as the Pisces shadow I don’t always necessarily agree with. I don’t think the emotionalism is a weakness, I don’t think dreaming is a bad thing. It means we care deeply and intensely, we have visions of things as they can be… and we truly believe that there are no limits to what is possible.

Pisces is arguably the most vulnerable of all signs. Whilst all 3 water signs are motivated solely by their emotions, both Cancer and Scorpio have a hard outer shell that shields their emotions from the world. Both will question before trusting and analyse the data before exposing themselves. Pisces can’t do any of this. Instead we put on whatever mask is required. We have an innate ability to be whoever we need to be to appear to be part of whatever reality we need to be in while we live in our own version of it. Trust me, this does make sense. We can’t afford to let the world see who we really are or what we are feeling. Others can say things that hurt us deeply, but we can laugh it off… on the outside.

Pisces is not as interested in worldly matters and material success as the real world dictates. I recall a recent conversation with a close friend where I told him that I like to live in a world where nothing bad happens to good people, where I can feel free to trust that others will treat me in the way that I treat them. Bluer sky, a brighter day. That is simply a naive Piscean illusion. Bad things happen to good people, people we trust stab us in the back. People we try to help will take us for granted.

We are influenced by both the expansionary positivism of our traditional ruler, Jupiter and the illusive glamour of Neptune. Whilst Pisces has a definite tendency to pessimism and lethargy this is reflective of the relative strength of Jupiter in the chart. A prominent Jupiter will provide optimism and faith… but also a tendency to self indulgence. Neptune gives us an amazing imagination and intuition and ability to care for others at the expense of ourselves…but also a tendency to self sacrifice. This is the world of the fish- 2 extremes: reality/illusion, empathy/ self sacrifice, waves of success/ dark depths of despair.

Pisces needs to belong to someone. Love, romance, affection, sex- it is all one and the same to us. We don’t do black and white, we need colour, we need to be shown that we are loved and in response we will love you like you have never been loved before. Unfortunately, this often means that we don’t notice (at first) when you treat us badly or ignore us or exploit us.

Pisces is loyal and devoted, but can drift into an alternative relationship if they feel that their needs are not being met. This is often not a deliberate decision, but rather something that just happens. In fact, Pisces is able to be in love with more than one person at one time- without knowing why, but loving both deeply and completely for different reasons. This isn’t to say that Pisces is fickle or unfaithful- it isn’t that simple, or that complex- but one thing which Pisces can do well is compartmentalise romance and love. Another thing we do is escape when we need to!

The ideal partner for Pisces will allow us to dream, allow us to feel, give us the level of security we need to feel good about ourselves, yet provide us with enough support to engage with the real world. The cruellest thing anyone can do to Pisces is to take away her dreams and tell her that she can’t feel.

In the right environment, Pisces can work miracles. Without boundaries, the sky really is the limit. If Pisces can learn to trust herself, value herself and listen to her intuition, dreams really can come true.

Expect Miracles- The Sun in Pisces

I have often said there is a Pet shop Boys song for all occasions… this one for me, is Pisces- Miracles, by PSB.

Clouds drift away
when they see you
Rain wouldn’t dare
to fall near you here
Miracles happen
when you’re around
Somehow the grass is much greener
Rivers flow faster and cleaner
Being with you
no matter where
sunlight breaks through
and suddenly there’s

A bluer sky
whenever you’re around
You always bring
a bluer sky
a brighter day

Thunder is silent before you
Roses bloom more to adore you too
Miracles happen
when you’re around
The sunset is deeper and longer
The scent of the jasmine is stronger
Stray dogs don’t bite
Birds start to sing
Lightening daren’t strike
You suddenly bring

A bluer sky
whenever you’re around
You always bring
a bluer sky
a brighter day
Birds fly
even higher in the sky
Sun shines
It’s a new day

La Vie En Rose- Venus in Pisces

A fairytale view of New York- pic by me.
A fairytale view of New York- pic by me.

Once upon a time there was a magical movie about a chauffeurs’ daughter who had made an occupation out of being in love with her employers’ son. He is handsome and mega rich and exciting, but he doesn’t know that she exists. So she runs away to Paris to forget him and find herself.

When she returns home, with a new wardrobe and a new haircut, even though he is newly engaged he finally notices her and she feels that all her dreams are finally coming true. His crusty and even more mega rich older brother has to distract her in order to preserve the potential business partnership that is a by product of the engagement. He recognises early that material wealth means nothing to her- she can’t be bought. Instead he plays to her sympathies- he confides in her invented tales about how lost he is, how misunderstood he is, about how he wishes he could escape to Paris. Referred to as the worlds’ only living heart donor, his idea of a relationship is letting his date order dessert, yet, as he talks, he realises that what he is saying is actually true. As she listens she feels sorry for him. As she gets to know him she realises that her childhood love was a fantasy. She sees in him her reality and saves him from himself.

The movie is Sabrina- originally made with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart and later re-done with Harrison Ford as Linus Larraby and Julia Ormond as Sabrina Fairchild. I watched both versions while ironing the other weekend as part of my essential research for New York (along with umpteen episodes of Sex & the City and Absolutely Fabulous- the one where Eddy & Pats go to New York to find Eddys’ gay son… I had a lot of ironing!). As I was watching New York unfold on the screen, I was hearing and feeling the underlying themes and tones of the Edith Piaf classic La Vie en Rose- loosely translated living life through rose coloured glasses. This is Pisces. Sabrina is Venus in Pisces.

Sabrina had been in love with a fantasy all her life- Venus in Pisces. To escape reality she flees to Paris- the ultimate Piscean city. We see the romance of long walks, fairy lights and the Bateaux-Mouches as they glide along the Seine.

Sabrina was named for Sabrina Fair/Fayre, the character in a poem by Milton who came to save the Mariner. As Linus finds himself falling under her spell, Sabrina shows him an escape from his dry, dusty and emotionless life. Sabrina the Saviour is Venus in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces is romantic idealism, but can heal through love. Venus in Pisces is devoted, super sensitive, yet can also be evasive and reluctant to commit. Venus in Pisces will love you like you have never been loved before, but will have difficulty in telling you how she feels. Venus in Pisces will place you on a pedestal and love you forever, yet may still find it possible to be unfaithful on a physical level. To Venus in Pisces, nothing matters more than how it feels deep inside.

Incredibly intuitive, Venus in Pisces will express herself with meaningful glances, a hug that lasts just a little longer than usual, a kiss that grazes ever closer to the lips. She will rarely make the first move, but send you sign after sign, lying in bed at night building fantasies in her head about what she should have said, but couldn’t. This is why water signs work so well with each other- they can understand the concept of “more than words”- even though the actual getting together may involve months of hidden messages, cryptic conversations and meaningful looks. Air is frustrated by this, seeing it as an inability to communicate. Earth sees it as a waste of practical effort and Fire just wants to get down to the shagging part…OK, I am simplifying…just a little…

While she may not say much, Venus in Pisces has a way of insinuating herself into your life and before you know it that friend who has meant so much as a fun companion suddenly means so much more. Venus in Pisces often doesn’t know what she wants, but goes with the flow until the feeling is given definition by another. She has the ability to morph easily into whatever and whoever you need her to be, but will wiggle out of your grasp and off the hook if you attempt to control her. Whilst she is happy to be taken care of and yearns to be looked after and loved exclusively she will seek to escape any traps you set for her.

Venus in Pisces can also be the quintessential damsel in distress – the little girl lost who needs to be rescued and looked after and the helpless man who needs to be mothered and picked up after. This one dimensional view is the shadow side of Venus in Pisces- a tendency to not take responsibility for your own actions.

Men with Venus in Pisces are looking for a woman with Piscean characteristics- someone emotional, sensitive and intuitive… someone who will see into his soul and understand him without him needing to say the words. He wants someone to share his dreams with and someone who will dream with him. He wants someone who will share her emotions with him and who he trusts enough to open his heart to. He will understand that sometimes you just need to cry and need to be held until the tears have stopped and left mascara stains on his shirt. He wants someone he can feel with.

Above all, Venus in Pisces believes in fairytales, trusts that there can be a happy ever after and wants to live the dream- La Vie en Rose.

Hold me close and hold me fast

The magic spell you cast-

This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me heaven sighs

And though I close my eyes

I see la vie en rose.

When you press me to your heart

I’m in a world apart

A world where roses bloom.

And when you speak

Angels sing from above-

Everyday words turn into love songs.

Give your heart and soul to me and

Life will always be

La vie en rose.

Note: Interpretations of placements are valid for both sexes- I simplify by referring to feminine signs & planets as “she”.